Dee Autumn HeadDee Autumn Head

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Inter1Inter2Inter3 Posn
W 1xAM101Grosvenor RC'A'16:14.51
W 1xAM102Grosvenor RC'B'17:34.02
W 1xAM103Grosvenor RC'C'18:21.33
W 1xAM104Sheffield City18:23.14
W J18 1xAM105Queen's Park HS'C'19:03.42
W J18 1xAM106Queen's Park HS'A'18:16.41
W J18 1xAM107Queen's Park HS'B'19:22.93
W J18 1xAM108Grosvenor RC20:09.14
W J16 1x Band 1AM109Queen's Park HS'A'18:26.11
W J16 1x Band 1AM110Queen's Park HS'D'18:58.42
W J16 1x Band 1AM111Queen's Park HS'B'20:54.43
W J16 1x Band 2AM112Grosvenor RC20:10.51
W J16 1x Band 2AM115Liverpool Vic21:03.32
Op MasA/B/C 1xAM116Mersey RC'A'16:28.92
Op MasA/B/C 1xAM117Pengwern BC'A'16:22.61
Op MasA/B/C 1xAM119Sheffield City'A'16:41.43
Op MasD/E 1xAM120Agecroft RC'A'16:15.71
Op MasD/E 1xAM121Northwich RC'A'16:50.42
Op MasD/E 1xAM122Grosvenor RC'A'17:03.43
Op MasF 1xAM123Lakeland RC'A'16:51.31
Op MasF 1xAM124Royal Chester'A'17:35.53
Op MasF 1xAM125Royal Chester'B'17:30.02
Op MasG/H/I 1xAM126Royal Chester'A'17:23.01
Op MasG/H/I 1xAM127Royal Chester'A'18:02.62
Op MasG/H/I 1xAM128Liverpool Vic'A'18:07.63
Op MasG/H/I 1xAM129Pengwern BC'A'19:54.34
Op MasE/F 8+AM130Pengwern BC'A'14:24.61
Op MasE/F 8+AM131Grosvenor RC'A'14:40.62
Op 4x-AM132Runcorn RC'A'15:14.11
Op 4x-AM133Liverpool Vic'A'16:40.03
Op 4x-AM134Grosvenor RC'A'15:48.72
Op 4- Band 1AM135Royal Chester'A'13:20.21
Op 4- Band 1AM136Lancaster Univ13:53.82
Op 4- Band 1AM137Sheffield Univ'A'14:46.33
Op 4- Band 2AM139Queen's Park HS15:51.21
Op 4+ Band 1AM140Royal Chester'A'13:57.91
Op 4+ Band 1AM142Royal Chester'B'15:42.62
Op 4+ Band 2AM143Lancaster Univ'A'14:20.23
Op 4+ Band 2AM144Grosvenor RC14:14.61
Op 4+ Band 2AM145Warwick Univ'A'14:15.12
Op 4+ Band 2AM146Runcorn RC'A'14:59.24
Op 4+ Band 3AM147Warrington RC15:46.52
Op 4+ Band 3AM148Lancaster Univ'B'15:34.21
Op 4+ Band 3AM149Lancaster Univ'C'16:16.43
Op 4+ Band 3AM150Bridgnorth RC'A'17:23.64
Op J16 4x-AM151Royal Chester'A'15:02.8 TO
W 8+ Band 1AM152Agecroft RC'A'14:19.81
W 8+ Band 1AM153Royal Chester14:45.52
W 8+ Band 2AM154Warwick Univ'A'16:01.94
W 8+ Band 2AM155Warwick Univ'B'15:06.11
W 8+ Band 2AM156Lancaster Univ15:10.22
W 8+ Band 2AM157Northwich RC'A'15:50.33
W 8+ Band 3AM158Agecroft RC'B'15:07.01
W 8+ Band 3AM159Grosvenor RC'A'15:49.42
W 8+ Band 3AM160Sheffield Univ'A'16:21.13
Op J15 4x+AM161Queen's Park HS16:01.11
Op J15 4x+AM163Grosvenor RC'A'16:34.03
Op J15 4x+AM164Northwich RC16:24.32
Op MasD/E 2xAM165Lakeland RC'A'15:44.92
Op MasD/E 2xAM166Grosvenor RC'A'15:18.91
W MasE/F 4x-AM167Warrington RC'A'16:47.81
W MasE/F 4x-AM168John O'Gaunt RC'A'
W J18 2xAM169Grosvenor RC'A'17:21.01
W J18 2xAM170Grosvenor RC'B'17:32.22
W J18 2xAM171Northwich RC'A'18:39.63
W J18 2xAM172Royal Chester'A'18:41.84
W J15 2x Band 1AM173Queen's Park HS'B'19:18.04
W J15 2x Band 1AM174Warrington RC'A'17:01.71
W J15 2x Band 1AM175Warrington RC'B'19:55.35
W J15 2x Band 1AM176Queen's Park HS'A'18:30.63
W J15 2x Band 1AM177Royal Chester'A'18:29.62
W J15 2x Band 2AM178Grosvenor RC18:05.51
W J15 2x Band 2AM179Grosvenor RC'A'20:56.74
W J15 2x Band 2AM180Northwich RC19:10.83
W J15 2x Band 2AM181Royal Chester'B'19:04.12
Op 1xPM200Royal Chester'A'15:20.11
Op 1xPM201Royal Chester'B'16:08.92
Op 1xPM202Grosvenor RC17:30.83
Op 1xPM203Bridgnorth RC17:39.24
Op J18 1xPM204Northwich RC16:07.61
Op J18 1xPM206Queen's Park HS'B'18:02.42
Op J18 1xPM207Grosvenor RC18:32.83
Op J16 1xPM208Royal Chester'B'18:59.84
Op J16 1xPM209Royal Chester'C'19:49.95
Op J16 1xPM210Liverpool Vic'A'17:05.01
Op J16 1xPM211Liverpool Vic'B'17:32.53
Op J16 1xPM212Liverpool Vic'C'17:31.32
W MasB/C/E 1xPM213Grosvenor RC'A'17:22.21
W MasB/C/E 1xPM214Warrington RC'A'18:47.12
W MasB/C/E 1xPM215Warrington RC19:25.13
Op 8+ Band 1PM216Royal Chester'A'13:16.82
Op 8+ Band 1PM217Lancaster Univ'A'13:09.31
Op 8+ Band 2PM218Warwick Univ'A'13:57.51
Op 8+ Band 2PM219Warwick Univ'B'14:20.53
Op 8+ Band 2PM220Lancaster Univ'B'14:03.62
Op MasD/E/F 4x-PM221Grosvenor RC'A'14:07.11
Op MasD/E/F 4x-PM222Warrington RC'A'15:17.93
Op MasD/E/F 4x-PM223Royal Chester'A'14:59.72
Op MasD/E/F 4x-PM224Rex BC'A'15:49.74
Op 2-PM225Royal Chester'A'15:01.72
Op 2-PM226Royal Chester'B'14:58.81
W 4x-PM227Northwich RC'A'14:52.71
W 4x-PM228Manchester Univ/ Runcorn RC'A'16:35.93
W 4x-PM229Sheffield City16:08.82
Op MasE 4+PM231Warrington RC'A'15:37.02
Op MasE 4+PM232Pengwern BC15:36.51
Op MasE 4+PM233Grosvenor RC'A'16:02.23
Op MasF/G 4+PM234Bridgnorth RC'A'15:48.71
Op MasF/G 4+PM235Royal Chester'A'16:03.92
Op MasF/G 4+PM236Pengwern BC'A'16:59.63
W MasE/G 8+PM237Pengwern BC'A'16:20.51
W MasE/G 8+PM238Royal Chester'A'17:28.72
Op 2x Band 1PM239Lakeland RC15:48.63
Op 2x Band 1PM240Grosvenor RC'A'15:59.34
Op 2x Band 1PM241Blue Star Club/ Pengwern BC14:44.41
Op 2x Band 1PM242Northwich RC'A'15:14.32
Op 2x Band 2PM243Royal Chester16:10.71
Op 2x Band 2PM244Liverpool Vic'A'17:13.53
Op 2x Band 2PM246Grosvenor RC17:12.72
Op J16 2xPM247Queen's Park HS15:03.31
Op J16 2xPM248Royal Chester'A'15:28.82
Op J15 2xPM249Royal Chester17:03.12
Op J15 2xPM250Queen's Park HS'A'16:45.21
Op J15 2xPM251Warrington RC17:21.33
Op J15 2xPM252Northwich RC27:03.64
W 4-PM254Royal Chester15:37.5 TO
W 4+PM255Warwick Univ'A'15:43.31
W 4+PM256Grosvenor RC'A'16:03.82
W 4+PM257Lancaster Univ17:08.93
W J15 4x+PM258Queen's Park HS/ Warrington RC'A'17:21.72
W J15 4x+PM259Queen's Park HS18:03.64
W J15 4x+PM260Royal Chester'A'17:02.91
W J15 4x+PM261Northwich RC17:36.73
Recreational 4+AM262Bridgnorth RC'A'21:34.33
Recreational 4+AM263Bridgnorth RC'B'19:18.11
Recreational 4+PM264Bridgnorth RC'C'19:36.42
Recreational 4x+AM265Grosvenor RC/ Rex BC'A'