Previous Competitions

  Competition Date Days
Henley Womens Regatta 2022Henley Womens Regatta 202217/06/20221
2022 British Rowing Masters Championships2022 British Rowing Masters Championships11/06/20221
Met Regatta 2022 SunMet Regatta 2022 Sun05/06/20221
Metropolitan Regatta (Saturday)Metropolitan Regatta (Saturday)04/06/20221
Scottish Rowing ChampionshipScottish Rowing Championship03/06/20221
Ball Cup Regatta (South) 2022Ball Cup Regatta (South) 202208/05/20221
Welsh Rowing Beach Sprints 2022Welsh Rowing Beach Sprints 202207/05/20221
Scottish Rowing Spring RegattaScottish Rowing Spring Regatta23/04/20221
Junior Inter-Regional RegattaJunior Inter-Regional Regatta23/04/20221
Northwich Spring HeadNorthwich Spring Head03/04/20221
North of England Head of the River RaceNorth of England Head of the River Race20/03/20221
Schools HeadSchools Head14/03/20221
North West Junior Time Trial (NWJTT)North West Junior Time Trial (NWJTT)06/03/20221
Gloucester Spring Head 2022Gloucester Spring Head 202206/03/20221
Hammersmith HeadHammersmith Head27/02/20221
Warrington Head Of The MerseyWarrington Head Of The Mersey13/02/20221
South Yorkshire HeadSouth Yorkshire Head12/02/20221
Wycliffe Big Head 2022Wycliffe Big Head 202205/02/20221
Wycliffe Small Boats Head 2021Wycliffe Small Boats Head 202104/12/20211
Liverpool Victoria Head of the FloatLiverpool Victoria Head of the Float04/12/20211
Lancaster Head of the LuneLancaster Head of the Lune21/11/20211
Teddington Head 2021Teddington Head 202120/11/20211
The Fours Head 2021The Fours Head 202113/11/20211
Head of the DonHead of the Don07/11/20211
Upper Thames Autumn Head 21Upper Thames Autumn Head 2131/10/20211
Gloucester Autumn HeadGloucester Autumn Head31/10/20211
Dee Autumn HeadDee Autumn Head30/10/20211
Agecroft HeadAgecroft Head16/10/20211
Chester Long Distance ScullsChester Long Distance Sculls26/09/20211
Lochdown RegattaLochdown Regatta24/07/20212
British Rowing Beach SprintsBritish Rowing Beach Sprints18/07/20211
British Rowing Offshore ChampionshipsBritish Rowing Offshore Championships16/07/20211
2021 British Rowing Junior Championships2021 British Rowing Junior Championships16/07/20211
Henley Womens Regatta 2021Henley Womens Regatta 202102/07/20211
 Welsh Rowing Beach Sprints19/06/20211
2021 British Rowing Masters Championships2021 British Rowing Masters Championships12/06/20211
Metropolitan Regatta (Sunday)Metropolitan Regatta (Sunday)06/06/20211
Metropolitan Regatta (Saturday)Metropolitan Regatta (Saturday)05/06/20211
 North of England Head of the River Race15/03/20201
Gloucester Spring Head 2020Gloucester Spring Head 202008/03/20201
North West Region Junior Time TrialNorth West Region Junior Time Trial01/03/20201
 Runcorn Spring Head29/02/20201
 South Yorkshire Head08/02/20201
Wycliffe Big Head 2020Wycliffe Big Head 202001/02/20201
Northwich A HeadNorthwich A Head26/01/20201
Wycliffe Small Boats Head 2019Wycliffe Small Boats Head 201907/12/20191
 Liverpool Victoria Head of the Float30/11/20191
Fuller's Head of the River Fours 2019Fuller's Head of the River Fours 201923/11/20191
Lancaster, Head of the LuneLancaster, Head of the Lune17/11/20191
Northwich Autumn HeadNorthwich Autumn Head10/11/20191
Upper Thames Autumn Head 19Upper Thames Autumn Head 1927/10/20191
Gloucester Autumn HeadGloucester Autumn Head27/10/20191
Scottish Junior Sculling HeadScottish Junior Sculling Head28/09/20191
Boston Marathon 2019Boston Marathon 201915/09/20191
British Rowing Beach Sprint ChampionshipsBritish Rowing Beach Sprint Championships11/08/20191
Home International RegattaHome International Regatta27/07/20191
2019 British Rowing Junior Championships2019 British Rowing Junior Championships19/07/20191
2019 British Rowing Masters Championships2019 British Rowing Masters Championships15/06/20191
Martin Brandon-Bravo RegattaMartin Brandon-Bravo Regatta08/06/20191
Scottish Rowing ChampionshipsScottish Rowing Championships07/06/20191
Ball Cup Regatta (South) 2019Ball Cup Regatta (South) 201912/05/20191
2019 BUCS Regatta2019 BUCS Regatta04/05/20191
Junior Sculling RegattaJunior Sculling Regatta28/04/20191
Scottish Rowing Spring RegattaScottish Rowing Spring Regatta27/04/20192
Northwich Spring HeadNorthwich Spring Head07/04/20191
Schools HeadSchools Head15/03/20191
Gloucester Spring Head 2019Gloucester Spring Head 201910/03/20191
Runcorn Spring HeadRuncorn Spring Head09/03/20191
Reading University HeadReading University Head09/03/20191
Hammersmith HeadHammersmith Head02/03/20191
BUCS 4s & 8s Head 2019BUCS 4s & 8s Head 201902/03/20191