Hammersmith HeadHammersmith Head

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EventNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op J16 8+1St Paul's Sch'A'11:45.74
Op J16 8+2Westminster Sch11:40.13
Op J16 8+3Eton Coll'A'11:27.51
Op J16 8+4St Paul's Sch'B'12:04.78
Op J16 8+5King's Coll Sch'A'11:47.65
Op J16 8+6Latymer Upper'A'11:30.02
Op J16 8+7Eton Coll'B'12:01.17
Op J16 8+8King's Coll Sch'B'12:09.99
Op J16 8+9Shiplake Coll
Op J16 8+10Latymer Upper'B'12:20.211
Op J16 8+11Dulwich Coll'A'12:25.612
Op J16 8+12Hampton Sch'C'12:53.014
Op J16 8+13Emanuel Sch'A'12:31.413
Op J16 8+14Dulwich Coll'B'13:29.316
Op J16 8+16Team Keane'A'12:10.810
Op J16 8+17Bedford Sch11:55.16
Op J16 8+181863'A'13:26.915
Op Sch/Jun 4x-19Westminster Sch11:39.22
Op Sch/Jun 4x-20Claires Court'A'11:38.01
Op Sch/Jun 4x-21Tideway Sc Sch'B'11:45.44
Op Sch/Jun 4x-22Kingston RC'A'11:41.13
Op Sch/Jun 4x-23Lea RC'C'12:05.68
Op Sch/Jun 4x-24Kingston GS'A'12:16.09
Op Sch/Jun 4x-25Tideway Sc Sch'C'12:00.37
Op Sch/Jun 4x-26King's Coll Sch'B'11:51.25
Op Sch/Jun 4x-27Molesey BC'B'11:54.16
Op Sch/Jun 4x-281863'A'12:36.511
Op Sch/Jun 4x-29Dulwich Coll'A'12:21.310
Op Sch/Jun 4x-31Kew House Sch'B'
Op Sch/Jun 4x-32Fulham Reach'A'12:38.212
Op J15 8+33King's Coll Sch'A'11:58.32
Op J15 8+34Bedford Sch'A'12:12.54
Op J15 8+35Hampton Sch'A'12:18.07
Op J15 8+36Eton Coll'B'13:00.815
Op J15 8+37Hampton Sch'B'12:43.411
Op J15 8+38St Paul's Sch'A'11:32.11
Op J15 8+39Latymer Upper'B'13:22.516
Op J15 8+40St Paul's Sch'B'12:05.43
Op J15 8+41Dulwich Coll'A'12:25.68
Op J15 8+42Bedford Sch'B'13:26.918
Op J15 8+43King's Coll Sch'B'12:56.113
Op J15 8+44Rdg Blue Coat'D'12:15.36
Op J15 8+45Westminster Sch'A'12:13.35
Op J15 8+46Dulwich Coll'B'13:25.017
Op J15 8+47Rdg Blue Coat'E'12:50.312
Op J15 8+48Latymer Upper'A'12:40.510
Op J15 8+49Eton Coll'A'12:59.414
Op J15 8+50Emanuel Sch'A'13:46.819
Op J15 8+51Fulham Reach'A'12:40.29
W Sch/Jun 8+52Henley RC'A'12:02.21
W Sch/Jun 8+53Emanuel Sch'A'12:29.66
W Sch/Jun 8+54Lady E Holles'A'12:25.54
W Sch/Jun 8+55Henley RC'B'12:40.98
W Sch/Jun 8+56Putney High Sch'A'12:59.211
W Sch/Jun 8+57St Edward's Sch12:10.02
W Sch/Jun 8+58Wimbledon HS'A'12:29.15
W Sch/Jun 8+59Tideway Sc Sch'A'12:50.010
W Sch/Jun 8+60St Paul's Girls13:13.512
W Sch/Jun 8+61Wimbledon HS'B'12:49.59
W Sch/Jun 8+62Latymer Upper'A'12:25.33
W Sch/Jun 8+63Bedford Girls S13:16.813
W Sch/Jun 8+64Shiplake Coll'A'12:38.67
W Sch/Jun 8+66Team Keane'A'13:32.314
W J16 8+67Henley RC'A'12:11.01
W J16 8+68Putney High Sch'A'13:08.83
W J16 8+69St Paul's Girls'C'13:40.17
W J16 8+70Putney High Sch'B'14:27.18
W J16 8+71Emanuel Sch'A'13:16.65
W J16 8+72Latymer Upper'A'13:05.82
W J16 8+73Lady E Holles'A'
W J16 8+74Latymer Upper'B'
W J16 8+75Cantabrigian RC'A'13:12.44
W J16 8+76Barn Elms RC13:21.56
W Sch/Jun 4x-77Lea RC'B'12:27.52
W Sch/Jun 4x-78Kingston GS'A'
W Sch/Jun 4x-79Shiplake Coll'C'12:23.71
W Sch/Jun 4x-80Molesey BC'A'12:36.33
W Sch/Jun 4x-81Tideway Sc Sch'C'12:37.84
W Sch/Jun 4x-82Claires Court'A'12:56.45
W Sch/Jun 4x-83Kingston RC'A'13:19.79
W Sch/Jun 4x-84Molesey BC'A'13:09.67
W Sch/Jun 4x-85Rdg Blue Coat'C'13:12.48
W Sch/Jun 4x-86King's Coll Sch13:25.710
W Sch/Jun 4x-88A B Severn RC14:00.814
W Sch/Jun 4x-90Kew House Sch'A'13:43.912
W Sch/Jun 4x-91Tideway Sc Sch'B'13:26.711
W Sch/Jun 4x-92Fulham Reach'A'13:09.46
W Sch/Jun 4x-93Kew House Sch'B'14:18.416
W Sch/Jun 4x-95Fulham Reach'B'14:14.515
W Sch/Jun 4x-96Tideway Sc Sch'A'13:54.913
W J15 8+99Wimbledon HS'A'12:55.41
W J15 8+100Lady E Holles'A'13:01.42
W J15 8+101Putney High Sch'B'13:29.04
W J15 8+102Latymer Upper'A'13:20.23
W J15 8+103Putney High Sch'A'13:50.05
W J15 8+104Lady E Holles'B'13:39.5 TO
W J15 8+105Latymer Upper'B'14:19.68
W J15 8+106Emanuel Sch14:14.67
W J15 8+107Godolphin Lat'A'14:12.96
W J15 8+108Sydenham HS14:23.29
Op Sch/Jun 4+1091863'A'12:37.81
Op Sch/Jun 4+110King's Coll Sch'C'12:56.83
Op Sch/Jun 4+112Molesey BC'A'12:50.72
Op Sch/Jun 4+114Kew House Sch'B'13:48.74
W Sch/Jun 4+117St Paul's Girls'E'13:55.74
W Sch/Jun 4+118Tideway Sc Sch'A'13:21.81
W Sch/Jun 4+119St Paul's Girls'D'13:51.83
W Sch/Jun 4+120Bedford Girls S14:14.75
W Sch/Jun 4+121Lady E Holles'A'
W Sch/Jun 4+122Kingston GS'A'13:34.62
W MasC,D,F 8+123Mortlake AA'B'12:53.71
W MasC,D,F 8+124Putney Town'A'13:27.73
W MasC,D,F 8+125Putney Town'B'13:16.72
W MasC,D,F 8+126Marlow RC'A'13:50.34
Op J15 4x+127Team Keane'A'13:06.42
Op J15 4x+128Claires Court'B'13:25.93
Op J15 4x+129Tideway Sc Sch'B'12:53.51
Op J15 4x+130Tideway Sc Sch'A'DNF
Op J15 4x+131Barn Elms RC
Op J15 4x+133Westminster Sch'A'14:15.35
Op J15 4x+135Westminster Sch'B'14:39.66
Op J15 4x+136St Paul's Sch13:46.84
Op J15 4x+137Dulwich Coll'A'15:56.77
W J15 4x+138Kingston RC'A'13:42.41
W J15 4x+139Barn Elms RC15:25.36
W J15 4x+140Kew House Sch'A'14:18.72
W J15 4x+141Kingston RC'B'14:42.54
W J15 4x+142Wimbledon HS'A'14:59.65
W J15 4x+143Putney High Sch'B'16:17.19
W J15 4x+144Kew House Sch'B'15:59.27
W J15 4x+147Fulham Reach'A'14:39.73
W J15 4x+149Fulham Reach'B'16:12.78
Op J14 8x+150Kew House Sch'B'13:34.12
Op J14 8x+151Westminster Sch'A'13:06.51
Op J14 8x+152Kew House Sch'A'15:56.55
Op J14 8x+153Westminster Sch'B'13:40.93
Op J14 8x+154Team Keane'A'13:58.14
Op 8+ Champ156Thames RC'D'DSQ14:24:30
Op 8+ Champ157King's Coll Sch'A'10:54.82
Op 8+ Champ158Thames RC'B'DSQ14:25:04
Op 8+ Champ159Bristol City'A'11:02.59
Op 8+ Champ160London RC'A'10:59.45
Op 8+ Champ161Radley Coll'A'10:58.34
Op 8+ Champ162Thames RC'C'DSQ14:26:22
Op 8+ Champ163Eton Coll'A'10:57.43
Op 8+ Champ164London Univ'B'DSQ14:27:22
Op 8+ Champ165St Paul's Sch'A'10:59.96
Op 8+ Champ166Tideway Sc Sch'A'11:02.48
Op 8+ Champ167Shiplake Coll'C'10:52.91
Op 8+ Champ168Lea RC'A'11:13.111
Op 8+ Champ169Marlow RC'A'11:14.413
Op 8+ Champ170London Univ'A'DSQ14:29:15
Op 8+ Champ171Vesta RC'A'11:00.87
Op 8+ Champ172Bristol Univ'A'11:05.910
Op 8+ Champ173London RC'B'11:14.212
Op 8+ Champ174Vesta RC'B'11:20.514
Op Sch/Jun 8+175Shiplake Coll'B'11:17.02
Op Sch/Jun 8+176Eton Coll'A'11:19.94
Op Sch/Jun 8+177Radley Coll'B'11:19.43
Op Sch/Jun 8+178Rdg Blue Coat'A'11:22.95
Op Sch/Jun 8+179Dulwich Coll'A'11:36.78
Op Sch/Jun 8+180Westminster Sch'B'11:30.66
Op Sch/Jun 8+181St Paul's Sch'A'11:34.87
Op Sch/Jun 8+182Radley Coll'C'11:40.610
Op Sch/Jun 8+183Shiplake Coll'A'11:53.615
Op Sch/Jun 8+184Hampton Sch'B'11:46.914
Op Sch/Jun 8+186Eton Coll'B'11:59.816
Op Sch/Jun 8+187Bedford Sch11:40.39
Op Sch/Jun 8+188St Edward's Sch'B'11:41.612
Op Sch/Jun 8+189Rdg Blue Coat'B'12:19.820
Op Sch/Jun 8+190Windsor Boys11:10.51
Op Sch/Jun 8+191St Paul's Sch'B'12:04.818
Op Sch/Jun 8+192Emanuel Sch'A'12:00.517
Op Sch/Jun 8+193Hampton Sch'C'12:11.419
Op Sch/Jun 8+194Latymer Upper'A'11:41.111
Op Sch/Jun 8+195Claires Court'A'11:42.213
Op Sch/Jun 8+196Kew House Sch'A'12:45.521
Op Sch/Jun 8+197Maidstone Inv'B'13:29.522
Op 8+ Inter198Bristol City'B'11:45.98
Op 8+ Inter199Thames RC'A'
Op 8+ Inter200Bristol Univ'B'11:14.21
Op 8+ Inter201Vesta RC'C'11:35.33
Op 8+ Inter202Maidstone Inv'A'11:40.95
Op 8+ Inter203Bristol Univ'C'11:57.014
Op 8+ Inter204Cambridge 99'A'11:40.54
Op 8+ Inter205London RC'C'11:50.412
Op 8+ Inter206East India Club RS'A'12:17.418
Op 8+ Inter207London RC'D'11:48.39
Op 8+ Inter208S'hampton Univ'A'11:53.213
Op 8+ Inter209Auriol Ken'B'11:58.415
Op 8+ Inter210Hampton Sch'A'11:18.72
Op 8+ Inter211Vesta RC'D'11:42.27
Op 8+ Inter212Sons of Thames'A'11:42.16
Op 8+ Inter213Curlew RC'A'11:48.510
Op 8+ Inter214Twickenham RC'A'12:15.617
Op 8+ Inter215Auriol Ken'A'12:32.120
Op 8+ Inter216UC Oxford'A'12:07.916
Op 8+ Inter217Putney Town'A'11:48.510
Op 8+ Champ218Bristol Ariel12:21.815
Op 8+ Champ219Twickenham RC'B'12:24.716
W 8+ Champ220Vesta RC'A'12:03.71
W 8+ Champ221London Univ'B'DSQ14:43:10
W 8+ Champ222London RC'A'12:10.22
W 8+ Champ223Marlow RC'A'12:25.25
W 8+ Champ224London Univ'A'DSQ14:43:55
W 8+ Champ225Thames RC'A'DSQ14:44:13
W 8+ Champ226Vesta RC'C'12:24.64
W 8+ Champ227Bristol City'A'12:30.66
W 8+ Champ228Vesta RC'B'12:38.57
W 8+ Champ229Putney Town'A'12:44.69
W 8+ Champ230Mortlake AA'A'12:44.18
W 8+ Champ231Cantabrigian RC'A'12:12.13
W 8+ Champ232Thames RC'B'DSQ14:46:23
W 8+ Champ233London RC'B'13:06.410
W 8+ Champ234Lea RC'D'12:56.2 TO
W 8+ Inter235Bristol Univ'A'12:49.03
Op MasB/C 8+236London RC'A'12:02.53
Op MasB/C 8+237Thames RC'A'11:23.62
Op MasB/C 8+238London RC'B'12:26.54
Op MasB/C 8+239Crabtree BC'A'11:06.41
Op MasB/C 8+240Fulham Reach'A'13:40.66
Op MasB/C 8+241Parrs Priory RC/ Team Keane'H'13:17.55
Op MasD/E 8+242Th Tradesmen'A'12:27.53
Op MasD/E 8+243Kingston RC'A'12:32.44
Op MasD/E 8+244Twickenham RC'A'12:33.45
Op MasD/E 8+245Marlow RC'A'13:14.47
Op MasD/E 8+246Tideway Sc Sch11:48.71
Op MasD/E 8+247Crabtree BC'A'12:08.72
Op MasD/E 8+248Putney Town'B'13:29.58
Op MasD/E 8+249Kingston RC'A'12:47.06
Op MasD/E 8+250Cygnet RC/ Guildford RC'B'13:30.39
Op MasF 8+251Tyrian Club12:00.41
Op MasF 8+252Weybridge RC'A'12:54.33
Op MasF 8+253Sons of Thames'A'12:45.72
Op MasF 8+254Putney Town'A'13:14.24
Op MasF 8+255Quintin BC'A'13:43.36
Op MasF 8+256London RC'A'13:35.05
Op MasG/H 8+257Tideway Sc Sch13:08.23
Op MasG/H 8+258Quintin BC'A'12:27.71
Op MasG/H 8+259Mortlake AA12:58.82
Op MasG/H 8+260Bewl Bridge'A'13:41.24
Op 8+ Inter261S'hampton Univ'B'12:24.819
Op 8+ Dev262Sons of Thames'B'DSQ14:54:26
Op 8+ Dev263Swansea Univ'A'11:48.71
Op 8+ Dev264Cambridge 99'B'12:03.92
Op 8+ Dev265Curlew RC'B'12:28.14
Op 8+ Dev267Furnivall SC'C'13:01.49
Op 8+ Dev268Cygnet RC'A'12:56.98
Op 8+ Dev269King's College'A'12:33.55
Op 8+ Dev270Bristol Univ'D'12:49.07
Op 8+ Dev271Barts & London'A'12:24.23
Op 8+ Dev272RUMS'A'
Op 8+ Dev273Swansea Univ'B'13:41.7 TO
Op 8+ Dev274Cambridge 99/ Hughes Hall'C'13:21.210
Op 8+ Dev275Putney Town'C'13:52.014
Op 8+ Dev276Vesta RC'E'12:49.06
Op 8+ Dev277S'hampton Univ'C'13:49.512
Op 8+ Dev278Barts & London'B'14:55.815
Op 8+ Dev279S'hampton Univ'D'13:51.113
Op 8+ Dev280Vesta RC'F'13:39.311
W 8+ Inter281Auriol Ken'A'13:29.516
W 8+ Inter282Barnes Br LRC'A'13:03.77
W 8+ Inter283Bristol City'B'12:54.04
W 8+ Inter284Twickenham RC'A'12:59.35
W 8+ Inter285Barnes Br LRC'B'13:22.312
W 8+ Inter286Putney Town'B'13:17.210
W 8+ Inter287Vesta RC'D'13:20.811
W 8+ Inter288S'hampton Univ'A'13:03.06
W 8+ Inter289Furnivall SC'A'13:33.217
W 8+ Inter290Marlow RC'B'13:12.89
W 8+ Inter291Cantabrigian RC'B'12:41.91
W 8+ Inter292Cambridge 99'B'13:26.715
W 8+ Inter293Auriol Ken'B'15:23.9 TO
W 8+ Inter294Twickenham RC'B'13:25.814
W 8+ Inter295Imperial Medics'A'13:23.813
W 8+ Inter296Curlew RC12:45.42
W 8+ Inter297King's College'A'13:44.719
W 8+ Inter298Kingston RC'A'13:04.68
W 8+ Inter299Sons of Thames'A'13:40.118
W 8+ Dev300Furnivall SC'B'14:53.910
W 8+ Dev301RUMS'A'DNF
W 8+ Dev303Barnes Br LRC'C'14:07.36
W 8+ Dev304Vesta RC'E'14:06.75
W 8+ Dev305Parrs Priory RC/ Team Keane'A'14:19.59
W 8+ Dev306Auriol Ken'C'14:11.07
W 8+ Dev307Bristol Univ'C'13:57.23
W 8+ Dev309Barts & London/ United Hosp BC'A'13:48.62
W 8+ Dev310S'hampton Univ'B'14:13.98
W 8+ Dev311Lea RC'E'13:33.81
W 8+ Dev312S'hampton Univ'C'13:59.04
W 8+ Dev313Barts & London'B'15:16.111
W 8+ Dev314S'hampton Univ'D'15:34.812