Warrington Head Of The Mersey

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 4-Division 11Warrington RC14:06.61
Op 4-Division 12Salford Univ'A'15:31.92
Op 4+Division 13Chester Univ'A'15:57.91
Op 4+Division 15Bangor Univ'A'17:11.72
Op 4+Division 16Mersey RC'A'18:05.73
Mx MasA/B 4x-Division 17Hollingworth Lk'A'13:25.51
Mx MasA/B 4x-Division 18Liverpool Vic'A'16:21.22
Mx MasD 4x-Division 19Warrington RC14:52.21
Mx MasD 4x-Division 110Windermere RC'D'16:44.12
W J16 4x-Division 113Warrington RC15:29.31
W J16 4x-Division 114Trafford RC'A'15:44.42
W MasB/C/D 4x-Division 115Warrington RC'A'16:47.71
W MasB/C/D 4x-Division 116Northwich RC'A'17:18.52
W MasE 4x-Division 117Northwich RC'A'16:06.21
W MasE 4x-Division 118Windermere RC'C'17:12.92
W J14 4x+Division 119Trafford RC'A'15:51.11
W J14 4x+Division 120Merch Taylors'A'
W J14 4x+Division 121Warrington RC'A'17:31.92
Op J18 2xDivision 250Trafford RC'B'13:59.21
Op J18 2xDivision 251Trafford RC'A'15:04.22
Op J16 2xDivision 252Warrington RC14:49.11
Op J16 2xDivision 253Liverpool Vic16:31.82
Op MasA/B 2xDivision 254Warrington RC'A'19:47.62
Op MasA/B 2xDivision 255Hollingworth Lk'A'17:50.91
Op MasC/D 2xDivision 256Mersey RC'A'16:12.42
Op MasC/D 2xDivision 257Grosvenor RC/ Warrington RC'A'14:45.51
Op MasC/D 2xDivision 258Liverpool Vic'A'16:13.63
Op MasE 2xDivision 259Hollingworth Lk15:34.52
Op MasE 2xDivision 260Lakeland RC15:15.91
Op MasE 2xDivision 261Trafford RC'A'17:22.53
W 2xDivision 262Warrington RC'A'15:43.41
W 2xDivision 263Leeds Univ16:53.12
W 2xDivision 264Warrington RC'B'19:44.73
W J18 1x Band 1Division 265Trafford RC17:24.62
W J18 1x Band 1Division 266Liverpool Vic'B'17:04.01
W J18 1x Band 2Division 267Runcorn RC'A'17:25.31
W J18 1x Band 2Division 268Merch Taylors19:12.22
W J18 1x Band 2Division 269Liverpool Vic'A'19:14.23
W J16 1xDivision 270Warrington RC17:01.41
W J16 1xDivision 271Trafford RC17:53.72
W MasB/C/D 1xDivision 273Warrington RC'A'18:42.41
W MasB/C/D 1xDivision 274Northwich RC'A'18:44.42
Op 4x-Division 3100Warrington RC13:00.71
Op 4x-Division 3101Hollingworth Lk13:54.12
Op 4x-Division 3102Mersey RC'A'14:37.63
Op 4x-Division 3103Leeds Univ'A'15:54.14
Op MasE 4-Division 3104Warwick BC'A'15:06.81
Op MasE 4-Division 3105Warrington RC16:30.22
W 4x- Band 1Division 3106Hollingworth Lk14:53.91
W 4x- Band 1Division 3107Warrington RC'B'15:36.62
W 4x- Band 1Division 3108Salford Univ18:14.63
W 4x- Band 2Division 3109Warrington RC'A'15:04.11
W 4x- Band 2Division 3110Mersey RC16:42.53
W 4x- Band 2Division 3111Bangor Univ'A'17:35.14
W 4x- Band 2Division 3112Leeds Univ16:22.02
W MasC/D/E 4+Division 3113Runcorn RC'A'16:36.81
W MasC/D/E 4+Division 3114Northwich RC'A'18:00.42
Op J15 4x+Division 3116Liverpool Vic'A'17:19.21
Op J14 4x+Division 3117Liverpool Vic'A'18:54.92
Op J14 4x+Division 3118Warrington RC16:49.51
W J18 2x Band 1Division 4150Trafford RC'B'15:17.91
W J18 2x Band 1Division 4151Liverpool Vic'A'16:58.82
W J18 2x Band 2Division 4152Trafford RC'A'17:12.43
W J18 2x Band 2Division 4153Merch Taylors'A'16:57.52
W J18 2x Band 2Division 4154Liverpool Vic'B'16:48.21
W J18 2x Band 2Division 4155Trafford RC18:15.54
Op J18 1xDivision 4157Trafford RC'A'15:17.61
Op J18 1xDivision 4158Trafford RC'B'23:27.22
Op J16 1xDivision 4159Trafford RC16:09.11
Op J16 1xDivision 4160Runcorn RC'B'17:04.92
W J15 2x Band 1Division 4161Warrington RC'D'15:14.91
W J15 2x Band 1Division 4162Warrington RC'A'16:31.42
W J15 2x Band 2Division 4163Warrington RC'C'17:36.53
W J15 2x Band 2Division 4164Warrington RC'B'17:25.82
W J15 2x Band 2Division 4165Trafford RC16:30.81
Op J18 4x-Division 5200Warrington RC13:00.11
Op J18 4x-Division 5201Liverpool Vic15:59.42
Op J16 4x-Division 5202Mersey RC15:52.8 TO
Op MasD/E/F 4x-Division 5203Warrington RC'A'14:44.31
Op MasD/E/F 4x-Division 5204Warwick BC'A'15:06.52
Op MasD/E/F 4x-Division 5205Northwich RC/ Warwick BC'A'17:43.84
Op MasD/E/F 4x-Division 5206Windermere RC'B'17:16.33
Mx 4x-Division 5207Hollingworth Lk14:39.42
Mx 4x-Division 5208Windermere RC'A'14:20.91
Mx 4x-Division 5209Bangor Univ'A'18:36.13
W 4+Division 5210Chester Univ'A'18:55.04
W 4+Division 5211Leeds Univ'A'16:55.62
W 4+Division 5212Mersey RC15:51.61
W 4+Division 5213Leeds Univ'B'18:31.03
W J15 4x+Division 6254Warrington RC15:42.51
W J15 4x+Division 6255Northwich RC'A'16:24.12
W 1xDivision 6257Warrington RC17:30.81
Op J14 2xDivision 6259Trafford RC15:57.61
Op J14 2xDivision 6260Warrington RC'A'19:42.03
Op J14 2xDivision 6261Warrington RC'B'16:53.82
Op MasC/D/E 1xDivision 6262Mersey RC'A'17:44.52
Op MasC/D/E 1xDivision 6263Warwick BC'A'15:02.31
Op MasG 1xDivision 6264Liverpool Vic'A'19:53.62
Op MasG 1xDivision 6265John O'Gaunt RC'A'18:59.81
Op MasG 1xDivision 6266Liverpool Vic'B'20:18.13
W MasA/B/C 2xDivision 6267Warrington RC'A'17:41.51
W MasA/B/C 2xDivision 6268Mersey RC'A'18:29.92
Mx MasE/F 2xDivision 6269Lakeland RC'A'15:01.71
Mx MasE/F 2xDivision 6270Runcorn RC'A'16:51.82