Head of the DonHead of the Don

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 8+ B1Division 21York Univ'A'14:32.81
Op 8+ B1Division 22Hollingworth Lk'A'15:53.92
Op 8+ B2Division 23York Univ'B'16:00.61
Op 8+ B2Division 24Sheffield City'A'18:01.12
Op J18 4x-Division 25St Peter's Sch'A'16:25.41
W 8+Division 26York Univ'B'17:53.72
W 8+Division 27Doncaster RC'A'22:17.94
Mx MasEF 8+Division 28Ancholme RC'A'18:22.42
Mx MasEF 8+Division 29Bradford ARC'A'18:15.21
W J18 4x-Division 210York City RC'A'19:36.41
W J18 4x-Division 211Lincoln RC20:23.32
W 4x-Division 212Doncaster SRA'A'18:08.41
W 4+ B1Division 213York Univ'A'17:34.51
W 4+ B1Division 214Sheffield City'A'18:58.62
W 4+ B2Division 215York Univ'B'18:13.01
Op J16 4x-Division 216Doncaster SRA'A'17:23.91
Op 2xDivision 217Hull Univ'A'18:14.12
Op 2xDivision 218St Peter's Sch'B'17:27.01
Op 2xDivision 219Hull Univ'B'19:05.43
Op MasC-F 2xDivision 220Doncaster RC'C'17:02.91
Op MasC-F 2xDivision 221Doncaster RC'A'20:38.64
W J18 2xDivision 222York City RC'A'21:30.52
Op J16 2xDivision 223York City RC17:46.91
W J15 2xDivision 224York City RC'A'21:10.21
W J15 2xDivision 225Doncaster SRA25:41.43
W J15 2xDivision 226Bradford ARC22:21.42
W J15 2xDivision 227Hull Kingston RC28:49.04
Op 1x B1Division 228Doncaster SRA'A'21:17.13
Op J18 1xDivision 229Ancholme RC19:59.21
Op MasCE 1xDivision 231Ancholme RC'A'19:43.11
Op J15 1xDivision 232Bradford ARC'A'20:52.01
W 1xDivision 233Hollingworth Lk
W 1xDivision 234Sheffield City21:04.21
W J18 1xDivision 235Lincoln RC'A'
W J18 1xDivision 236Lincoln RC'B'20:47.81
W J18 1xDivision 237Agecroft RC'C'27:03.02
W MasBEF 1xDivision 238York City RC'A'20:00.41
W J16 1xDivision 240Lincoln RC'A'22:14.21
W J16 1xDivision 241Doncaster SRA'A'24:12.32
W J15 1xDivision 242Lincoln RC21:57.51
W J15 1xDivision 243Agecroft RC'A'24:56.12
Op J18 4x-Division 250St Peter's Sch'B'16:25.52
W 8+Division 251York Univ'A'16:38.11
W 8+Division 252Sheffield City19:49.13
W 4x-Division 253Hull Univ'A'19:55.02
Op 4+Division 254Sheffield City'A'17:29.51
Op 4+Division 255York St John'A'19:02.12
W 4+ B2Division 256York Univ'C'23:00.72
Mx MasDF 4x-Division 257Bradford ARC'S'19:24.11
Mx MasDF 4x-Division 258Hollingworth Lk'A'27:09.52
Op J16 4x-Division 259York City RC17:28.92
Op 2xDivision 260St Peter's Sch'A'19:24.94
Op MasC-F 2xDivision 261Hollingworth Lk'A'17:15.72
Op MasC-F 2xDivision 262Hollingworth Lk'B'20:01.13
W J15 4x+Division 263York City RC'A'23:01.31
W 2xDivision 264Doncaster SRA'A'20:43.21
W 2xDivision 265Bradford ARC/ Hull Kingston RC'A'22:07.92
W J18 2xDivision 266Doncaster SRA'A'21:18.11
Op J16 2xDivision 267Doncaster SRA'A'19:56.22
W J16 2xDivision 268York City RC
W J16 2xDivision 269Doncaster SRA24:04.61
Op 1x B1Division 270Hull Univ'A'20:45.82
Op 1x B2Division 271York Univ'A'20:19.91
Op 1x B1Division 272York City RC'A'18:31.41
Op 1x B2Division 273Hull Univ'B'23:36.02
Op MasCE 1xDivision 274York St John'A'21:18.32
Op J15 1xDivision 275Agecroft RC'A'22:44.83
Op J15 1xDivision 276Agecroft RC'B'22:15.32
Op J15 1xDivision 277Agecroft RC'C'24:08.94
Op J15 1xDivision 278Lincoln RC
W MasBEF 1xDivision 280Hollingworth Lk'A'24:10.02
Op J13 4x+Division 281Doncaster SRA'A'25:57.91
Op Mas 1xDivision 282York City RC19:38.51