Dee Autumn HeadDee Autumn Head

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op MasE/G 8+AM101Grosvenor RC'A'
Op MasE/G 8+AM102Royal Chester'A'
W 1x Band 1AM103Grosvenor RC'C'
W 1x Band 1AM104Grosvenor RC'B'
W 1x Band 2AM105Grosvenor RC'A'
W 1x Band 2AM106Northwich RC
W 1x Band 2AM107Liverpool Univ
W 1x Band 2AM108Sheffield City'C'
W 1x Band 3AM109Sheffield City'A'
W 1x Band 3AM110Grosvenor RC
W 1x Band 4AM111Sheffield City'B'
W 1x Band 4AM112Ironbridge
W 1x Band 4AM113Trentham BC
W J18 1x Band 1AM114Trafford RC
W J18 1x Band 1AM115Queen's Park HS
W J18 1x Band 2AM116Runcorn RC'C'
W J18 1x Band 2AM117Northwich RC
W J18 1x Band 2AM118Grosvenor RC
W J18 1x Band 2AM119Ironbridge
W J16 1xAM120Nottm & Union
W J16 1xAM121Warrington RC'B'
W J16 1xAM122Warrington RC'A'
W J16 1xAM123Grosvenor RC
Op MasA 1xAM124Grosvenor RC
Op MasA 1xAM125Bridgnorth RC'A'
Op MasC/D 1xAM126Mersey RC
Op MasC/D 1xAM127Grosvenor RC'A'
Op MasC/D 1xAM128Royal Chester
Op MasE/F 1xAM129Agecroft RC
Op MasE/F 1xAM130Warwick BC
Op MasE/F 1xAM131Royal Chester'A'
Op MasE/F 1xAM132Sheffield City
Op 4x- Band 1AM133Hollingworth Lk
Op 4x- Band 1AM134Grosvenor RC
Op 4x- Band 2AM135Runcorn RC'B'
Op 4x- Band 2AM136Liverpool Univ
Op 4-AM137Royal Chester'B'
Op 4-AM138Liverpool Univ
Op 4-AM139Sheffield City
Op 4-AM140Royal Chester'A'
Op 4+ Band 1AM141Runcorn RC'A'
Op 4+ Band 1AM142Royal Chester'A'
Op 4+ Band 1AM143Chester Univ'A'
Op 4+ Band 2AM144Royal Chester'B'
Op 4+ Band 2AM145Grosvenor RC'B'
Op 4+ Band 2AM146Grosvenor RC'A'
Op 4+ Band 3AM147Bridgnorth RC'A'
Op 4+ Band 3AM148Ironbridge
Op MasB/C/D 2xAM149Hollingworth Lk'A'
Op MasB/C/D 2xAM150Trentham BC
Op MasB/C/D 2xAM151Liverpool Vic'A'
Op MasB/C/D 2xAM152Ironbridge'A'
Op MasE/F 2xAM153Royal Chester'A'
Op MasE/F 2xAM154Trafford RC
Op MasE/F 2xAM155Runcorn RC'A'
Op MasH 2xAM156Grosvenor RC
Op MasH 2xAM157Trentham BC'A'
Op MasE/F 2-AM158Pengwern BC
Op MasE/F 2-AM159Warwick BC'A'
Op MasE/F 2-AM160Northwich RC
W 8+ Band 1AM161Royal Chester'A'
W 8+ Band 1AM162Liverpool Univ
W 8+ Band 1AM163Lancaster Univ'A'
W 8+ Band 2AM164Grosvenor RC'A'
W 8+ Band 2AM165Northwich RC'A'
W 8+ Band 2AM166Lancaster Univ'B'
W 8+ Band 2AM167Trafford RC'A'
Op J18 4x-AM168Royal Chester'B'
Op J18 4x-AM169Royal Chester'A'
Op J18 4x-AM170Warrington RC'A'
Op J16 4x-AM171Grosvenor RC
Op J16 4x-AM172Northwich RC
Op J16 4x-AM173Queen's Park HS'A'
Op J16 4x+AM174Mersey RC'A'
Op J15 4x+AM175Queen's Park HS
Op J15 4x+AM176Northwich RC
W MasB/C 4x-AM177Durham ARC
W MasB/C 4x-AM178Sheffield City'A'
W MasB/C 4x-AM179Rex BC'A'
W MasE/F 4x- Band 1AM180Warrington RC'B'
W MasE/F 4x- Band 1AM181Warrington RC'A'
W MasE/F 4x- Band 1AM182Windermere RC'A'
W MasE/F 4x- Band 2AM183Rex BC'A'
W MasE/F 4x- Band 2AM184Grosvenor RC'A'
W MasE/F 4x- Band 2AM185Windermere RC
W MasE/F 4+AM186Pengwern BC
W MasE/F 4+AM187Runcorn RC'B'
W MasE/F 4+AM188Royal Chester'A'
W 2x Band 1AM189Hollingworth Lk'A'
W 2x Band 1AM190Warrington RC'A'
W 2x Band 1AM191Windermere RC
W 2x Band 2AM192Liverpool Univ
W 2x Band 2AM193Liverpool JM'A'
W 2x Band 2AM194Warrington RC'B'
W 2x Band 3AM195Royal Chester
W 2x Band 3AM196Hollingworth Lk'B'
W 2x Band 3AM197Trentham BC'A'
W J18 2x Band 1AM198Warrington RC
W J18 2x Band 1AM199Royal Chester'B'
W J18 2x Band 2AM200Sheffield City'A'
W J18 2x Band 2AM201Royal Chester'A'
W J16 2xAM202Royal Chester'B'
W J16 2xAM203Northwich RC
W J16 2xAM204Royal Chester'A'
W J15 2xAM205Queen's Park HS
W J15 2xAM206Northwich RC
W J15 2xAM207Trafford RC'A'
Op 1x Band 1PM301Hollingworth Lk'B'
Op 1x Band 1PM302Grosvenor RC
Op 1x Band 1PM303Royal Chester
Op 1x Band 2PM304Hollingworth Lk'A'
Op 1x Band 2PM305Liverpool Univ
Op J18 1x Band 1PM306Queen's Park HS
Op J18 1x Band 1PM307Grosvenor RC'B'
Op J18 1x Band 1PM308Trafford RC
Op J18 1x Band 1PM309Agecroft RC
Op J18 1x Band 2PM310Royal Chester
Op J18 1x Band 2PM311Grosvenor RC'A'
Op J18 1x Band 2PM312Ironbridge'A'
Op J18 1x Band 2PM313Ironbridge'B'
Op J16 1x Band 1PM314Runcorn RC'D'
Op J16 1x Band 1PM315Trafford RC'A'
Op J16 1x Band 1PM316Queen's Park HS
Op J16 1x Band 2PM317Agecroft RC
Op J16 1x Band 2PM318Grosvenor RC'A'
Op 2-PM319Royal Chester'A'
Op 2-PM320Queen's Park HS'A'
Op 2-PM321Mersey RC
Op 2-PM322Liverpool JM'A'
Op 8+PM323Royal Chester'B'
Op 8+PM324Royal Chester'A'
Op 8+PM325Liverpool Univ'A'
Op 8+PM326Warrington RC'A'
Op MasE 4x-PM327Hollingworth Lk
Op MasE 4x-PM328Warrington RC'A'
Op MasE 4x-PM329Warwick BC
Op MasE 4x-PM330Pengwern BC/ Trentham BC'A'
Op MasE/G4-PM331Royal Chester'A'
Op MasE/G4-PM332Warwick BC
Op MasD/F 4+PM333Grosvenor RC'A'
Op MasD/F 4+PM334Trafford RC
W MasE 8+PM335Pengwern BC'A'
W MasE 8+PM336Royal Chester
W MasE 8+PM337Liverpool Vic'A'
Op 2x Band 1PM338Hollingworth Lk
Op 2x Band 1PM339Liverpool Univ
Op 2x Band 2PM340Royal Chester'A'
Op 2x Band 2PM341Bangor Univ'A'
Op 2x Band 2PM342Mersey RC'A'
Op 2x Band 2PM343Royal Chester'B'
Op J18 2x Band 1PM344Northwich RC'B'
Op J18 2x Band 1PM345Grosvenor RC'B'
Op J18 2x Band 1PM346Trafford RC'A'
Op J18 2x Band 1PM347Royal Chester'A'
Op J18 2x Band 2PM348Warrington RC
Op J18 2x Band 2PM349Trafford RC'B'
Op J18 2x Band 2PM350Northwich RC'A'
Op J18 2x Band 2PM351Royal Chester'B'
Op J16 2xPM352Northwich RC
Op J16 2xPM353Royal Chester
Op J16 2xPM354Warrington RC
Op J16 2xPM355Ironbridge
Op J15 2x Band 1PM356Queen's Park HS'B'
Op J15 2x Band 1PM357Queen's Park HS'C'
Op J15 2x Band 1PM358Grosvenor RC
Op J15 2x Band 2PM359Queen's Park HS'A'
Op J15 2x Band 2PM360Agecroft RC
Op J15 2x Band 2PM361Royal Chester
W 4- Band 1PM362Royal Chester'B'
W 4- Band 1PM363Grosvenor RC
W 4- Band 2PM364Royal Chester'A'
W 4- Band 2PM365Sheffield City
W 4- Band 2PM366Northwich RC'A'
W 4+ Band 1PM367Liverpool Univ
W 4+ Band 1PM368Grosvenor RC'A'
W 4+ Band 1PM369Queen's Park HS'A'
W 4+ Band 2PM370Sheffield City'A'
W 4+ Band 2PM371Chester Univ'A'
W 4+ Band 2PM372Grosvenor RC'B'
W 4+ Band 3PM373Royal Chester'B'
W 4+ Band 3PM374Royal Chester'A'
W 4x- Band 1PM375Durham ARC
W 4x- Band 1PM376Northwich RC
W 4x- Band 1PM377Sheffield City'A'
W 4x- Band 2PM378Liverpool Univ
W 4x- Band 2PM379Warrington RC
W 4x- Band 2PM380Pengwern BC
W 4x- Band 2PM381Royal Chester'A'
W J18 4x-PM382Warrington RC'A'
W J18 4x-PM383Royal Chester/ Trafford RC
W J16 4x-PM384Queen's Park HS'A'
W J16 4x-PM385Queen's Park HS'B'
W J16 4x-PM386Grosvenor RC'A'
W J15 4x+PM387Warrington RC'B'
W J15 4x+PM388Warrington RC'A'
W J15 4x+PM389Queen's Park HS
W J15 4x+PM390Trafford RC'A'
W MasA/B 2xPM391Durham ARC
W MasA/B 2xPM392Durham ARC'A'
W MasA/B 2xPM393Warrington RC'A'
W MasC/E 2xPM394Windermere RC'A'
W MasC/E 2xPM395Ironbridge'S'
W MasC/E 2xPM396Ironbridge'T'
Recreational 4x+PM397Grosvenor RC'A'
Recreational 4x+PM398Windermere RC'A'