Northwich Spring HeadNorthwich Spring Head

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
W MasE/F 4x-Division 1101Liverpool Vic'A'09:56.22
Op 1x Band 1Division 1102Grosvenor RC'C'08:30.91
Op 1x Band 1Division 1103Grosvenor RC'D'08:52.92
Op 1x Band 2Division 1106Liverpool Vic11:14.11
Op J17 1xDivision 1110Agecroft RC09:06.01
Op J17 1xDivision 1112Royal Chester09:29.02
Op J16 1xDivision 1115Northwich RC'B'09:23.33
Op J16 1xDivision 1116Warrington RC'C'09:13.72
Op J16 1xDivision 1117Warrington RC'B'09:05.71
Op J16 1xDivision 1118Grosvenor RC09:23.44
Op MasA 1xDivision 1135Liverpool Vic10:06.31
Op MasA 1xDivision 1136Bradford ARC
Op MasE 1xDivision 1143Agecroft RC'A'09:22.21
Op MasF 1xDivision 1147Royal Chester09:47.81
Op MasG 1xDivision 1150Agecroft RC10:15.21
Op MasH/I 1xDivision 1152Runcorn RC'A'10:09.61
W 1x Band 1Division 1155Agecroft RC09:38.21
W 1x Band 1Division 1157Northwich RC10:02.12
W 1x Band 2Division 1160Grosvenor RC10:00.71
W J18 1xDivision 1162Agecroft RC10:39.61
W J17 1xDivision 1165Warrington RC'C'09:57.11
W J17 1xDivision 1167Liverpool Vic'A'10:52.12
W J16 1xDivision 1168Warrington RC'B'09:37.71
W J16 1xDivision 1170Warrington RC'A'10:21.92
W J16 1xDivision 1171Northwich RC10:37.13
W MasC 1xDivision 1185Bradford ARC
W MasC 1xDivision 1186Royal Chester13:04.51
W MasD 1xDivision 1187Grosvenor RC'A'10:01.71
W MasD 1xDivision 1188Bradford ARC'A'
W MasE/F/G 1xDivision 1189Bradford ARC'A'
Op 4+Division 2201Northwich RC'A'07:38.41
Op MasB 8+Division 2203Northwich RC09:18.91
Op MasE 8+Division 2205Grosvenor RC'A'08:06.11
W 8+Division 2208Northwich RC'A'08:18.01
W 8+Division 2209Royal Chester'A'08:58.82
Op 4x-Division 2210Northwich RC'B'07:17.81
Op 4x-Division 2211Grosvenor RC07:25.12
Op J18 4x-Division 2214Grosvenor RC'A'07:46.11
Op J18 4x-Division 2215Northwich RC'A'07:57.02
Op J16 4x-Division 2218Warrington RC07:58.81
Op J16 4x-Division 2219Northwich RC'A'08:32.42
Op J16 4x-Division 2220Liverpool Vic09:12.13
W 2x Band 1Division 2227Grosvenor RC09:20.81
W 2x Band 2Division 2232Liverpool Vic10:28.31
W 2x Band 2Division 2234Warrington RC'A'10:37.12
W J18 2x Band 1Division 2237Northwich RC09:06.51
W J18 2x Band 1Division 2240Liverpool Vic'B'09:55.52
W J18 2x Band 2Division 2241Grosvenor RC'A'10:20.31
W J18 2x Band 2Division 2242Agecroft RC10:40.42
W J16 2xDivision 2243Warrington RC'B'09:03.11
W J16 2xDivision 2245Grosvenor RC'A'10:10.32
Op MasB 2xDivision 2259Grosvenor RC09:30.91
Op MasC/D 2xDivision 2261Runcorn RC'A'10:51.21
Op MasE 2xDivision 2264Northwich RC08:48.01
Op MasE 2xDivision 2265Bradford ARC
Op MasF/G/H 2xDivision 2267Grosvenor RC'A'09:16.51
W MasC/D 4x-Division 2269Bradford ARC'A'
W MasC/D 4x-Division 2271Trentham BC'A'10:01.81
W MasE/F 4x-Division 2272Warrington RC'A'08:50.5 H141
Op 4- Div 3Division 3301Northwich RC'A'07:34.91
Op 4- Div 3Division 3302Grosvenor RC'A'08:21.83
Op 4- Div 3Division 3303Warrington RC'A'08:07.02
W MasD 8+Division 3304Northwich RC'A'09:37.71
W MasD 8+Division 3305Bradford ARC'A'
W MasD 8+Division 3307Liverpool Vic'A'11:17.52
W MasE/F 8+Division 3309Grosvenor RC/ Royal Chester'A'09:33.31
Op 2x Band 1Division 3310Northwich RC'B'07:58.51
Op 2x Band 1Division 3311Grosvenor RC'A'08:12.42
Op 2x Band 1Division 3312Grosvenor RC'D'08:29.95
Op 2x Band 1Division 3313Agecroft RC'A'08:23.34
Op 2x Band 1Division 3314Grosvenor RC'C'08:19.03
Op 2x Band 2Division 3317Grosvenor RC'B'09:38.62
Op 2x Band 2Division 3318Warrington RC'A'09:15.01
Op 2x Band 2Division 3320Royal Chester09:53.53
Op J18 2xDivision 3323Warrington RC'A'08:21.21
Op J16 2xDivision 3326Grosvenor RC'A'09:05.81
Op J16 2xDivision 3327Liverpool Vic09:32.92
W 4x-Division 3340Grosvenor RC08:30.03
W 4x-Division 3341Agecroft RC/ Warrington RC'B'08:20.41
W 4x-Division 3343Warrington RC'C'08:28.12
W 4x-Division 3344Warrington RC'A'08:53.84
W J18 4x- Band 1Division 3345Liverpool Vic/ Warrington RC'A'08:30.01
W J18 4x- Band 1Division 3347Grosvenor RC08:47.32
W J18 4x- Band 1Division 3348Northwich RC'A'09:04.33
W J18 4x- Band 2Division 3349Agecroft RC09:15.11
W J18 4x- Band 2Division 3350Liverpool Vic'A'10:03.52
W J16 4x-Division 3354Agecroft RC09:19.91
W J18 4+Division 3358Royal Chester'A'09:58.21
Op MasC/D 4x-Division 3368Warrington RC'A'08:31.5 H141
Op MasC/D 4x-Division 3369Bradford ARC'A'
Op MasC/D 4x-Division 3370Northwich RC'A'08:38.5 H142
Op MasE/F 4x-Division 3372Runcorn RC'A'08:40.0 H151
Op MasE/F 4x-Division 3373Grosvenor RC'B'10:22.4 H152
Op MasG 4x-Division 3375Grosvenor RC'A'08:29.91
Op MasG 4x-Division 3376Bradford ARC
Op MasF/G 4+Division 3377Royal Chester'A'08:50.71
Op MasF/G 4+Division 3378Grosvenor RC'A'09:40.12
W MasC/D 2xDivision 3382Royal Chester'A'10:46.11
W MasE/F/G 2xDivision 3383Bradford ARC'A'