York Small Boats HeadYork Small Boats Head

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 8+Div11South Coll (D)'B'13:11.82
Op 8+Div12York Univ'D'13:36.43
Op 4x- Band 1Div13Doncaster RC'F'12:38.51
Op 4x- Band 2Div14Nottm Trent'F'17:33.24
Op 4x- Band 2Div15Nottm Trent'G'16:14.33
Op 4-Div16York City RC13:08.7 TO
Op MasC 8+Div17Bradford ARC'G'14:29.02
Op MasF 8+Div18Nottingham RC'D'12:07.51
Op 4+ Band 1Div110Trevelyan Coll'B'13:40.21
Op 4+ Band 2Div111St Chad's Coll'A'15:42.82
Op MasE 4x-Div112Tees RC'C'13:38.51
W 8+Div114York City RC'G'13:22.43
W 8+Div115Nottingham RC/ Nottm & Union'B'13:03.41
W 8+Div116St Marys Coll'B'15:28.95
W 8+Div117York Univ'I'16:53.56
Op J18 2x Band 1Div118York City RC13:00.13
Op J18 2x Band 1Div119Tees RC'T'13:18.64
Op J18 2x Band 2Div120Doncaster SRA'K'14:40.03
Op J18 2x Band 2Div121Sheffield City/ Doncaster SRA'F'14:47.54
Op J17 2xDiv122Bradford ARC'I'14:23.52
Op MasE 4x-Div123Doncaster RC'B'15:30.93
Op MasG 4x-Div125Bradford ARC'B'14:00.92
Op MasE 4+Div126York City RC'C'13:27.81
Op MasE 4+Div127York City RC'E'14:42.02
Op 1xDiv129York Univ'C'15:02.12
Op MasB 1xDiv131Cambois RC'C'14:19.0 TO
Op J17 1xDiv132Cambois RC'B'15:45.11
W J18 4x-Div133York City RC'Q'13:58.41
W J18 4x-Div134Tees RC'K'14:02.42
Op J16 2xDiv135York City RC14:09.31
Op J16 2xDiv136Doncaster SRA'H'15:49.92
Op J15 2xDiv137York City RC'R'14:05.31
Op J15 2xDiv138Doncaster SRA'I'16:09.04
Op J15 2xDiv139York City RC'T'14:59.22
Op J15 2xDiv140York City RC'S'15:49.93
Op J15 4x+Div141St Peters Sch'O'15:22.21
W 4+ Band 1Div142York Univ'G'14:21.81
W 4+ Band 1Div143John Snow Coll'A'16:16.72
W J16 4x-Div144Tees RC'L'15:05.01
W J16 4x-Div145Bradford ARC'A'16:16.42
Op MasC 1xDiv146York St John'C'15:26.91
Op MasE 1xDiv147Guy Fawkes'B'19:09.02
W 2xDiv148York St John'A'17:52.61
W J18 2xDiv149Nottm & Union'E'15:13.81
W J18 2xDiv150Doncaster SRA'L'15:39.82
W J18 2xDiv151Tees RC'M'18:47.93
W J17 2xDiv152Nottm & Union'F'15:53.81
W MasD 4x-Div154York City RC'I'15:39.61
W MasC 4x-Div155Nottingham RC'F'16:41.52
Op MasE 2xDiv156Lakeland RC'B'13:41.81
Op MasF 2xDiv157York Univ'B'21:52.12
W 1xDiv158Agecroft RC
W 1xDiv159York City RC'M'20:36.43
W 1xDiv160York City RC'K'16:13.31
W 1xDiv161Nottm Trent'B'19:39.32
Yorkshire JIRR trialistsDiv162St Peters Sch'C'15:46.11
Yorkshire JIRR trialistsDiv163St Peters Sch'B'16:06.82
W J17 1xDiv165Lakeland RC'A'17:55.31
W MasD 1xDiv167Marlow RC'A'18:46.12
W J16 1xDiv168Bradford GS16:01.91
W J16 1xDiv169York City RC'U'
W J16 1xDiv170York City RC'N'
W MasD 4x+Div171York City RC'J'18:00.1 TO
W J15 4x+Div172Doncaster SRA'A'15:45.91
W MasC 2xDiv173Tees RC'F'15:43.81
W MasD 2xDiv174Fulham Reach17:01.73
W MasD 2xDiv175Bradford ARC'J'16:28.92
Op J14 2xDiv176Tees RC'J'16:08.0 TO
Op MasI 2xDiv177Tees RC'E'15:29.0 TO
W MasF 1xDiv180Tees RC'D'18:41.91
W Yorkshire JIRR trialistsDiv181York City RC'P'18:20.31
Op 8+Div282Collingwood Col'A'11:39.01
Op 4x- Band 1Div283St Peters Sch'A'13:36.94
Op 4x- Band 1Div284Sheffield City/ Doncaster SRA'C'13:21.43
Op 4x- Band 1Div285Northumbria U'A'12:49.82
Op 4x- Band 2Div286Nottm Trent'C'13:19.21
Op 4x- Band 2Div287Northumbria U'B'14:12.12
Op MasC 8+Div288York City RC'F'11:28.11
Op 4+ Band 2Div291Nottm Trent'D'14:10.61
Op 4+ Band 2Div292York City RC16:05.83
Op MasC 4x-Div293Hexham RC'D'13:25.51
Op MasD 4x-Div294Doncaster RC'C'12:34.41
W 8+Div295Nottingham RC/ Nottm & Union'A'13:14.92
W 8+Div296South Coll (D)'A'14:52.64
Op 2xDiv297Nottingham RC'C'17:05.1 TO
Op J18 2x Band 1Div298St Peters Sch'S'12:59.12
Op J18 2x Band 1Div299St Peters Sch'R'12:57.71
Op J18 2x Band 2Div2100St Peters Sch'T'13:38.01
Op J18 2x Band 2Div2101Tees RC'N'14:02.12
Op J17 2xDiv2102York City RC13:32.31
Op MasF 4+Div2103York City RC'D'13:07.91
Op 1xDiv2106York Univ'J'15:13.33
Op 1xDiv2107Nottm Trent'E'15:40.84
Op 1xDiv2108York City RC'A'14:27.61
W 4x-Div2110York City RC14:53.91
W 4x-Div2111Nottm Trent'A'14:23:05
W J18 4x-Div2112Bradford GS/ Doncaster SRA'B'14:23:16
W J17 4-Div2113Nottm & Union'G'14:23:33
Op J15 2xDiv2114St Peters Sch'P'14:23:54
Op J15 2xDiv2115St Peters Sch'Q'14:24:12
Op J15 2xDiv2116St Peters Sch'U'14:24:33
Op J15 4x+Div2117York City RC'W'14:24:48
W MasB 8+Div2118Nottingham RC'A'14:25:28
W MasE 8+Div2119York City RC'H'14:25:50
W 4+ Band 1Div2121York Univ'H'14:26:46
W 4+ Band 1Div2122York City RC14:27:08
W 4+ Band 2Div2123York St John'B'14:28:11
W 4+ Band 2Div2124St Chad's Coll'B'14:28:40
W 4+ Band 2Div2125John Snow Coll'B'14:29:21
Op J16 1xDiv2126St Peters Sch'D'14:29:44
Op J16 1xDiv2127York City RC14:29:54
Op J16 1xDiv2128Cambois RC'A'14:30:09
Op J16 1xDiv2129York City RC
Op J16 1xDiv2130St Peters Sch'E'14:30:43
Mx MasF 4x-Div2131Doncaster RC'G'14:31:19
Mx MasG 4x-Div2132Hexham RC'B'14:31:49
W 2xDiv2133York City RC'X'14:32:03
W 2xDiv2134York Univ'E'14:32:37
W 2xDiv2135York Univ'F'14:33:03
W 2xDiv2136St Marys Coll'A'14:33:19
W J18 2xDiv2137Tees RC'A'
W J17 2xDiv2139St Peters Sch'H'14:33:35
W J17 2xDiv2140York City RC14:33:57
W J17 2xDiv2141Tees RC'S'14:34:14
Op MasD 2xDiv2142Nottingham RC'B'14:34:21
Op MasD 2xDiv2143Hexham RC'C'14:34:56
Mx MasE 2xDiv2144Lakeland RC'C'14:35:10
Mx MasG 2xDiv2145Tees RC'G'14:35:30
Mx MasG 2xDiv2146Bradford ARC'F'14:35:52
W 1xDiv2148York Univ'A'14:36:12
W J17 1xDiv2149Nottm & Union'H'
W J17 1xDiv2150Tees RC'R'14:33:25
W MasC 1xDiv2151Marlow RC'B'
W J16 1xDiv2152St Peters Sch'F'
W J16 1xDiv2153St Peters Sch'G'
W J15 4x+Div2154Tees RC'Q'
W J15 4x+Div2155St Peters Sch'N'
W J15 2xDiv2157St Peters Sch'M'
W J15 2xDiv2158St Peters Sch'K'
W J15 2xDiv2159St Peters Sch'L'
W J14 2xDiv2160Doncaster SRA'G'
W J14 2xDiv2161York City RC'V'
W MasG 1xDiv2163Bradford ARC'E'
W Yorkshire JIRR trialistsDiv2164Doncaster SRA'D'
W Yorkshire JIRR trialistsDiv2165St Peters Sch'J'
W J17 1xDiv2166St Peters Sch'V'