Northwich A HeadNorthwich A Head

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Event Day Num Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op J18 8+Sunday1King's Chester'B'08:09.41
Op J18 8+Sunday2King's Chester'C'08:31.82
Op J16 8+Sunday3King's Chester'C'08:12.31
Op J16 8+Sunday4King's Chester'A'09:27.92
Op J14 8x+Sunday5Queen's Park HS09:43.92
Op J14 8x+Sunday6King's Chester'A'10:02.23
Op J14 8x+Sunday7King's Chester'B'09:36.31
Op J14 8x+Sunday8King's Chester'C'10:10.14
Op J16 4x-Sunday9Warrington RC'A'08:27.42
Op J16 4x-Sunday10Queen's Park HS08:18.51
Op J16 4x-Sunday11Runcorn RC08:45.33
Op J15 4x+Sunday12Grange Sch'A'09:32.41
Op J15 4x+Sunday13Grange Sch'B'11:06.92
Op J14 4x+Sunday14Trafford RC09:55.31
Op J14 4x+Sunday15Northwich RC12:04.13
Op J14 4x+Sunday16Grange Sch'A'10:24.92
Op J14 4x+Sunday17King's Chester13:30.84
W J16 4+Sunday18King's Chester'A'10:13.52
W J16 4+Sunday19Northwich RC10:05.61
W J16 4+Sunday20Northwich RC'B'10:23.93
W J18 2xSunday21John Deane's09:56.61
W J18 2xSunday22Merch Taylors11:10.74
W J18 2xSunday23Royal Chester'A'11:30.85
W J18 2xSunday24Grosvenor RC10:43.22
W J18 2xSunday25Agecroft RC11:09.53
W J16 2x Band 1Sunday26Royal Chester'A'09:48.31
W J16 2x Band 1Sunday27Royal Chester'B'10:24.63
W J16 2x Band 1Sunday28Hollingworth Lk10:13.32
W J16 2x Band 1Sunday29Queen's Park HS'A'10:36.84
W J16 2x Band 1Sunday30Runcorn RC'B'10:41.85
W J16 2x Band 2Sunday31Liverpool Vic'A'11:10.11
W J16 2x Band 2Sunday32Runcorn RC'A'11:27.53
W J16 2x Band 2Sunday33Merch Taylors11:22.52
W J15 2x Band 1Sunday34Queen's Park HS'B'10:11.41
W J15 2x Band 1Sunday35Queen's Park HS'A'11:37.96
W J15 2x Band 1Sunday36Grange Sch'B'10:41.94
W J15 2x Band 1Sunday37Trafford RC10:22.92
W J15 2x Band 1Sunday38Grange Sch'C'10:28.03
W J15 2x Band 1Sunday39Grange Sch'A'10:50.35
W J15 2x Band 2Sunday40Northwich RC'A'10:18.31
W J15 2x Band 2Sunday41King's Chester'A'10:29.32
W J15 2x Band 2Sunday42King's Chester'B'11:55.43
W J14 2xSunday43Trafford RC11:18.72
W J14 2xSunday44Grosvenor RC'A'10:55.61
W J14 2xSunday45Agecroft RC
W J14 2xSunday46Grange Sch'A'12:25.53
Op 8+ (P.M.) Band 1Sunday47Royal Chester'A'07:48.82
Op 8+ (P.M.) Band 1Sunday48Royal Chester'B'07:45.81
Op 8+ (P.M.) Band 1Sunday49King's Chester08:01.03
Op 8+ (P.M.) Band 2Sunday50Runcorn RC08:26.31
Op 8+ (P.M.) Band 2Sunday51Northwich RC'A'08:30.12
Op 4x- Band 1Sunday52Bangor Univ08:38.81
Op 4x- Band 1Sunday53Queen's Park HS09:00.72
Op 4x- Band 1Sunday54Liverpool Vic'A'09:20.03
Op 4x- Band 2Sunday55Northwich RC'B'09:14.12
Op 4x- Band 2Sunday56Aberystwyth University11:09.25
Op 4x- Band 2Sunday57Grosvenor RC'A'09:36.73
Op 4x- Band 2Sunday58Warrington RC'C'10:58.04
Op 4x- Band 2Sunday59Warrington RC'B'09:09.11
W 4+Sunday60Northwich RC10:08.61
W 4+Sunday61Chester Univ10:34.02
W 2x Band 1Sunday62John Deane's'A'10:12.11
W 2x Band 1Sunday63Queen's Park HS'B'10:46.12
W 2x Band 1Sunday64Queen's Park HS'A'10:57.93
W 2x Band 2Sunday65Bangor Univ'B'14:57:13
W 2x Band 2Sunday66Northwich RC10:43.82
W 2x Band 2Sunday67Bangor Univ'A'10:16.61
W 2x Band 2Sunday68Trafford RC11:57.54
W 2x Band 2Sunday69Mersey RC11:17.73
Op MasB/D 4+Sunday70Northwich RC'A'09:47.72
Op MasB/D 4+Sunday71Pengwern BC'A'09:07.61
Op MasB/D 4+Sunday72Liverpool Vic'A'10:38.13
Op MasE 4+Sunday73Pengwern BC09:35.12
Op MasE 4+Sunday74Warrington RC09:14.81
Op MasD/E 2xSunday75Northwich RC'A'09:16.61
Op MasD/E 2xSunday76Runcorn RC'A'09:58.82
Op MasD/E 2xSunday77Grosvenor RC'A'10:04.23
Op MasF 2xSunday78Pengwern BC10:00.01
Op MasF 2xSunday79Bradford ARC10:52.52
Op MasG 2xSunday80Runcorn RC09:42.01
Op MasG 2xSunday81Pengwern BC
W MasC 8+Sunday82North Staffs RC'A'10:11.41
W MasC 8+Sunday83Northwich RC'A'10:23.82
W MasD 8+Sunday84Pengwern BC'A'10:14.02
W MasD 8+Sunday85Runcorn RC'A'09:56.91
W MasE/F 8+Sunday86Royal Chester'A'10:24.11
W MasE/F 8+Sunday87Liverpool Vic'A'12:06.23
W MasE/F 8+Sunday88Royal Chester'A'11:16.42
W MasD/E 4x-Sunday89Bradford ARC'A'10:45.92
W MasD/E 4x-Sunday90Warrington RC'A'10:31.61
W J18 8+Sunday301King's Chester08:52.32
W J18 8+Sunday302Northwich RC08:48.71
W J18 8+Sunday303Queen's Park HS'A'09:42.03
W J18 4x-Sunday304Trafford RC08:45.31
W J18 4x-Sunday305King's Chester09:40.22
W J18 4x-Sunday306Pengwern BC'A'10:25.53
W J16 4x- Band 1Sunday307Hollingworth Lk/ Trafford RC'A'09:05.41
W J16 4x- Band 1Sunday308Northwich RC09:09.43
W J16 4x- Band 1Sunday309Royal Chester09:05.41
W J16 4x- Band 1Sunday310King's Chester'B'09:32.34
W J16 4x- Band 2Sunday311King's Chester'A'10:12.82
W J16 4x- Band 2Sunday312Runcorn RC09:43.61
W J16 4x- Band 2Sunday313Pengwern BC'B'
W J15 4x+ Band 1Sunday314Queen's Park HS09:52.83
W J15 4x+ Band 1Sunday315Grange Sch'A'09:44.22
W J15 4x+ Band 1Sunday316Northwich RC'A'09:35.51
W J15 4x+ Band 1Sunday317Grange Sch'B'10:30.64
W J15 4x+ Band 2Sunday318King's Chester10:02.51
W J15 4x+ Band 2Sunday319Grosvenor RC'A'10:19.52
W J15 4x+ Band 2Sunday320Pengwern BC10:59.83
W J14 8x+Sunday321King's Chester'A'09:55.01
W J14 8x+Sunday322King's Chester'B'11:19.2 TO2
W J14 4x+Sunday323Trafford RC'A'10:29.31
W J14 4x+Sunday324Grange Sch'A'11:14.53
W J14 4x+Sunday325King's Chester'A'12:32.25
W J14 4x+Sunday326Northwich RC11:06.42
W J14 4x+Sunday327Grange Sch'B'11:22.44
Op J18 2x Band 1Sunday328Northwich RC'A'08:30.11
Op J18 2x Band 1Sunday329Northwich RC'B'08:47.52
Op J18 2x Band 1Sunday330Merch Taylors'B'09:15.93
Op J18 2x Band 2Sunday331Merch Taylors'A'10:18.22
Op J18 2x Band 2Sunday332Grosvenor RC10:15.11
Op J16 2xSunday333Runcorn RC'A'09:50.12
Op J16 2xSunday334Hollingworth Lk09:29.81
Op J16 2xSunday335Runcorn RC'B'SCR
Op J15 2xSunday336Royal Chester10:21.34
Op J15 2xSunday337Grange Sch'A'09:25.81
Op J15 2xSunday338Grange Sch'B'09:52.82
Op J15 2xSunday339Grange Sch'C'10:14.83
Op J14 2xSunday340Trafford RC10:29.61
Op J14 2xSunday341Grosvenor RC10:41.22
Op J14 2xSunday342Grange Sch'A'11:05.73
Op J14 2xSunday343Grange Sch'B'11:43.74
Op 8+ (A.M.)Sunday344Royal Chester'B'07:38.01
Op 8+ (A.M.)Sunday345Royal Chester'A'07:39.42
Op 8+ (A.M.)Sunday346Queen's Park HS08:23.73
Op MasC/D 8+Sunday347Pengwern BC08:20.91
Op MasC/D 8+Sunday348North Staffs RC'A'09:26.82
Op MasF/H 8+Sunday349Pengwern BC'A'08:55.21
Op MasF/H 8+Sunday350Runcorn RC'A'09:07.82
Op 4+ Band 1Sunday351Runcorn RC08:53.51
Op 4+ Band 1Sunday352King's Chester'A'09:00.02
Op 4+ Band 1Sunday353Liverpool JM'A'09:45.43
Op 4+ Band 2Sunday354Liverpool Vic'A'09:54.72
Op 4+ Band 2Sunday355Chester Univ09:51.51
Op 4+ Band 2Sunday356Bangor Univ12:29.73
W 4x-Sunday357Grosvenor RC'A'09:08.91
W 4x-Sunday358Royal Chester09:48.32
W 4x-Sunday359Liverpool Vic'A'10:04.63
W 4x-Sunday360Bangor Univ10:52.55
W 4x-Sunday361Warrington RC12:06.56
W 4x-Sunday362Aberystwyth University'A'10:32.94
Op 2xSunday363Runcorn RC09:07.71
Op 2xSunday364Aberystwyth University'A'09:29.93
Op 2xSunday365Queen's Park HS'B'09:26.82
Op 2xSunday366Queen's Park HS'A'09:34.94
Op 2xSunday367Northwich RC'A'10:12.46
Op 2xSunday368Northwich RC'B'10:00.35
Op MasD 4x-Sunday369Bradford ARC'A'09:46.52
Op MasD 4x-Sunday370Warrington RC'A'10:03.53
Op MasD 4x-Sunday371Northwich RC'A'09:42.41
W MasC 4+Sunday372Trafford RC'A'10:12.61
W MasC 4+Sunday373Hollingworth Lk'A'11:19.82
W MasD/E 2xSunday374Warrington RC'A'10:29.51
W MasD/E 2xSunday375Bradford ARC'A'10:39.12