North West Region Junior Time TrialNorth West Region Junior Time Trial

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op J16 4x-Div 1101Grange Sch'A'05:05.01
Op J16 4x-Div 1102Queen's Park HS'A'05:17.32
Op J16 4x-Div 1103Royal Chester05:28.63
Op J16 4x-Div 1104Northwich RC'A'05:36.14
Op J16 4x-Div 1105Runcorn RC'A'05:44.95
Op J15 4x+Div 1106Grange Sch'A'05:36.41
Op J14 4x+Div 1107Trentham BC05:48.61
Op J14 4x+Div 1108North Staffs RC'A'06:22.05
Op J14 4x+Div 1109Queen's Park HS'A'06:02.32
Op J14 4x+Div 1110Northwich RC'A'06:03.63
Op J14 4x+Div 1111Grange Sch'A'06:06.14
W J16 4-Div 1112King's Chester06:34.44
W J16 4-Div 1113Northwich RC'A'06:21.53
W J16 4-Div 1114Trentham BC06:02.21
W J16 4-Div 1115Queen's Park HS'A'06:16.72
W J15 4+Div 1116King's Chester'A'06:37.23
W J15 4+Div 1117King's Chester'B'06:30.61
W J15 4+Div 1118Grange Sch'A'06:35.52
W J16 2xDiv 1120Trentham BC06:02.71
W J16 2xDiv 1121Trafford RC'B'06:21.22
W J16 2xDiv 1122Grange Sch'A'06:29.84
W J16 2xDiv 1123North Staffs RC'A'06:38.96
W J16 2xDiv 1124King's Chester06:32.15
W J16 2xDiv 1125Liverpool Vic06:40.47
W J16 2xDiv 1126Royal Chester/ Trafford RC'A'06:25.33
W J16 2xDiv 1127Agecroft RC07:11.08
W J15 2xDiv 1128Grange Sch'A'06:32.12
W J15 2xDiv 1129Warrington RC'A'06:20.71
W J15 2xDiv 1130Queen's Park HS'A'06:42.53
W J15 2xDiv 1132Trafford RC'A'07:46.74
W J14 2xDiv 1133Queen's Park HS'A'07:37.16
W J14 2xDiv 1134Warrington RC07:10.02
W J14 2xDiv 1135Trafford RC'A'07:22.13
W J14 2xDiv 1136Northwich RC07:01.81
W J14 2xDiv 1137Queen's Park HS'B'07:22.54
W J14 2xDiv 1138Royal Chester'B'07:30.35
W J14 2xDiv 1139Royal Chester'A'
Op J16 4+Div 2201King's Chester'A'05:32.41
Op J16 4+Div 2202Trentham BC05:45.42
Op J16 4+Div 2203Royal Chester'A'06:06.33
Op J15 4+Div 2204King's Chester05:51.81
Op J15 4+Div 2205Queen's Park HS'A'06:30.72
Op J16 2xDiv 2206Trentham BC05:29.01
Op J16 2xDiv 2207Grange Sch'A'05:37.12
Op J16 2xDiv 2208Queen's Park HS'A'05:59.56
Op J16 2xDiv 2209Trafford RC'A'05:57.65
Op J16 2xDiv 2210Northwich RC05:46.34
Op J16 2xDiv 2211Agecroft RC05:38.23
Op J16 2xDiv 2212Runcorn RC'A'06:21.88
Op J16 2xDiv 2213Royal Chester06:14.07
Op J15 2xDiv 2214Grange Sch'A'05:39.61
Op J15 2xDiv 2215Northwich RC'A'05:48.42
Op J15 2xDiv 2216Royal Chester06:09.85
Op J15 2xDiv 2217Grosvenor RC06:01.13
Op J15 2xDiv 2218Runcorn RC06:02.24
Op J15 2xDiv 2219Trafford RC'A'06:36.26
Op J15 2xDiv 2220Agecroft RC07:04.47
Op J14 2xDiv 2221Trentham BC05:59.31
Op J14 2xDiv 2222North Staffs RC'A'06:03.62
Op J14 2xDiv 2223Queen's Park HS'A'06:40.14
Op J14 2xDiv 2224Northwich RC06:17.03
Op J14 2xDiv 2225Royal Chester'A'
W J16 4x-Div 2226Grange Sch'A'06:04.62
W J16 4x-Div 2227Royal Chester/ Trafford RC'A'05:47.61
W J15 4x+Div 2228Grange Sch'A'06:07.51
W J15 4x+Div 2229Queen's Park HS'A'06:49.15
W J15 4x+Div 2230Royal Chester'A'06:18.42
W J15 4x+Div 2231North Staffs RC'A'06:42.63
W J15 4x+Div 2233King's Chester'B'06:46.84
W J15 4x+Div 2235Trafford RC'A'06:52.36
W J14 4x+Div 2236North Staffs RC'A'06:45.11
W J14 4x+Div 2237Queen's Park HS'A'07:23.63
W J14 4x+Div 2238Warrington RC07:25.94
W J14 4x+Div 2239Grange Sch'A'06:48.42
W J14 4x+Div 2240Royal Chester'A'
W J14 4x+Div 2241Northwich RC08:06.66
W J14 4x+Div 2242Runcorn RC07:33.15
W J16 2-Div 2243King's Chester06:52.33
W J16 2-Div 2244Trentham BC06:38.11
W J16 2-Div 2245Queen's Park HS'A'06:50.22
Op J16 8+Div 3302Royal Chester'A'
W J16 8+Div 3303King's Chester05:56.31
W J16 8+Div 3304Northwich RC'A'06:04.12
Op J16 1xDiv 3305Grange Sch'A'05:57.31
Op J16 1xDiv 3306Queen's Park HS'A'06:12.73
Op J16 1xDiv 3307Grange Sch'B'06:11.72
Op J16 1xDiv 3308Agecroft RC'C'06:13.84
Op J16 1xDiv 3309Runcorn RC'C'06:46.58
Op J16 1xDiv 3310Liverpool Vic06:42.66
Op J16 1xDiv 3311Grosvenor RC06:55.69
Op J16 1xDiv 3312Agecroft RC'B'06:14.75
Op J16 1xDiv 3313Agecroft RC'A'06:45.37
Op J15 1xDiv 3315Trentham BC06:03.71
Op J15 1xDiv 3316Grange Sch'A'
Op J15 1xDiv 3317Northwich RC'A'06:37.12
Op J15 1xDiv 3318Northwich RC'B'06:40.73
Op J15 1xDiv 3319Runcorn RC'D'06:47.95
Op J15 1xDiv 3320Queen's Park HS'A'07:27.28
Op J15 1xDiv 3321Grosvenor RC06:45.34
Op J15 1xDiv 3322Royal Chester'A'06:52.46
Op J15 1xDiv 3323Runcorn RC'A'07:11.77
Op J14 1xDiv 3324Queen's Park HS'B'06:54.31
Op J14 1xDiv 3325Grosvenor RC07:36.52
Op J14 1xDiv 3326Liverpool Vic10:08.23
W J16 1xDiv 3327Grange Sch'A'07:09.71
W J16 1xDiv 3328Liverpool Vic'B'07:15.42
W J16 1xDiv 3329Trafford RC07:19.23
W J16 1xDiv 3330Royal Chester07:33.45
W J16 1xDiv 3331Runcorn RC'A'07:26.14
W J16 1xDiv 3332Liverpool Vic'A'08:36.26
W J15 1xDiv 3333Grange Sch'A'07:09.12
W J15 1xDiv 3334Queen's Park HS'B'07:32.86
W J15 1xDiv 3335Royal Chester'A'07:34.17
W J15 1xDiv 3336Royal Chester'B'07:11.83
W J15 1xDiv 3337Warrington RC06:57.11
W J15 1xDiv 3338King's Chester'A'07:18.84
W J15 1xDiv 3339Queen's Park HS'A'07:48.98
W J15 1xDiv 3340Royal Chester'C'07:28.45
W J15 1xDiv 3341Agecroft RC08:41.39
W J14 1xDiv 3342Trentham BC07:17.82
W J14 1xDiv 3343Agecroft RC07:08.61
W J14 1xDiv 3344Grosvenor RC07:20.43
W J14 1xDiv 3345Warrington RC07:50.14
W J14 1xDiv 3346Royal Chester
W J14 1xDiv 3347Liverpool Vic08:00.45
Op J16 2-Div 3348Queen's Park HS'A'06:09.6 TO
Op Jun Adaptive 1xDiv 3349King's Chester'A'07:47.91
W J14 1xDiv 3350Queen's Park HS'A'08:20.16