North West Region Junior Timetrial (Singles & Crews)North West Region Junior Timetrial (Singles & Crews)

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op J16 1xDivision 1101Trentham BC05:38.41
Op J16 1xDivision 1102Northwich RC'B'06:01.43
Op J16 1xDivision 1103Runcorn RC'A'06:13.64
Op J16 1xDivision 1104Warrington RC05:49.92
Op J16 1xDivision 1106Royal Chester06:18.95
Op J16 1xDivision 1107Runcorn RC'B'06:28.06
Op J16 1xDivision 1108Grosvenor RC'A'06:28.57
Op J15 1xDivision 1110Trentham BC
Op J15 1xDivision 1111Queen's Park HS'A'06:28.63
Op J15 1xDivision 1112Trafford RC06:11.72
Op J15 1xDivision 1113Northwich RC06:08.01
Op J15 1xDivision 1114Grosvenor RC'A'
Op J15 1xDivision 1115Royal Chester'A'06:38.44
Op J (Adaptive) 1xDivision 1116King's Chester'A'07:13.31
W J16 1xDivision 1117Grange Sch'A'06:26.42
W J16 1xDivision 1118Warrington RC'A'06:28.13
W J16 1xDivision 1119Warrington RC'B'06:20.91
W J16 1xDivision 1120King's Chester06:35.54
W J16 1xDivision 1121Trentham BC06:59.55
W J15 1xDivision 1122Trentham BC06:20.01
W J15 1xDivision 1123Agecroft RC06:31.42
W J15 1xDivision 1124Grosvenor RC'A'06:41.63
W J15 1xDivision 1125Queen's Park HS'A'07:06.65
W J15 1xDivision 1126Queen's Park HS'B'07:02.24
Op J16 4x-Division 2201Grange Sch'A'04:57.21
Op J16 4x-Division 2202Warrington RC05:03.52
Op J16 4x-Division 2203Northwich RC05:26.33
Op J15 4x+Division 2204Grange Sch'A'05:07.51
Op J16 4x-Division 2205Grosvenor RC/ Trafford RC'A'05:02.4 TO
Op J15 4x+Division 2206RGS Lancaster'A'05:19.92
Op J15 4x+Division 2207North Staffs RC05:47.74
Op J15 4x+Division 2208King's Chester'A'05:40.13
Op J15 4x+Division 2209Liverpool Vic'A'06:05.35
Op J15 4x+Division 2210Agecroft RC06:27.26
Op J14 4x+Division 4211Grosvenor RC/ Trafford RC'A'05:32.82
Op J14 4x+Division 4212Trentham BC05:25.61
Op J14 4x+Division 2213Grange Sch'A'06:00.43
W J16 4-Division 2214King's Chester'A'05:51.81
W J16 4-Division 2215Queen's Park HS'A'06:33.62
W J16 4-Division 2216Royal Chester'A'
W J15 4+Division 2217King's Chester'A'06:07.91
W J16 2xDivision 2218Grange Sch'A'05:55.03
W J16 2xDivision 4219Warrington RC05:46.11
W J16 2xDivision 4220Trafford RC'A'05:47.02
W J16 2xDivision 2221Trentham BC05:56.34
W J16 2xDivision 2222Liverpool Vic06:30.35
W J15 2xDivision 2223Warrington RC'A'06:07.11
W J15 2xDivision 2224Grosvenor RC/ Liverpool Vic06:18.23
W J15 2xDivision 2225Grange Sch'A'06:12.92
W J15 2xDivision 2226Queen's Park HS06:23.64
W J15 2xDivision 2227Trentham BC06:37.46
W J15 2xDivision 2228Northwich RC'A'06:34.25
W J15 2xDivision 2229Northwich RC'B'06:42.67
W J15 2xDivision 2230Merch Taylors'A'07:07.08
W J14 2xDivision 2231North Staffs RC06:39.13
W J14 2xDivision 2232Trentham BC'A'06:11.31
W J14 2xDivision 2233Runcorn RC'C'06:52.46
W J14 2xDivision 2234Warrington RC06:44.44
W J14 2xDivision 2235Grange Sch'A'06:18.12
W J14 2xDivision 2236Trentham BC'B'06:45.65
Op J16 2-Division 2237King's Chester05:59.22
Op J16 2-Division 2238Royal Chester05:49.61
W J16 4x-Division 3301Grange Sch'A'05:23.91
W J16 4x-Division 3302Warrington RC05:40.62
W J16 4x-Division 3303Agecroft RC'A'06:10.93
W J15 4x+Division 3304Warrington RC'A'06:04.74
W J15 4x+Division 3305Queen's Park HS06:01.13
W J15 4x+Division 3306Grange Sch'A'05:57.11
W J15 4x+Division 3307Northwich RC06:46.45
W J15 4x+Division 3308King's Chester'A'05:57.42
W J14 4x+Division 3309Trafford RC'A'06:07.53
W J14 4x+Division 3310Queen's Park HS06:13.24
W J14 4x+Division 3311Trentham BC'A'05:59.12
W J14 4x+Division 3312Runcorn RC'D'06:27.96
W J14 4x+Division 3313Grange Sch'A'05:58.71
W J14 4x+Division 3314Northwich RC'X'06:39.17
W J14 4x+Division 3315Northwich RC'Z'06:16.15
Op J16 4+Division 3316King's Chester05:16.01
Op J15 4+Division 3317King's Chester'A'05:25.61
Op J15 4+Division 3318Queen's Park HS05:38.72
Op J16 2xDivision 3319Grange Sch'A'05:25.12
Op J16 2xDivision 3321Grosvenor RC05:24.81
Op J16 2xDivision 3322Royal Chester05:43.64
Op J16 2xDivision 3323Trafford RC'A'05:34.13
Op J15 2xDivision 3324Queen's Park HS05:43.74
Op J15 2xDivision 3325Grange Sch'A'05:36.12
Op J15 2xDivision 3327North Staffs RC05:30.11
Op J15 2xDivision 3328Northwich RC'B'05:43.53
Op J15 2xDivision 3329RGS Lancaster05:47.05
Op J15 2xDivision 3330Northwich RC'A'05:53.86
Op J15 2xDivision 3331Liverpool Vic06:05.47
Op J15 2xDivision 3332Agecroft RC06:27.08
Op J14 2xDivision 3333Trafford RC05:52.22
Op J14 2xDivision 3334Trentham BC05:40.21
Op J14 2xDivision 3335Queen's Park HS06:30.95
Op J14 2xDivision 3336Royal Chester06:15.84
Op J14 2xDivision 3337Warrington RC'A'06:00.83
W J16 2-Division 3338King's Chester'A'05:56.91
W J16 2-Division 3339Trentham BC06:26.02
W J16 2-Division 3340Queen's Park HS06:51.93
Op J16 8+Division 4401King's Chester04:45.61
W J16 8+Division 4403King's Chester'A'05:23.11
W J16 8+Division 4404Grange Sch'A'05:24.72