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Event Day Num Club Sub Time Started Posn
Ch 8+Friday1St Paul's Sch16:37.53
Ch 8+Friday2Shiplake Coll'A'16:36.61
Ch 8+Friday3Eton Coll'A'16:37.12
Ch 8+Friday4Abingdon Sch'A'SCR
Ch 8+Friday5Hampton Sch'A'17:26.012
Ch 8+Friday6Bedford Sch'A'17:20.511
Ch 8+Friday7Shrewsbury Sch17:05.15
Ch 8+Friday8Enniskillen Royal GS (IRL)17:09.46
Ch 8+Friday9Latymer Upper17:29.113
Ch 8+Friday10Radley Coll16:56.74
Ch 8+Friday11Westminster Sch'A'17:12.57
Ch 8+Friday12King's Coll Sch'A'17:17.39
Ch 8+Friday13King's Chester'A'17:16.48
Ch 8+Friday14Molesey BC18:11.915
Ch 8+Friday15I.S.I.S “E. STEIN” Gavirate (ITA)'A'18:06.614
Ch 8+Friday16Cus Milano17:17.39
Sch 1st 8+Friday17Norwich Sch17:41.84
Sch 1st 8+Friday18Monmouth Sch'A'17:32.21
Sch 1st 8+Friday19Rdg Blue Coat'A'17:35.53
Sch 1st 8+Friday20Pangbourne Coll'A'17:54.16
Sch 1st 8+Friday21St George's Col'A'17:45.65
Sch 1st 8+Friday22Bedford Mod Sch'A'18:07.59
Sch 1st 8+Friday23Monkton Combe'A'17:55.77
Sch 1st 8+Friday24Canford Sch'A'18:14.813
Sch 1st 8+Friday25Cantagbrigian RC'A'18:21.414
Sch 1st 8+Friday26Stowe SC19:30.517
Sch 1st 8+Friday27St Peter's Sch19:02.316
Sch 1st 8+Friday28Winchester Coll'A'17:32.21
Sch 1st 8+Friday29Bryanston Sch'A'18:07.810
Sch 1st 8+Friday30King's Cant18:14.712
Sch 1st 8+Friday31Grange Sch'A'SCR
Sch 1st 8+Friday32Claires Court'A'18:12.611
Sch 1st 8+Friday33Kungalvs roddklubb & Mimers Gymnasium (SWE)18:04.98
Sch 1st 8+Friday34Cambridge 99'A'18:50.715
Ch J16 8+Friday35Westminster Sch'C'17:33.32
Ch J16 8+Friday36St Paul's Sch'A'17:49.15
Ch J16 8+Friday37Shiplake Coll'A'17:47.84
Ch J16 8+Friday38Abingdon Sch'A'SCR
Ch J16 8+Friday39Hampton Sch'A'18:23.010
Ch J16 8+Friday40Radley Coll18:18.99
Ch J16 8+Friday41Eton Coll'A'17:30.21
Ch J16 8+Friday42King's Chester'A'18:38.911
Ch J16 8+Friday43Shrewsbury Sch'A'18:06.18
Ch J16 8+Friday44Aberdeen SRA'A'17:33.43
Ch J16 8+Friday45St Edward's Sch'A'17:49.46
Ch J16 8+Friday46C. Varese (ITA)'A'18:00.87
Sch 2nd 8+Friday47Eton Coll'B'17:30.83
Sch 2nd 8+Friday48St Paul's Sch17:17.81
Sch 2nd 8+Friday49Radley Coll17:40.66
Sch 2nd 8+Friday50Shrewsbury Sch17:19.02
Sch 2nd 8+Friday51Hampton Sch'A'18:12.97
Sch 2nd 8+Friday52Shiplake Coll'A'17:34.44
Sch 2nd 8+Friday53Latymer Upper18:26.510
Sch 2nd 8+Friday54St Paul's Sch'A'18:21.3 TO
Sch 2nd 8+Friday55Bedford Sch'A'18:21.09
Sch 2nd 8+Friday56Westminster Sch'B'17:37.65
Sch 2nd 8+Friday57Pangbourne Coll'A'18:44.711
Sch 2nd 8+Friday58King's Coll Sch'A'18:19.68
Sch 2nd 8+Friday59Monkton Combe'B'19:21.913
Sch 2nd 8+Friday60Canford Sch'B'18:58.212
Sch 2nd 8+Friday61Cantagbrigian RC'B'19:35.214
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday104King's Coll Sch'A'18:24.46
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday105Norwich Sch'A'18:16.24
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday106Bedford Sch'A'18:14.61
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday107Rdg Blue Coat'E'18:32.37
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday108Bedford Mod Sch'A'19:17.99
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday109Monmouth Sch'A'18:14.82
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday110Winchester Coll'A'18:17.25
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday111Team Keane19:20.710
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday112St George's Col'A'18:15.23
Sch 1st J16 8+Friday113Dulwich Coll18:35.68
Ch J15 8+Friday114Westminster Sch'F'18:53.87
Ch J15 8+Friday115Shiplake Coll'A'19:10.810
Ch J15 8+Friday116St Paul's Sch18:25.52
Ch J15 8+Friday117King's Coll Sch18:20.71
Ch J15 8+Friday118Hampton Sch'A'18:41.34
Ch J15 8+Friday119St Paul's Sch'A'SCR12:31:20
Ch J15 8+Friday120King's Chester'A'19:05.39
Ch J15 8+Friday121Latymer Upper'A'18:46.95
Ch J15 8+Friday122St Edward's Sch'A'18:59.28
Ch J15 8+Friday123Shrewsbury Sch'A'18:51.56
Ch J15 8+Friday124Radley Coll'A'18:39.43
Ch J15 8+Friday125Eton Coll'A'19:47.211
Girls Ch 8+Friday126Henley RC18:44.21
Girls Ch 8+Friday127Headington Sch'A'19:00.25
Girls Ch 8+Friday128Lady E Holles'A'18:46.02
Girls Ch 8+Friday129Latymer Upper18:55.93
Girls Ch 8+Friday130St George's Col19:27.3 TO
Girls Ch 8+Friday131Enniskillen Royal GS (IRL)'A'18:57.94
Girls Ch 8+Friday132I.S.I.S “E. STEIN” Gavirate (ITA)'A'19:57.46
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday149Hampton Sch'A'18:44.03
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday150Abingdon Sch'A'SCR
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday151Hampton Sch'B'SCR
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday152Bedford Sch'A'19:00.54
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday153Eton Coll'B'18:19.01
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday154Westminster Sch'D'18:42.82
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday155Radley Coll19:16.45
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday156St George's Col'A'19:44.47
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday157Dulwich Coll20:03.58
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday158Team KeaneSCR
Sch 2nd J16 8+Friday159Eton Coll'C'19:22.56
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday175Headington Sch'A'20:36.015
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday176Yarm Sch20:10.911
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday177Cantagbrigian RC'A'19:54.77
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday178Emanuel Sch19:50.76
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday179Pangbourne Coll'A'20:14.813
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday180Shrewsbury Sch20:00.89
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday181King's Worcs20:57.817
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday182Putney High Sch'A'19:12.82
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday183Henley RC19:08.51
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday184W Borlase Sch'A'19:57.58
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday185Surbiton HS'A'19:40.73
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday186Nottm & Union20:13.812
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday187Rdg Blue Coat'A'20:09.910
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday188Durham Sch20:46.716
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday189Gt Marlow Sch20:33.714
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday190Latymer Upper19:42.24
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday191Kungalvs roddklubb & Mimers Gymnasium (SWE)'A'19:49.25
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday192Team Keane'A'22:01.419
Girls Sch 1st 8+Friday193Cantagbrigian RC'E'21:53.418
Girls J16 8+Friday226Henley RC19:19.82
Girls J16 8+Friday227Surbiton HS19:38.54
Girls J16 8+Friday228Lady E Holles'A'19:48.35
Girls J16 8+Friday229St Paul's Girls'A'21:02.112
Girls J16 8+Friday230Headington Sch'A'19:11.61
Girls J16 8+Friday231Wimbledon HS'A'19:55.86
Girls J16 8+Friday232Rob Roy BCSCR
Girls J16 8+Friday233Molesey BC20:39.011
Girls J16 8+Friday234Marlow RC'A'SCR
Girls J16 8+Friday235King's Chester'A'20:15.28
Girls J16 8+Friday236Glasgow Academy'A'19:36.03
Girls J16 8+Friday237Emanuel Sch'A'21:08.913
Girls J16 8+Friday238Bedford Girls S'A'20:07.27
Girls J16 8+Friday239Barn Elms RC'A'20:27.79
Girls J16 8+Friday240Lea RC'B'20:38.010
Girls J16 8+Friday241King's Chester'B'SCR
Sch 2nd 8+Friday375Reading Blue Coat School'C'SCR