Reading University Head of the River 2023Reading University Head of the River 2023

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 8+ (AM) B1Division 11Oxford Brookes'A'13:45.91
Op 8+ (AM) B1Division 12Oxford Brookes'B'13:55.82
Op 8+ (AM) B1Division 13Leander Club14:01.23
Op 8+ (AM) B1Division 14Oxford Brookes'C'14:12.24
Op 8+ (AM) B1Division 15Marlow RC'A'14:22.35
Op 8+ (AM) B1Division 16Upper Thames RC14:47.56
Op 8+ (AM) B2Division 17Oxford Brookes'D'14:21.71
Op 8+ (AM) B2Division 18London RC'A'13:56.5 TO
Op 8+ (AM) B2Division 19Oxford Brookes'E'14:48.12
Op 8+ (AM) B2Division 110Oxford City'A'14:51.93
Op 8+ (AM) B2Division 111Marlow RC'B'15:16.55
Op 8+ (AM) B2Division 112Reading RC'A'15:14.34
Op 8+ (AM) B2Division 113Oxford City'B'15:41.26
Op 8+ (AM) B2Division 114London RC'B'14:47.4 TO
Op J18 8+Division 115St George's Col'A'15:31.02
Op J18 8+Division 116St George's Col'B'15:52.43
Op J18 8+Division 117Tideway Sc Sch15:17.51
Op J18 8+Division 118Monkton Combe'A'17:28.65
Op J18 8+Division 119Monkton Combe'B'15:57.44
Op J18 8+Division 120W Borlase Sch16:12.7 TO
W 8+ (AM) B1Division 121Oxford Brookes'A'15:01.61
W 8+ (AM) B1Division 122Oxford Brookes'B'15:27.22
W 8+ (AM) B1Division 123Oxford Brookes'C'15:32.03
W 8+ (AM) B2Division 124Oxford Brookes'D'16:45.81
W 8+ (AM) B2Division 125London RC'A'15:55.0 TO
W 8+ (AM) B2Division 126London RC'B'16:41.6 TO
W 8+ (AM) B2Division 127Reading RC'B'18:15.53
W 8+ (AM) B2Division 128Monkton Combe17:21.42
Op J15 8+Division 129Eton Coll'A'17:37.93
Op J15 8+Division 130St Edward's Sch'B'19:05.77
Op J15 8+Division 131Wallingford RC17:07.62
Op J15 8+Division 132Radley Coll'A'16:04.3 TO
Op J15 8+Division 133Eton Coll'B'18:12.24
Op J15 8+Division 134St Edward's Sch'A'17:02.51
Op J15 8+Division 135Radley Coll'B'16:23.3 TO
Op J15 8+Division 136Eton Coll'C'19:02.15
Op J15 8+Division 137Radley Coll'C'17:43.0 TO
Op J15 8+Division 138Eton Coll'D'19:04.86
W J16 8+Division 141Wallingford RC'A'
W J16 8+Division 142Wallingford RC'B'
Op 4x- (AM) B1Division 143Reading Univ'B'14:38.92
Op 4x- (AM) B1Division 144Leander Club'A'15:00.23
Op 4x- (AM) B1Division 145Leander Club'B'14:26.41
Op 4x- (AM) B1Division 146London RC14:43.9 TO
Op 4x- (AM) B1Division 147Reading Univ'C'15:12.64
Op 4x- (AM) B1Division 148Reading Univ'D'15:51.15
Op 4x- (AM) B2Division 149Hartpury Coll'A'15:46.71
Op 4x- (AM) B2Division 150Reading Univ'A'
Op 4x- (AM) B2Division 151Pangbourne Coll'A'15:59.02
Op 4x- (AM) B2Division 153Pangbourne Coll'B'17:25.33
Op 4x- (AM) B2Division 154W Borlase Sch'B'16:25.1 TO
Op 4x- (AM) B2Division 155W Borlase Sch'A'15:21.9 TO
Op J16 4x-Division 156Marlow RC'A'16:25.21
Op J16 4x-Division 157Marlow RC'B'16:41.32
Op J16 4x-Division 158Wallingford RC17:49.03
Op J16 4x-Division 159Eton Coll'A'19:02.64
Op J16 4x-Division 160Reading RC'A'19:26.05
W 4x- (AM) B1Division 161Reading Univ'B'16:15.62
W 4x- (AM) B1Division 162Leander Club'A'16:01.41
W 4x- (AM) B1Division 163Leander Club'B'16:48.93
W 4x- (AM) B1Division 164Upper Thames RC'C'17:19.94
W 4x- (AM) B2Division 165Oxford City/ Falcon RC/ Queens Univ. Ladies (IRL)'A'16:54.61
W 4x- (AM) B2Division 166St George's Col'A'17:28.72
W 4x- (AM) B2Division 167Hartpury Coll'A'18:03.43
W J18 4x-Division 169Tideway Sc Sch16:58.12
W J18 4x-Division 170Wallingford RC17:55.03
W J18 4x-Division 171St George's Col'A'18:23.65
W J18 4x-Division 172Hartpury Coll16:54.91
W J18 4x-Division 173Pangbourne Coll'A'18:09.24
W J18 4x-Division 174Reading RC18:44.86
W J18 4x-Division 175Pangbourne Coll'B'19:23.97
W J18 4x-Division 176W Borlase Sch17:16.2 TO
Op MasD 4x-Division 177Reading RC'A'17:52.51
Op MasD 4x-Division 178Reading RC'B'18:57.72
Op 8+ (PM) B1Division 2201Oxford Brookes'A'14:04.71
Op 8+ (PM) B1Division 2202Oxford Brookes'B'14:17.92
Op 8+ (PM) B1Division 2203Oxford Brookes'C'14:31.13
Op 8+ (PM) B1Division 2204Upper Thames RC15:13.95
Op 8+ (PM) B1Division 2205Oxford Brookes'D'14:36.44
Op 8+ (PM) B1Division 2206London RC'A'14:17.0 TO
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2207Oxford City'A'15:11.42
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2208Oxford Brookes'E'15:06.31
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2209Eton Coll'A'14:30.2 TO
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2210St Edward's Sch'A'14:25.9 TO
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2211Shiplake Coll'A'14:15.2 TO
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2212Shiplake Coll'B'14:54.8 TO
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2213St Edward's Sch'B'15:00.6 TO
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2214Eton Coll'B'15:16.2 TO
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2215Oxford City'B'16:08.43
Op 8+ (PM) B2Division 2216Reading RC'B'16:26.34
Op J16 8+Division 2217Pangbourne Coll18:01.51
Op J16 8+Division 2218Eton Coll'A'15:21.0 TO
Op J16 8+Division 2219St Edward's Sch15:47.2 TO
Op J16 8+Division 2220Radley Coll'A'16:16.8 TO
Op J16 8+Division 2221Radley Coll'B'16:46.8 TO
Op J16 8+Division 2222Radley Coll'C'18:12.5 TO
W 8+ (PM) B1Division 2223Oxford Brookes'A'15:07.81
W 8+ (PM) B1Division 2224Oxford Brookes'B'15:35.32
W 8+ (PM) B1Division 2225Oxford Brookes'C'15:52.93
W 8+ (PM) B2Division 2226Oxford Brookes'D'17:09.11
W 8+ (PM) B2Division 2227Reading RC'A'17:52.82
W 8+ (PM) B2Division 2228Christchurch RC'A'19:04.13
W J18 8+Division 2229Tideway Sc Sch'A'16:35.61
W J18 8+Division 2230St Edward's Sch16:38.5 TO
W J18 8+Division 2231Shiplake Coll17:05.1 TO
Op MasE 8+Division 2232Reading RC'A'16:37.51
Op MasG 8+Division 2233Reading RC'A'17:18.72
W J15 8+Division 2234Wallingford RC19:40.11
Op 4x- (PM)Division 2235London RC
Op J18 4x-Division 2237W Borlase Sch'A'
Op J18 4x-Division 2238Tideway Sc Sch15:32.41
Op J18 4x-Division 2240W Borlase Sch'C'16:34.0 TO
Op J18 4x-Division 2241W Borlase Sch'B'
Op J18 4x-Division 2243Reading RC'A'16:04.04
Op J18 4x-Division 2244Wallingford RC'A'17:05.76
Op J18 4x-Division 2245Hartpury Coll'A'15:49.22
Op J18 4x-Division 2246Pangbourne Coll'A'16:01.03
Op J18 4x-Division 2247Pangbourne Coll'B'
Op J18 4x-Division 2248Reading RC'B'17:11.37
Op J18 4x-Division 2249Oratory Sch17:00.45
W 4x- (PM) B1Division 2250Reading Univ'C'17:26.02
W 4x- (PM) B1Division 2251Reading Univ'D'17:40.23
W 4x- (PM) B1Division 2252Wallingford RC19:03.25
W 4x- (PM) B1Division 2253Hartpury Coll'B'17:21.11
W 4x- (PM) B1Division 2254Shiplake Coll16:54.9 TO
W 4x- (PM) B1Division 2255Pangbourne Coll'A'18:36.84
W 4x- (PM) B2Division 2256Pangbourne Coll'B'19:27.81
W 4x- (PM) B2Division 2258Reading RC19:46.72
W MasA 4x-Division 2259Upper Thames RC17:47.02
W MasC 4x-Division 2260Oxford City/ Falcon RC'A'17:33.11
W MasD 4x-Division 2261Christchurch RC'A'19:32.93
W J16 4x-Division 2262Wallingford RC'B'18:01.01
W J16 4x-Division 2263Wallingford RC'A'19:12.63
W J16 4x-Division 2264Gloucester RC'A'18:23.02
W J16 4x-Division 2265Reading RC'A'20:15.54