South Yorkshire HeadSouth Yorkshire Head

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 8+ Band 1Division 11York Univ'A'15:05.41
Op 8+ Band 1Division 12Manchester Univ'A'15:54.32
Op 8+ Band 2Division 13Manchester Univ'B'17:56.22
Op 8+ Band 3Division 14York Univ'C'18:08.81
Op 8+ Band 3Division 15Manchester Univ'C'18:39.23
Op J18 4x-Division 16St Peter's Sch'D'16:14.31
Op J18 4x-Division 17St Peter's Sch'B'17:59.83
W 8+ Band 1Division 18York Univ'A'17:00.81
W 8+ Band 1Division 19Sheffield City19:20.22
W 8+ Band 2Division 110York Univ'B'22:13.33
W 8+ Band 3Division 111Sheffield Univ'A'23:13.62
W 8+ Band 3Division 112York Univ'E'23:17.13
MX MAS D/E/F 8+Division 113Ancholme RC'A'18:36.52
MX MAS D/E/F 8+Division 114Bradford ARC'A'18:23.71
Op 4x-Division 115Hull Univ'A'18:05.11
W 4x-Division 116Bradford ARC'A'23:22.92
W 4x-Division 117Manchester Univ'A'21:22.01
W J18 4x-Division 118Doncaster SRA19:26.42
W J17 4x-Division 119Newark RC18:14.01
W J17 4x-Division 120Sheffield City'A'24:12.72
Op 4-Division 121Sheffield City17:44.52
W 4+ Band 1Division 122Sheffield City20:33.92
W 4+ Band 2Division 123York St John'A'
W 4+ Band 2Division 124Manchester Univ'A'22:00.31
W 4+ Band 2Division 125Sheffield Univ'C'22:48.42
Op 2x Band 2Division 126York St John19:20.01
Op 2-Division 127Newark RC18:23.01
OP MAS B/D/E 2xDivision 128Lakeland RC'A'18:06.62
OP MAS B/D/E 2xDivision 129Lakeland RC'B'17:34.51
OP MAS B/D/E 2xDivision 130Newark RC'A'21:05.23
OP MAS G/H 2XDivision 131Sheffield City'A'23:10.21
Op J15 4x+Division 132Doncaster SRA18:12.11
Op J15 4x+Division 133St Peter's Sch'B'19:41.32
W J15 4x+Division 134St Peter's Sch'C'21:35.51
W J15 4x+Division 135St Peter's Sch'B'24:05.02
W 2xDivision 136Hull Univ'A'19:54.11
W MAS E/F 2XDivision 138Sheffield City'A'21:43.31
W J18 2xDivision 139Newark RC20:07.81
W J17 2xDivision 140Newark RC'B'19:09.81
Op J16 2xDivision 141Newark RC'B'18:00.61
Op J16 2xDivision 142Bradford ARC23:01.32
Op J15 2xDivision 143Newark RC'A'21:13.02
Op J15 2xDivision 144St Peter's Sch'B'19:41.21
Op J15 2xDivision 145Doncaster SRA'A'26:33.84
Op J15 2xDivision 146Sheffield City'A'24:09.43
W J15 2xDivision 147Bradford ARC22:44.51
Op 1x Band 1Division 148Manchester Univ'A'17:55.41
Op 1x Band 2Division 149York City RC19:50.22
Op 1x Band 2Division 150York Univ'A'19:19.31
Op 1x Band 2Division 151Sheffield Univ'E'20:13.03
Op MasE 1xDivision 152Warwick BC'A'20:07.41
Beg Mx 4x+Division 153Ancholme RC/ Hull Kingston RC'A'19:02.81
Op J17 1xDivision 155Newark RC'A'23:00.63
Op J17 1xDivision 156Ancholme RC21:37.22
Op 8+ Band 2Division 2100York Univ'B'17:16.71
Op 8+ Band 2Division 2102Bradford GS'A'18:11.93
Op 8+ Band 3Division 2103Sheffield Univ'B'18:29.32
Op 8+ Band 3Division 2104York Univ'D'19:54.14
Op J18 4x-Division 2105St Peter's Sch'A'17:01.02
Op J18 4x-Division 2106St Peter's Sch'C'18:52.34
W 8+ Band 2Division 2107York Univ'C'19:02.01
W 8+ Band 2Division 2108Manchester Univ'A'20:53.12
W 8+ Band 3Division 2109Manchester Univ'B'DNF
W 8+ Band 3Division 2110York Univ'D'20:49.61
Op 4x-Division 2112Nottm Trent'A'19:22.92
W 4x-Division 2114Nottm Trent'A'DNF
W 4x-Division 2115Nottm Trent'B'26:43.53
W J18 4x-Division 2116Newark RC'A'18:33.91
Op 4-Division 2117York Univ'A'17:10.51
Op 4+Division 2118Manchester Univ'A'18:08.01
Op 4+Division 2119Manchester Univ'B'18:27.82
Op 4+Division 2120Sheffield Univ'D'21:58.43
W 4+ Band 1Division 2121York Univ'A'18:37.41
W 4+ Band 1Division 2122Ancholme RC'A'23:13.33
Op 4+Division 2123York St John'B'20:03.5 TO
W 4+ Band 2Division 2124Manchester Univ'C'24:50.43
MX MAS D/F 4X-Division 2125Doncaster RC'A'18:38.11
MX MAS D/F 4X-Division 2126Bradford ARC'A'21:23.52
Op J16 4x-Division 2127Newark RC'A'18:12.11
Op J16 4x-Division 2128Doncaster SRA18:31.32
Op 2x Band 1Division 2129Manchester Univ'A'17:56.51
Op 2x Band 1Division 2130Newark RC18:41.42
Op 2x Band 1Division 2131Newark RC'A'20:35.93
Op 2x Band 2Division 2132Nottm Trent'A'19:51.42
Op 2x Band 2Division 2133Nottm Trent'B'19:57.23
Op 2-Division 2136Burton Leander/ Trent RC19:35.92
Op J15 4x+Division 2138St Peter's Sch'A'24:20.63
W J15 4x+Division 2139St Peter's Sch'A'24:31.73
W J15 4x+Division 2140St Peter's Sch'D'
Op J14 4x+Division 2142Bradford GS'A'DNF
Op J14 4x+Division 2143Bradford GS22:48.41
W 2xDivision 2144Doncaster SRA21:05.92
W J18 2xDivision 2145Doncaster SRA23:28.82
W J17 2xDivision 2146Newark RC'A'24:53.32
W J16 2xDivision 2147Newark RC'A'21:14.41
W J16 2xDivision 2149Sheffield City30:23.32
Op J15 2xDivision 2150St Peter's Sch'A'
W J15 2xDivision 2151Newark RC'A'29:58.52
Op 1x Band 2Division 2152Ancholme RC21:24.84
Op 1x Band 2Division 2153York Univ'B'25:44.85
Op MasE 1xDivision 2154Newark RC'A'
Beg Mx 4x+Division 2155Hull Kingston RC'A'DNF
Op J17 1xDivision 2157Bradford GS'A'21:20.01