Chester Long Distance ScullsChester Long Distance Sculls

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Event Day Num Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 1x Band 1Sunday1Manchester Univ20:32.74
Op 1x Band 1Sunday2Leeds RC'A'19:49.83
Op 1x Band 1Sunday3Agecroft RC'A'19:44.82
Op 1x Band 1Sunday4Leeds RC'C'19:22.01
Op 1x Band 2Sunday6Leeds RC'B'20:59.62
Op 1x Band 2Sunday7Leicester RC20:44.41
Op 1x Band 2Sunday8Leeds RC'D'21:17.13
Op 1x Band 2Sunday9Leeds RC'E'21:23.74
Op 1x Band 2Sunday10Liverpool Univ'B'22:40.05
Op 1x Band 3Sunday11Liverpool Univ'A'22:33.83
Op 1x Band 3Sunday12Agecroft RC'B'21:30.22
Op 1x Band 3Sunday13Grosvenor RC24:02.75
Op 1x Band 3Sunday14Royal Chester'B'20:34.21
Op 1x Band 3Sunday15Liverpool Univ'C'22:42.64
Op MasA/B/C 1xSunday16Hollingworth Lk'A'20:20.21
Op MasA/B/C 1xSunday17Mersey RC'A'21:22.32
Op MasA/B/C 1xSunday18Bradford ARC'A'22:37.53
Op J18 1x Band 1Sunday19Shrewsbury Sch20:03.71
Op J18 1x Band 1Sunday20Warrington RC'C'21:48.05
Op J18 1x Band 1Sunday21Queen's Park HS20:50.64
Op J18 1x Band 1Sunday22Warrington RC'B'20:35.13
Op J18 1x Band 1Sunday23York City RC'E'20:08.32
Op J18 1x Band 2Sunday24York City RC'A'21:03.43
Op J18 1x Band 2Sunday25York City RC'D'21:39.84
Op J18 1x Band 2Sunday26St Edward's Sch'B'20:43.41
Op J18 1x Band 2Sunday27Trentham BC20:58.82
Op J18 1x Band 2Sunday28King's Chester'B'21:57.85
Op J18 1x Band 2Sunday29Hollingworth Lk'A'22:01.16
Op J18 1x Band 3Sunday30Hollingworth Lk'B'22:18.52
Op J18 1x Band 3Sunday31Nottm & Union'B'22:20.43
Op J18 1x Band 3Sunday32King's Chester'E'
Op J18 1x Band 3Sunday33King's Chester'C'21:56.01
Op J18 1x Band 3Sunday34Warrington RC'A'22:52.64
Op J18 1x Band 3Sunday35Nottm & Union'A'
Op J18 1x Band 4Sunday36Nottm & Union'C'22:09.62
Op J18 1x Band 4Sunday37King's Chester'D'23:42.04
Op J18 1x Band 4Sunday38King's Chester'F'23:16.73
Op J18 1x Band 4Sunday39St Edward's Sch'A'19:59.41
Op J18 1x Band 4Sunday40King's Chester'A'24:01.05
Op J17 1x Band 1Sunday41Nottm & Union'A'21:37.44
Op J17 1x Band 1Sunday42King's Chester'E'21:59.86
Op J17 1x Band 1Sunday43Trentham BC20:46.23
Op J17 1x Band 1Sunday44King's Chester'C'20:04.81
Op J17 1x Band 1Sunday45King's Chester'H'22:06.57
Op J17 1x Band 1Sunday46Nottm & Union'B'20:10.62
Op J17 1x Band 1Sunday47King's Chester'D'21:53.55
Op J17 1x Band 2Sunday48York City RC'G'22:20.34
Op J17 1x Band 2Sunday49King's Chester'G'23:58.86
Op J17 1x Band 2Sunday50York City RC'E'21:25.21
Op J17 1x Band 2Sunday51York City RC'F'21:59.13
Op J17 1x Band 2Sunday52York City RC'H'22:37.45
Op J17 1x Band 2Sunday53York City RC'A'21:47.62
Op J17 1x Band 2Sunday54King's Chester'N'
Op J17 1x Band 3Sunday55King's Chester'K'
Op J17 1x Band 3Sunday56King's Chester'F'
Op J17 1x Band 3Sunday57St Edward's Sch'A'20:52.81
Op J17 1x Band 3Sunday58St Edward's Sch'E'21:39.7 TO
Op J17 1x Band 3Sunday59St Edward's Sch'F'21:49.7 TO
Op J17 1x Band 3Sunday60King's Chester'B'21:37.92
Op J17 1x Band 4Sunday61King's Chester'J'23:51.82
Op J17 1x Band 4Sunday62King's Chester'M'24:23.83
Op J17 1x Band 4Sunday63King's Chester'I'23:15.71
Op J17 1x Band 4Sunday64King's Chester'A'22:19.8 TO
Op J17 1x Band 4Sunday65King's Chester'L'
Op J17 1x Band 5Sunday66St Edward's Sch'B'22:05.34
Op J17 1x Band 5Sunday67Nottm & Union'C'23:18.45
Op J17 1x Band 5Sunday68Shrewsbury Sch20:53.43
Op J17 1x Band 5Sunday69St Edward's Sch'C'20:40.12
Op J17 1x Band 5Sunday70St Edward's Sch'D'20:38.61
Op J16 1xSunday71Nottm & Union'A'21:21.91
Op J16 1xSunday72Grosvenor RC22:32.92
Op J15 1xSunday74Trentham BC'A'21:35.61
Op J15 1xSunday75Trentham BC'C'
Op J15 1xSunday76Royal Chester23:26.63
Op J15 1xSunday77Trentham BC'B'22:16.42
Op MasD 1xSunday78Runcorn RC20:59.62
Op MasD 1xSunday79Grosvenor RC'A'20:58.21
Op MasD 1xSunday80York City RC21:19.03
Op MasD 1xSunday81Grosvenor RC'B'22:01.04
Op MasD 1xSunday82Nottm & Union22:17.85
Op MasE 1xSunday83Grosvenor RC'A'21:28.02
Op MasE 1xSunday84Grosvenor RC'B'22:45.04
Op MasE 1xSunday85York City RC'A'21:52.73
Op MasE 1xSunday86Castle Semple20:42.61
Op MasF 1xSunday87Hollingworth Lk'B'21:58.13
Op MasF 1xSunday88Hollingworth Lk'C'22:06.54
Op MasF 1xSunday89Stourport BC'B'21:30.21
Op MasF 1xSunday90Stourport BC'A'22:09.25
Op MasF 1xSunday91Lakeland RC21:55.42
Op MasF 1xSunday92Pengwern BC22:42.46
Op MasG/H/I 1xSunday94Royal Chester'A'22:28.41
Op MasG/H/I 1xSunday95Runcorn RC'A'22:37.42
Op MasG/H/I 1xSunday96Royal Chester'A'24:50.04
Op MasG/H/I 1xSunday97Pengwern BC'A'23:19.13
Op MasG/H/I 1xSunday98Pengwern BC'B'
Op MasG/H/I 1xSunday99Pengwern BC'A'25:21.15
W 4x-Sunday100Grosvenor RC19:02.21
W 4x-Sunday101King's Chester19:28.92
W 4x-Sunday102Royal Chester'A'20:26.93
W J18 4x-Sunday103Trentham BC18:56.31
W J18 4x-Sunday104St Edward's Sch'A'19:02.42
W J18 4x-Sunday105St Edward's Sch'B'19:36.23
W J18 4x-Sunday106York City RC'A'20:19.44
W J18 4x-Sunday107King's Chester'B'21:53.85
W J18 4x-Sunday108King's Chester'A'22:34.16
W J16 4x-Sunday109Trentham BC21:25.03
W J16 4x-Sunday110Nottm & Union21:07.01
W J16 4x-Sunday112King's Chester'B'21:10.42
W J16 4x-Sunday113Queen's Park HS22:49.94
W MasD/E 4x-Sunday114Rex BC'A'23:11.51
W MasD/E 4x-Sunday115Grosvenor RC'A'25:20.32
W J15 4x+Sunday116Queen's Park HS23:47.82
W J15 4x+Sunday117Trentham BC'A'22:57.61
W 2xSunday118Trentham BC23:19.53
W 2xSunday119Leeds Univ20:19.91
W 2xSunday120Nottm & Union'A'21:58.42
W J18 2xSunday121York City RC'A'20:44.81
W J18 2xSunday122Queen's Park HS22:31.32
W J16 2xSunday123Nottm & Union23:11.23
W J16 2xSunday124King's Chester'A'22:32.92
W J16 2xSunday125Grosvenor RC22:13.31
W MasE 2xSunday126Stourport BC22:39.12
W MasE 2xSunday127Hollingworth Lk24:41.53
W MasE 2xSunday128Windermere RC'A'22:30.21
Op 4x-Sunday201Leeds RC'A'16:52.81
Op 4x-Sunday203Royal Chester16:58.62
Op J18 4x-Sunday204Northwich RC17:07.71
Op J18 4x-Sunday205Queen's Park HS/ Warrington RC'A'17:52.83
Op J18 4x-Sunday206King's Chester'B'18:16.24
Op J18 4x-Sunday207St Edward's Sch'A'17:15.12
Op J17 4x-Sunday208Trentham BC18:47.74
Op J17 4x-Sunday209King's Chester'A'18:43.93
Op J17 4x-Sunday210Northwich RC18:36.92
Op J17 4x-Sunday211St Edward's Sch18:17.41
Op J16 4x-Sunday212Queen's Park HS'A'19:57.53
Op J16 4x-Sunday213King's Chester'C'19:50.02
Op J16 4x-Sunday214King's Chester'B'19:47.31
Op J16 4x-Sunday215King's Chester'E'20:43.0 TO
Op J16 4x-Sunday216King's Chester'D'20:29.34
Op J16 4x-Sunday217King's Chester'A'22:47.45
Op MasC 4x-Sunday218Grosvenor RC'A'19:05.12
Op MasC 4x-Sunday219Liverpool Vic'A'22:03.83
Op MasC 4x-Sunday220Bridgnorth RC'A'19:03.81
Op MasE 4x-Sunday221Grosvenor RC'A'18:26.31
Op MasE 4x-Sunday222Runcorn RC20:10.44
Op MasE 4x-Sunday223Hexham RC'A'19:45.03
Op MasE 4x-Sunday224Grosvenor RC'A'18:40.52
Op MasE 4x-Sunday225Grosvenor RC'B'21:29.55
Op J15 4x+Sunday226Trentham BC20:14.52
Op J15 4x+Sunday227Queen's Park HS'B'19:23.11
Op J15 4x+Sunday228Queen's Park HS'A'DSQ14:38:30
Op 2xSunday229Trentham BC'A'18:58.31
Op 2xSunday230Liverpool Univ'A'20:29.32
Op 2xSunday231Grosvenor RC22:01.43
Op J18 2xSunday232York City RC'B'19:05.01
Op J18 2xSunday233York City RC'A'20:13.52
Op J18 2xSunday235King's Chester'B'20:18.23
Op J18 2xSunday236Hollingworth Lk20:27.74
Op J18 2xSunday237King's Chester'A'22:38.56
Op J18 2xSunday238King's Chester'C'21:39.05
Op J17 2x Band 1Sunday239Nottm & Union20:22.24
Op J17 2x Band 1Sunday240Trentham BC'A'19:43.53
Op J17 2x Band 1Sunday241York City RC'A'19:35.62
Op J17 2x Band 1Sunday242York City RC'B'19:34.71
Op J17 2x Band 2Sunday243King's Chester'B'21:52.61
Op J17 2x Band 2Sunday246King's Chester'C'23:44.12
Op J16 2xSunday247Nottm & Union20:31.71
Op J16 2xSunday248Queen's Park HS21:33.72
Op J15 2xSunday249Grosvenor RC21:46.61
Op MasC/D/E 2xSunday250Northwich RC'A'19:23.11
Op MasC/D/E 2xSunday251Stourport BC'A'20:40.92
Op MasC/D/E 2xSunday252Stratford Avon'A'
Op MasC/D/E 2xSunday254Stourport BC22:30.93
Op MasF/G/H 2xSunday255Hollingworth Lk'A'19:57.81
Op MasF/G/H 2xSunday256Runcorn RC'A'20:10.42
Op MasF/G/H 2xSunday257Pengwern BC'A'
Op MasF/G/H 2xSunday258Royal Chester'A'21:00.93
Op MasF/G/H 2xSunday259Bridgnorth RC'A'27:41.94
W 1x Band 1Sunday260Leeds RC20:27.71
W 1x Band 1Sunday261Grosvenor RC'C'21:39.52
W 1x Band 1Sunday262Agecroft RC
W 1x Band 1Sunday263King's Chester23:46.35
W 1x Band 1Sunday264Nottm & Union22:34.24
W 1x Band 1Sunday265Grosvenor RC'A'21:49.83
W 1x Band 2Sunday266Hexham RC22:23.11
W 1x Band 2Sunday267Warrington RC
W 1x Band 2Sunday268Liverpool Univ'A'22:50.73
W 1x Band 2Sunday269Grosvenor RC'B'22:47.62
W 1x Band 2Sunday270Leeds Univ'B'23:31.24
W 1x Band 3Sunday272Royal Chester'B'
W 1x Band 3Sunday273Royal Chester'A'24:17.94
W 1x Band 3Sunday274Liverpool Univ'C'23:27.51
W 1x Band 3Sunday275Liverpool Univ'B'25:12.35
W 1x Band 3Sunday276Grosvenor RC'D'23:42.42
W 1x Band 3Sunday277Grosvenor RC'E'24:02.33
W MasC/D 1xSunday278Lakeland RC'A'22:32.91
W MasC/D 1xSunday279Northwich RC'B'23:00.62
W MasC/D 1xSunday280Runcorn RC'A'24:00.23
W MasC/D 1xSunday281Grosvenor RC'A'25:59.64
W J18 1x Band 1Sunday283Nottm & Union'B'22:44.92
W J18 1x Band 1Sunday284Trentham BC21:35.01
W J18 1x Band 1Sunday285Nottm & Union'C'22:49.83
W J18 1x Band 1Sunday286St Edward's Sch'C'25:07.76
W J18 1x Band 1Sunday287St Edward's Sch'B'22:59.64
W J18 1x Band 1Sunday288St Edward's Sch'A'23:18.85
W J18 1x Band 2Sunday289Royal Chester'B'21:48.81
W J18 1x Band 2Sunday290York City RC'B'22:26.73
W J18 1x Band 2Sunday291Hollingworth Lk22:12.82
W J18 1x Band 2Sunday293Royal Chester'A'23:49.44
W J18 1x Band 2Sunday294King's Chester'B'24:38.15
W J17 1x Band 1Sunday296Trentham BC'B'23:23.92
W J17 1x Band 1Sunday297Nottm & Union'B'
W J17 1x Band 1Sunday298Nottm & Union'A'23:45.33
W J17 1x Band 1Sunday299Nottm & Union'C'24:40.24
W J17 1x Band 1Sunday300St Edward's Sch'D'23:14.81
W J17 1x Band 2Sunday301Trentham BC'A'23:24.02
W J17 1x Band 2Sunday302St Edward's Sch'B'23:45.63
W J17 1x Band 2Sunday303Hollingworth Lk23:12.81
W J17 1x Band 2Sunday304King's Chester'B'
W J17 1x Band 2Sunday305St Edward's Sch'C'
W J17 1x Band 3Sunday306Warrington RC24:00.13
W J17 1x Band 3Sunday308York City RC'A'22:41.21
W J17 1x Band 3Sunday309St Edward's Sch'A'24:11.54
W J17 1x Band 3Sunday310St Edward's Sch'E'23:38.42
W J16 1x Band 1Sunday311Agecroft RC22:54.21
W J16 1x Band 1Sunday312King's Chester'A'25:12.63
W J16 1x Band 1Sunday313Nottm & Union
W J16 1x Band 1Sunday315King's Chester'K'24:37.82
W J16 1x Band 2Sunday318King's Chester'B'26:38.42
W J16 1x Band 2Sunday321King's Chester'D'26:01.31
W J15 1xSunday323Trentham BC'A'25:38.82
W J15 1xSunday324Trentham BC'B'24:42.91
W J15 1xSunday325Royal Chester'A'26:43.04
W J15 1xSunday326Royal Chester'B'26:17.93
W MasE/F 1xSunday327Grosvenor RC'A'23:00.61
W MasE/F 1xSunday328Grosvenor RC25:04.42