Runcorn Spring HeadRuncorn Spring Head

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Event Day Num Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 8+ Band 1Saturday101King's Chester22:03.81
Op 8+ Band 1Saturday102Liverpool Univ'A'23:23.32
Op 8+ Band 2Saturday103Trafford RC25:18.52
Op 8+ Band 2Saturday104Agecroft RC25:05.81
Op 8+ Band 2Saturday105Liverpool Univ'B'27:51.04
Op 8+ Band 2Saturday106Mersey RC26:39.13
Op J18 4x-Saturday107Grange Sch25:06.12
Op J18 4x-Saturday108Warrington RC24:34.81
Op J17 4x-Saturday109King's Chester'B'32:00.02
Op J17 4x-Saturday110King's Chester'A'26:54.81
Op MasC 4x-Saturday111Trentham BC29:41.91
Op MasC 4x-Saturday112Warrington RC32:32.82
Op J15 4x+Saturday113Grange Sch28:44.51
Op J15 4x+Saturday114King's Chester35:15.72
Op MasE/G 4x-Saturday115Runcorn RC'A'27:49.61
Op MasE/G 4x-Saturday116Runcorn RC'B'32:21.02
Op MasE/G 4x-Saturday117North Staffs RC/ Warrington RC37:38.13
Op MasC/D 4+Saturday118Pengwern BC29:40.61
Op MasC/D 4+Saturday119Liverpool Vic37:44.12
W J16 8+Saturday120King's Chester'A'28:01.91
W J16 8+Saturday121King's Chester'B'35:15.72
W MasD 8+Saturday122Pengwern BC30:52.92
W MasD 8+Saturday123Runcorn RC28:58.01
W J15 8+Saturday124Grange Sch28:15.51
W J15 8+Saturday125King's Chester29:42.32
W 4x-Saturday126Liverpool Univ29:12.12
W 4x-Saturday127Bangor Univ28:42.41
W 4x-Saturday128Trentham BC30:43.63
W 4+Saturday129Liverpool Univ'A'28:40.21
W 4+Saturday130Bangor Univ43:59.22
W 4+Saturday131Liverpool Univ'B'SCR
Op 4x-Saturday201King's ChesterSCR
Op 4x-Saturday202Runcorn RCSCR
Op 4x-Saturday203Bangor Univ'A'SCR
Op 4x-Saturday204Bangor Univ'B'SCR
Op 4-Saturday205Liverpool UnivSCR
Op 4+ Band 1Saturday206Liverpool Univ'A'SCR
Op 4+ Band 1Saturday207Trafford RCSCR
Op 4+ Band 1Saturday208Warrington RCSCR
Op 4+ Band 2Saturday209Mersey RCSCR
Op 4+ Band 2Saturday210Liverpool Univ'B'SCR
Op J18 8+Saturday211Grange SchSCR
Op J18 8+Saturday212King's ChesterSCR
Op MasD 8+Saturday213Grosvenor RCSCR
Op MasD 8+Saturday214Trafford RCSCR
Op MasE 8+Saturday215Grosvenor RCSCR
Op MasE 8+Saturday216Hollingworth LkSCR
Op MasE 8+Saturday217Pengwern BCSCR
Op J15 8+Saturday218King's Chester'A'SCR
Op J15 8+Saturday219King's Chester'B'SCR
Op J15 8+Saturday220Grange SchSCR
Op MasF/H 8+Saturday221Pengwern BCSCR
Op MasF/H 8+Saturday222Bradford ARCSCR
W 8+ Band 1Saturday223Grosvenor RC'A'SCR
W 8+ Band 1Saturday224Liverpool UnivSCR
W 8+ Band 2Saturday225Pengwern BCSCR
W 8+ Band 2Saturday226Grosvenor RC'B'SCR
W 8+ Band 3Saturday227Liverpool VicSCR
W 8+ Band 3Saturday228Runcorn RCSCR
W J16 4x-Saturday229Grange SchSCR
W J16 4x-Saturday230King's ChesterSCR
W MasB/D/E 4x-Saturday231Warrington RC'C'SCR
W MasB/D/E 4x-Saturday232Liverpool VicSCR
W MasB/D/E 4x-Saturday233Warrington RC'B'SCR
W MasB/D/E 4x-Saturday234Lakeland RC/ Warrington RC'A'SCR
W MasF 4+Saturday235Pengwern BCSCR