Runcorn Long Distance HeadRuncorn Long Distance Head

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 8+ Band 1Morning (AM)100Nottingham RC'B'18:43.11
Op 8+ Band 1Morning (AM)101Sphinx BC19:55.34
Op 8+ Band 1Morning (AM)102Shrewsbury Sch'A'19:18.03
Op 8+ Band 1Morning (AM)103King's Chester'A'19:07.62
Op 8+ Band 2Morning (AM)104Nottingham RC'A'20:41.61
Op 8+ Band 2Morning (AM)105Trafford RC22:30.52
Op 8+ Band 2Morning (AM)107Runcorn RC'A'23:00.53
Op 8+ Band 3Afternoon (PM)108Agecroft RC'C'22:28.0 TO
Op 8+ Band 3Morning (AM)109Mersey RC'A'23:03.32
Op 8+ Band 3Morning (AM)110Liverpool Univ'A'22:59.31
Op J18 4x-Morning (AM)112Runcorn RC'A'23:18.51
W J18 8+Morning (AM)113Shrewsbury Sch'A'22:08.8 TO
W J16 8+Morning (AM)114King's Chester'A'23:24.41
W J16 8+Morning (AM)115Shrewsbury Sch'A'24:24.0 TO
W J16 8+Morning (AM)116King's Chester'B'23:28.22
W 4x-Morning (AM)117Warrington RC'A'23:32.51
W 4x-Morning (AM)118Manchester Univ'A'25:45.13
W 4x-Morning (AM)119Warrington RC'B'24:06.52
W 4+Morning (AM)120Liverpool Univ25:48.92
W 4+Morning (AM)121Manchester Univ'B'24:44.61
W J15 8x+Morning (AM)122King's Chester'A'DNF
W J15 8x+Morning (AM)123Shrewsbury Sch25:47.01
Op MasB/D/E 4x-Morning (AM)125Pengwern BC'A'21:13.9 H761
Op MasB/D/E 4x-Morning (AM)126Warrington RC'A'23:19.3 H502
Op MasB/D/E 4x-Morning (AM)127Warrington RC23:24.93
Op MasG/H 4x-Morning (AM)128Grosvenor RC'A'23:12.0 H391
Op MasG/H 4x-Morning (AM)129Runcorn RC'G'26:40.52
W MasD/E 8+Morning (AM)130Pengwern BC24:53.42
W MasD/E 8+Morning (AM)131Royal Chester'B'24:27.4 H261
W MasD/E 8+Morning (AM)132Grosvenor RC'A'27:27.4 H263
Op MasD/E 8+Afternoon (PM)200Agecroft RC'A'20:28.02
Op MasD/E 8+Afternoon (PM)201Grosvenor RC'A'20:23.0 H241
Op MasD/E 8+Afternoon (PM)202Warrington RC'A'21:19.4 H243
Op MasD/E 8+Afternoon (PM)203Trafford RC'A'23:33.4 H244
W 8+ Band 1Afternoon (PM)204Nottingham RC'B'20:40.61
W 8+ Band 1Afternoon (PM)205Nottingham RC'A'21:52.53
W 8+ Band 1Afternoon (PM)206Royal Chester21:44.82
W 8+ Band 1Afternoon (PM)207Liverpool Univ'A'22:16.85
W 8+ Band 1Afternoon (PM)208Grosvenor RC'C'22:02.94
W 8+ Band 2Afternoon (PM)209Agecroft RC'A'22:20.21
W 8+ Band 2Afternoon (PM)210Manchester Univ'A'23:10.92
W 8+ Band 2Afternoon (PM)211Grosvenor RC'A'23:47.54
W 8+ Band 2Afternoon (PM)212Trafford RC'A'25:33.35
W 8+ Band 2Afternoon (PM)213Mersey RC'A'23:37.53
W 8+ Band 3Afternoon (PM)214Manchester Univ'B'23:43.91
W 8+ Band 3Afternoon (PM)215Liverpool Univ'B'24:16.52
W 8+ Band 3Afternoon (PM)216Manchester Univ'C'25:17.23
Op 4x-Afternoon (PM)217Liverpool Univ'A'21:53.51
Op 4x-Afternoon (PM)218Liverpool Univ'B'22:40.32
Op 4-Afternoon (PM)219Warrington RC'A'22:28.32
Op 4-Afternoon (PM)220Rex BC22:17.51
Op 4+Afternoon (PM)221Liverpool Univ21:32.71
Op 4+Afternoon (PM)222King's Chester'A'21:49.52
Op 4+Afternoon (PM)223Runcorn RC'A'22:36.33
Op J17 8+Afternoon (PM)224King's Chester'A'20:10.21
Op J17 8+Afternoon (PM)225Shrewsbury Sch'A'20:28.92
Op J17 8+Afternoon (PM)226Royal Chester'A'21:25.53
Op J16 8+Afternoon (PM)227Shrewsbury Sch'A'20:16.21
Op J16 8+Afternoon (PM)228King's Chester21:31.72
Op J16 8+Afternoon (PM)230King's Chester'A'24:26.63
Op J15 8x+Afternoon (PM)231Shrewsbury Sch'A'22:17.41
Op J15 8x+Afternoon (PM)232Shrewsbury Sch'B'23:07.22
W J18 4x+Afternoon (PM)233Agecroft RC'A'26:16.7 TO
Op MasF/G 8+Afternoon (PM)234Royal Chester21:28.01
Op MasF/G 8+Afternoon (PM)235Grosvenor RC'A'22:32.1 H302
Mx MasE 8+Afternoon (PM)236Liverpool Vic'A'27:42.3 TO
W MasE 4x-Afternoon (PM)237Warrington RC24:21.21
W MasE 4x-Afternoon (PM)238Liverpool Vic26:44.52
W MasE 4x-Afternoon (PM)239Runcorn RC'D'31:39.33
W MasC/E/F 4+Afternoon (PM)240Trafford RC27:20.33
W MasC/E/F 4+Afternoon (PM)241Runcorn RC'C'25:27.3 H611
W MasC/E/F 4+Afternoon (PM)242Pengwern BC'A'27:01.0 H952