Gloucester Autumn HeadGloucester Autumn Head

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op J15 4x+Morning Short100Avon County RC
Op J15 4x+Morning Short101Hereford Cathl'Z'06:52.71
W J15 2xMorning Short102Hereford Cathl'B'07:26.11
W J15 2xMorning Short103Hereford Cathl'A'07:27.52
W J15 2xMorning Short104Avon County RC'A'08:01.35
W J15 2xMorning Short105Evesham RC07:47.54
W J15 2xMorning Short106Worcester RC'A'07:46.63
W J15 2xMorning Short108Llandaff RC08:36.76
W J14 2xMorning Short109Avon County RC07:37.81
W J14 2xMorning Short110Evesham RC07:38.02
Op J14 1xMorning Short111Gloucester RC'A'08:03.83
Op J14 1xMorning Short112Evesham RC08:00.72
Op J14 1xMorning Short113Llandaff RC07:51.41
Low CRI Op 2xMorning Short114Gloucester Univ'A'07:13.01
Low CRI Op 2xMorning Short115Gloucester Univ'B'07:48.42
Low CRI Op 2xMorning Short116Evesham RC'A'08:54.84
Low CRI Op 2xMorning Short117Taunton RC08:19.53
Low CRI W 1xMorning Short119A B Severn RC08:18.71
Low CRI W J18 4x- (T/O)Morning Short120Taunton RC08:09.81
Op 8+Morning Long200Bristol City'A'17:01.32
Op 8+Morning Long201Bristol City'B'16:56.71
Op 8+Morning Long202Bristol Univ'A'18:51.83
Op 4x-Morning Long203Hartpury Coll'A'18:01.21
Op J16 4x-Morning Long204Hereford Cathl'Z'18:17.21
Op J16 4x-Morning Long205Bristol City19:15.22
Op 1x Band 1Morning Long206Bath Univ'A'21:55.83
Op 1x Band 1Morning Long209Bristol City'B'22:12.44
Op 1x Band 1Morning Long210Bristol City'A'21:40.42
Op 1x Band 1Morning Long211Hereford RC22:20.75
Op 1x Band 1Morning Long212Bristol Univ'B'20:50.11
Op J18 2xMorning Long213Hereford Cathl'A'19:28.01
Op J18 2xMorning Long214Worcester RC21:29.03
Op J18 2xMorning Long215Hereford Cathl'C'21:01.72
Op J18 2xMorning Long216Evesham RC23:16.24
W J18 4x-Morning Long217Hartpury Coll'A'19:40.61
W J18 4x-Morning Long218Llandaff RC'A'21:10.32
Op 1x Band 2Morning Long220Hartpury Coll'B'21:46.42
Op 1x Band 2Morning Long221Stratford Avon07:36.31
Op 1x Band 2Morning Long222Wimbleball RC22:37.53
Op 1x Band 2Morning Long223Hartpury Coll'A'23:16.64
Op J16 1xMorning Long225Wycliffe Coll21:12.61
Op J16 1xMorning Long226Llandaff RC'F'22:42.92
Op J16 1xMorning Long227Gloucester RC'C'26:08.23
W J16 2xMorning Long228Worcester RC'A'24:00.61
W J18 1xMorning Long229Wycliffe Coll'A'21:49.11
W J18 1xMorning Long230Wycliffe Coll'B'22:22.62
W J18 1xMorning Long232Wycliffe Junior RC'A'23:40.04
W J18 1xMorning Long233Evesham RC22:46.33
W J18 1xMorning Long234Wycliffe Junior RC'B'24:52.56
W J18 1xMorning Long235Wycliffe Junior RC'C'24:33.75
W J18 1xMorning Long237Shrewsbury Sch25:30.17
W 4-Morning Long240Bristol City'A'22:04.51
W 4-Morning Long241Swansea Univ'A'23:24.02
Mx 4+Morning Long242Bristol Ariel'A'21:25.31
W 4+Morning Long243Bristol City'B'21:20.72
W 4+Morning Long244Bristol City'A'21:07.51
W 4+Morning Long245Bristol Ariel'A'21:48.73
W 4+Morning Long246Swansea Univ'A'25:47.05
W 4+Morning Long247Bristol City'C'22:55.74
W 2xMorning Long249Hartpury Coll'B'23:18.92
W 2xMorning Long250Swansea Univ'A'24:11.94
W 2xMorning Long251Bristol City'A'22:22.41
W 2xMorning Long253Gloucester RC23:23.23
W 2xMorning Long254Hartpury Coll'A'24:50.66
W 2xMorning Long255Hartpury Coll'D'24:40.75
Mx MasD/E 4x-Morning Long256Stratford Avon/ Upton RC'A'19:50.21
Mx MasD/E 4x-Morning Long257Bristol City'A'21:08.12
Mx MasD/E 4x-Morning Long258Gloucester RC'A'21:27.23
Op MasE/G 4-Morning Long261Minerva Bath RC'A'19:50.61
Op MasE/G 4-Morning Long262Avon County RC'A'20:05.42
Op MasD/E/F 4+Morning Long264Evesham RC'A'21:57.12
Op MasD/E/F 4+Morning Long265Evesham RC'B'22:01.03
Op MasD/E/F 4+Morning Long266Bristol Ariel'A'21:11.61
W MasB/C 4x-Morning Long267Avon County RC'A'21:06.22
W MasB/C 4x-Morning Long268Bristol City'A'21:15.63
W MasB/C 4x-Morning Long269Bristol Ariel'A'21:00.11
W MasB/C 4x-Morning Long270Ross RC'A'22:39.94
W MasE 1xMorning Long271Exeter RC'A'27:09.61
Op J15 2xAfternoon Short300Avon County RC'B'06:36.71
Op J15 2xAfternoon Short301Avon County RC'A'07:15.93
Op J15 2xAfternoon Short302Hereford Cathl06:37.82
Op J14 2xAfternoon Short303Evesham RC'A'07:46.71
W J15 4x+Afternoon Short304Hereford Cathl'A'07:41.13
W J15 4x+Afternoon Short305Hereford Cathl'Q'07:20.42
W J15 4x+Afternoon Short306Evesham RC07:12.51
W J13 2xAfternoon Short307Evesham RC'A'08:53.21
W J15 1xAfternoon Short308Avon County RC'A'07:55.01
W J15 1xAfternoon Short309Avon County RC'B'07:55.82
W J15 1xAfternoon Short310Gloucester RC'A'08:24.13
W J14 1xAfternoon Short311Avon County RC'B'08:10.01
W J14 1xAfternoon Short312Avon County RC'A'08:32.22
Op J12 1xAfternoon Short313Llandaff RC'A'08:30.61
Low CRI Op 4x+Afternoon Short314Ross RC'A'10:51.42
Low CRI Op 4x+Afternoon Short315Gloucester RC'A'08:16.41
Low CRI W 4+Afternoon Short316W England Univ'A'07:24.11
Low CRI W 4+Afternoon Short317Bristol Ariel07:47.12
Low CRI Op 1xAfternoon Short318Bristol City'B'07:31.01
Low CRI Op 1xAfternoon Short319Bristol City'A'07:48.12
Low CRI Op 1xAfternoon Short320Avon County RC'A'08:19.93
Low CRI Op 1xAfternoon Short321Taunton RC08:27.74
Low CRI W 2xAfternoon Short322Evesham RC'A'08:16.62
Low CRI W 2xAfternoon Short323Gloucester Univ'C'07:40.51
Op J18 4x-Afternoon Long400Bristol City18:22.71
Op J18 4x-Afternoon Long401Evesham RC19:31.72
W 8+Afternoon Long402Bristol City'B'19:44.02
W 8+Afternoon Long403Bristol City'A'19:27.21
W 8+Afternoon Long404Bristol City'C'22:21.34
W 8+Afternoon Long405Bristol Ariel'A'21:02.13
W 8+Afternoon Long406Ross RC'A'24:30.35
Op 2xAfternoon Long407Gloucester RC'A'19:06.41
Op 2xAfternoon Long409Swansea Univ22:14.03
Op 2xAfternoon Long410Taunton RC'A'21:00.12
W J16 4x-Afternoon Long411Hereford Cathl'W'21:00.61
W J16 4x-Afternoon Long412Gloucester RC'A'21:11.12
W J16 4x-Afternoon Long413Ross RC21:57.63
W J16 4x-Afternoon Long414Evesham RC22:07.64
W 4x-Afternoon Long415Taunton RC/ Wimbleball RC'A'20:54.61
W 4x-Afternoon Long416Worcester RC'A'22:54.42
Op J16 2xAfternoon Long417Hereford Cathl'Y'27:02.43
Op J16 2xAfternoon Long418Wycliffe Junior RC20:46.32
Op J16 2xAfternoon Long419Gloucester RC'A'20:29.31
Op J18 1x Band 1Afternoon Long420Hereford Cathl'J'22:03.56
Op J18 1x Band 1Afternoon Long422Hereford Cathl'R'22:02.15
Op J18 1x Band 1Afternoon Long423Hereford Cathl'A'21:24.13
Op J18 1x Band 1Afternoon Long424Hartpury Coll'A'20:51.22
Op J18 1x Band 1Afternoon Long425Llandaff RC'B'22:01.64
Op J18 1x Band 1Afternoon Long426Llandaff RC'C'20:41.11
Op J18 2-Afternoon Long427Llandaff RC'B'20:30.81
Op J18 2-Afternoon Long428Llandaff RC'A'22:00.32
Op J18 1x Band 2Afternoon Long429Llandaff RC'D'14:54:55
Op J18 1x Band 2Afternoon Long430Hartpury Coll'B'21:14.01
Op J18 1x Band 2Afternoon Long431Ross RC'A'23:40.84
Op J18 1x Band 2Afternoon Long432Worcester RC22:54.33
Op J18 1x Band 2Afternoon Long433Wycliffe Junior RC21:48.52
Op J18 1x Band 2Afternoon Long434Ross RC'B'25:12.75
Op J18 1x Band 2Afternoon Long435Llandaff RC'E'
Op J18 1x Band 2Afternoon Long436Carmarthen'A'26:37.56
W J18 2xAfternoon Long437Evesham RC22:05.12
W J18 2xAfternoon Long439Worcester RC'A'21:58.31
W J18 2xAfternoon Long440Llandaff RC'B'22:49.84
W J18 2xAfternoon Long441Llandaff RC'A'22:18.93
W J16 1xAfternoon Long442Wycliffe Junior RC'B'23:27.01
W J16 1xAfternoon Long443Wycliffe Junior RC'A'
Op 4-Afternoon Long444Bristol City'A'18:11.32
Op 4-Afternoon Long445Bristol City'B'19:05.23
Op 4-Afternoon Long446Hereford RC17:43.21
Op 4-Afternoon Long447Swansea Univ19:16.44
Op 4-Afternoon Long448Bristol Ariel'A'20:36.05
Op 4+Afternoon Long449Bristol City'B'19:23.92
Op 4+Afternoon Long451Swansea Univ'A'19:07.61
Mx 4x-Afternoon Long452Upton RC20:18.21
Mx 4x-Afternoon Long453Bristol City21:30.02
Op MasA 4x-Afternoon Long454Gloucester RC'A'20:38.71
W 2-Afternoon Long455Bristol City'A'23:35.71
W 2-Afternoon Long456Carmarthen'A'25:18.42
W 1x Band 1Afternoon Long457Dart Totnes ARC23:26.12
W 1x Band 1Afternoon Long458Hartpury Coll'B'23:23.01
W 1x Band 1Afternoon Long460Hartpury Coll'E'25:33.73
W 1x Band 1Afternoon Long461Bristol Univ'B'
W 1x Band 2Afternoon Long462Bristol Univ'A'23:59.74
W 1x Band 2Afternoon Long464Hartpury Coll'D'23:57.53
W 1x Band 2Afternoon Long465Hartpury Coll'A'23:37.42
W 1x Band 2Afternoon Long466Bristol Univ'C'24:12.35
W 1x Band 2Afternoon Long467Bristol Univ'D'22:34.31
Op MasE/F/G 4x-Afternoon Long468Stourport BC'A'20:31.32
Op MasE/F/G 4x-Afternoon Long469Gloucester RC'B'19:30.81
W MasC/D/E 2xAfternoon Long470Upton RC'A'23:00.82
W MasC/D/E 2xAfternoon Long471Stourport BC'A'23:35.93
W MasC/D/E 2xAfternoon Long472Stratford Avon'A'22:45.01
Op MasF 1xAfternoon Long474Wimbleball RC'A'26:34.91
Mx MasE/G 2xAfternoon Long475Ross RC'A'24:12.11