Yorkshire HeadYorkshire Head

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Inter 1Inter 2Inter 3 Posn
W 8+ Band 1DIV 11York City RC'F'17:31.32
W 8+ Band 1DIV 12Collingwood Col'A'17:49.23
W 8+ Band 1DIV 13York Univ'G'16:59.91
W 8+ Band 1DIV 14York City RC'B'19:06.44
W 8+ Band 2DIV 15Collingwood Col'C'18:30.51
W 8+ Band 2DIV 16York City RC'O'18:54.42
W 8+ Band 2DIV 17York Univ'B'20:39.33
W 8+ Band 2DIV 18St John's Dur'D'21:39.34
Op J18 4x-DIV 19York City RC'L'16:33.52
Op J18 4x-DIV 110St Peter's Sch'B'15:44.11
Op J16 4x-DIV 111York City RC'M'16:24.81
Op J16 4x-DIV 112Doncaster SRA'E'17:22.52
Op J16 4x-DIV 113Bradford GS'B'18:25.23
Op MasE 8+DIV 114York City RC'T'16:47.31
Op MasF 8+DIV 115Tees RC'C'18:26.62
Op MasG 8+DIV 116Bradford ARC'C'21:05.43
Op 4+DIV 117St Aidan's Coll'A'
Op 4+DIV 118York St John'B'19:33.72
Op 4+DIV 119York City RC'P'17:48.41
Op 4+DIV 120Hull Univ'B'
Op MasB 4x-DIV 121York City RC'Q'18:21.82
Op MasI 4x-DIV 122Tees RC'B'16:11.61
W J15 4x+DIV 123York City RC'I'19:39.11
W J15 4x+DIV 124Bradford GS'F'22:35.53
W J15 4x+DIV 125St Peter's Sch'O'21:35.52
Mx 4x+DIV 226Hull Kingston RC'B'22:28.42
Mx 4x+DIV 127Hull Kingston RC'A'21:48.91
W 2xDIV 128Ironbridge'A'21:43.02
W 2xDIV 129York St John'C'20:50.71
W 2xDIV 130Hull Univ'A'21:54.53
W J18 2xDIV 131St Peter's Sch'I'20:35.41
W J18 2xDIV 132St Peter's Sch'F'21:02.43
W J18 2xDIV 133St Peter's Sch'G'20:40.92
W J18 2xDIV 134St Peter's Sch'H'21:25.04
W J18 2xDIV 135St Peter's Sch'J'22:51.15
W 1xDIV 136Nottingham RC'B'20:46.71
W 1xDIV 137Nottingham RC'A'
W 1xDIV 138York City RC'E'21:21.62
W J18 1xDIV 139Agecroft RC20:30.01
W J18 1xDIV 140Doncaster SRA'B'20:54.72
W J18 1xDIV 141St Peter's Sch'K'
W MasB 1xDIV 142Guy Fawkes'B'22:04.72
W MasC 1xDIV 143Grosvenor RC'A'21:24.51
Op 8+ Band 1DIV 251York Univ'J'16:06.91
Op 8+ Band 1DIV 252Collingwood Col'B'16:42.22
Op 8+ Band 1DIV 253York Univ'K'16:42.73
Op 8+ Band 1DIV 254Butler Coll'A'16:59.84
Op 8+ Band 2DIV 255Collingwood Col'D'18:32.53
Op 8+ Band 2DIV 256St John's Dur'C'19:56.44
Op 8+ Band 2DIV 257York Univ'F'16:52.51
Op 8+ Band 2DIV 258York Univ'A'18:08.52
Op 8+ Band 2DIV 259York City RC'V'20:11.75
Op J18 8+DIV 260York City RC'N'16:26.51
Op J18 8+DIV 261St Peter's Sch'C'17:22.32
W J18 4x-DIV 262York City RC'J'18:25.92
W J18 4x-DIV 263Doncaster SRA'D'17:41.31
W J18 4x-DIV 264St Peter's Sch'L'20:07.03
W J18 4x-DIV 265St Peter's Sch'M'21:20.64
W MasE 8+DIV 266York City RC'C'18:21.11
W MasC 8+DIV 267York City RC'D'22:25.73
W MasF 8+DIV 268Doncaster RC21:31.42
Op 2xDIV 269York St John'A'20:15.92
Op 2xDIV 270York Univ'D'19:03.11
Op J18 2xDIV 271St Peter's Sch'E'17:43.12
Op J18 2xDIV 272St Peter's Sch'D'17:30.51
Op J18 2xDIV 273St Peter's Sch'R'19:42.13
Op J15 4x+DIV 274Bradford GS'C'21:37.34
Op J15 4x+DIV 275York City RC'H'18:23.71
Op J15 4x+DIV 276St Peter's Sch'Q'19:23.83
Op J15 4x+DIV 277St Peter's Sch'A'18:57.92
W J16 4x-DIV 278St Peter's Sch'N'19:50.02
W J16 4x-DIV 279Bradford GS'D'19:54.63
W J16 4x-DIV 280York City RC'K'19:26.81
Op MasF 4+DIV 281York City RC'S'18:47.61
W 4x-DIV 282Bradford ARC'D'23:05.32
W 4x-DIV 283York St John'D'19:30.01
W 4+DIV 284York Univ'E'24:35.91
W 4+DIV 285York St John'E'27:59.42
Mx MasF 8+DIV 287Bradford ARC'A'20:14.51
Op J14 4x+DIV 288Doncaster SRA'A'20:47.02
Op J14 4x+DIV 289York City RC'G'19:21.81
W 4x+DIV 290Sh'field Hallam/ York St John'A'19:47.41
Op 1x Band 1DIV 291Newark RC'A'18:26.71
Op 1x Band 1DIV 292Durham ARC19:28.64
Op 1x Band 1DIV 293York City RC'R'18:52.22
Op 1x Band 1DIV 294York City RC'X'19:25.03
Op 1x Band 2DIV 295Ironbridge'B'19:59.91
Op 1x Band 2DIV 296York Univ'H'20:29.43
Op 1x Band 2DIV 297York Univ'I'21:40.74
Op 1x Band 2DIV 298York Univ'L'20:07.92
Op J18 1xDIV 299York City RC'W'19:29.32
Op J18 1xDIV 2100Doncaster SRA'C'19:21.11
Op J18 1xDIV 2101St Peter's Sch'P'19:43.83
Op MasD 2xDIV 2103Guy Fawkes'D'
Op MasE 2xDIV 2104Lakeland RC'C'20:06.52
Op MasE 2xDIV 2105York City RC'A'21:12.03
Op MasF 2xDIV 2106Guy Fawkes'C'19:56.01
Op MasC 1xDIV 2107Bradford ARC'E'20:34.53
Op MasF 1xDIV 2109Lakeland RC'A'19:21.11
Op MasJ 1xDIV 2110York City RC'U'20:23.82