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EventNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Ch 8+1Shiplake Coll16:47.91
Ch 8+2Eton Coll'A'17:09.35
Ch 8+3St Edward's Sch17:05.94
Ch 8+4King's Coll Sch'A'17:19.07
Ch 8+5St Paul's Sch'A'17:02.63
Ch 8+6Radley Coll'A'17:01.32
Ch 8+7Hampton Sch17:43.610
Ch 8+8Abingdon Sch'A'18:07.012
Ch 8+9Westminster Sch'A'17:17.26
Ch 8+10Dulwich Coll'A'18:13.313
Ch 8+11Shrewsbury Sch'A'17:28.19
Ch 8+12Latymer Upper'A'17:26.18
Ch 8+13King's Chester'A'18:24.814
Ch 8+14Rdg Blue Coat'A'17:58.911
Ch 8+15Tideway Sc Sch18:32.615
Ch 8+16Staines BC'E'19:32.816
Sch 1st 8+17St George's Col'A'18:20.07
Sch 1st 8+18Bedford Sch17:40.91
Sch 1st 8+20Monmouth Sch'A'18:14.04
Sch 1st 8+21Emanuel Sch'A'18:15.35
Sch 1st 8+22Bryanston Sch'A'18:46.59
Sch 1st 8+23Winchester Coll'A'18:15.35
Sch 1st 8+24Canford Sch'A'18:12.63
Sch 1st 8+251863'A'18:48.510
Sch 1st 8+26King's Worcs'A'19:39.417
Sch 1st 8+27Cantabrigian RC'A'18:52.812
Sch 1st 8+28Methodist Coll Belfast RC18:30.18
Sch 1st 8+29Bedford Mod Sch'A'18:50.411
Sch 1st 8+30Kew House Sch'A'19:06.515
Sch 1st 8+31King's Cant18:57.414
Sch 1st 8+32Monkton Combe18:53.413
Sch 1st 8+33Clifton Coll20:44.620
Sch 1st 8+34Stowe SC'A'22:22.721
Sch 1st 8+35Yarm Sch'A'19:20.016
Sch 1st 8+36Cheltenham Coll'A'20:21.419
Sch 1st 8+37St Joseph Coll (IRL)17:44.62
Sch 1st 8+38St Peter's Sch20:01.018
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+39Shiplake Coll17:31.11
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+40Radley Coll'B'17:33.82
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+41St Paul's Sch'A'17:47.43
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+42King's Coll Sch18:19.67
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+43Eton Coll'B'17:57.44
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+44Hampton Sch18:57.315
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+45St Edward's Sch18:06.55
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+46Dulwich Coll'B'18:22.69
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+47Shrewsbury Sch'A'18:25.810
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+48Abingdon Sch'A'18:19.67
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+49Rdg Blue Coat'A'18:26.511
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+50Bedford Sch18:50.214
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+51King's Chester'A'18:44.813
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+52Westminster Sch18:07.26
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+53Latymer Upper'A'18:43.312
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+54Emanuel Sch20:04.317
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+55Monmouth Sch'A'19:28.116
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+57Monkton Combe21:22.719
Sch/Jun 2nd 8+58Cantabrigian RC'A'20:59.018
Ch J16 8+59Radley Coll'D'18:08.04
Ch J16 8+60Latymer Upper'A'18:44.48
Ch J16 8+61Eton Coll'D'17:59.72
Ch J16 8+62Westminster Sch'A'18:56.79
Ch J16 8+63St Paul's Sch'A'17:53.91
Ch J16 8+64Abingdon Sch'A'18:36.07
Ch J16 8+65Dulwich Coll'C'18:32.56
Ch J16 8+66King's Coll Sch18:15.25
Ch J16 8+67Hampton Sch18:07.83
Ch J16 8+69Shiplake Coll'A'18:57.710
Ch 4x-70Windsor Boys'A'18:49.217
Ch 4x-71Leander Club'A'17:56.51
Ch 4x-72Windsor Boys'B'19:07.622
Ch 4x-73Marlow RC'A'18:10.72
Ch 4x-74Claires Court'A'18:36.311
Ch 4x-76Marlow RC'B'18:45.215
Ch 4x-77Hereford Cathl'A'19:27.334
Ch 4x-78Hartpury Coll'A'18:40.713
Ch 4x-79Hinksey Sc Sch'A'18:25.96
Ch 4x-80W Borlase Sch'A'18:18.43
Ch 4x-81George Heriot's'A'18:58.919
Ch 4x-82King's Worcs'A'19:42.640
Ch 4x-83Hinksey Sc Sch'B'18:29.98
Ch 4x-84Molesey BC'A'18:38.712
Ch 4x-85Tideway Sc Sch'A'18:31.310
Ch 4x-86Trentham BC18:30.39
Ch 4x-87Kingston RC'A'19:08.924
Ch 4x-88Walton RC'A'18:29.87
Ch 4x-89W Borlase Sch'C'19:10.525
Ch 4x-90Leander Club'B'18:24.15
Ch 4x-92Hereford Cathl'B'18:20.74
Ch 4x-93Team Keane'A'19:23.831
Ch 4x-94Henley RC'A'19:28.135
Ch 4x-95Newark RC'B'18:52.118
Ch 4x-96Walbrook RC'A'19:44.341
Ch 4x-97Molesey BC'B'19:25.033
Ch 4x-98Marlow RC'C'19:29.836
Ch 4x-99York City RC'A'19:13.326
Ch 4x-100RGS H Wycombe'A'19:20.629
Ch 4x-101Wycliffe Junior RC19:31.137
Ch 4x-102York City RC'B'19:24.732
Ch 4x-104Tees RC19:22.630
Ch 4x-105Norwich Sch19:06.121
Ch 4x-106St Andrew BC18:59.320
Ch 4x-107Claires Court'B'19:07.923
Ch 4x-108Stratford Avon19:41.939
Ch 4x-109Henley RC'B'20:11.345
Ch 4x-110St Peter's Sch18:47.616
Ch 4x-111Maidenhead RC'A'19:16.727
Ch 4x-112Kingston RC'B'20:01.843
Ch 4x-113Pangbourne Coll'A'18:44.214
Ch 4x-114Newark RC'A'19:57.942
Ch 4x-115RGS Worcester'B'19:37.338
Ch 4x-116American Sch'B'20:19.348
Ch 4x-117American Sch'A'20:15.547
Ch 4x-118Oratory Sch'A'20:04.144
Ch 4x-119RGS Worcester'A'20:41.550
Ch 4x-120George Heriot's'B'20:12.246
Ch 4x-121Pangbourne Coll'B'20:22.749
Ch 4x-122Shiplake Coll'A'19:19.328
Ch 4x-124Leys Sch'A'22:04.951
Sch/Jun 3rd 8+125Radley Coll'C'18:14.01
Sch/Jun 3rd 8+126Eton Coll'C'18:15.42
Sch/Jun 3rd 8+127St Paul's Sch'A'18:46.63
Sch/Jun 3rd 8+129Shrewsbury Sch'A'19:08.94
Sch/Jun 3rd 8+130Dulwich Coll'G'21:04.96
Sch/Jun 3rd 8+131King's Chester'A'19:49.25
Sch 1st J16 8+132Bedford Sch18:21.91
Sch 1st J16 8+133Rdg Blue Coat'A'18:45.55
Sch 1st J16 8+134Pangbourne Coll20:28.512
Sch 1st J16 8+135St George's Col'A'18:51.66
Sch 1st J16 8+136Norwich Sch18:36.52
Sch 1st J16 8+137Mossbourne18:42.03
Sch 1st J16 8+138Kew House Sch19:48.611
Sch 1st J16 8+139Gt Marlow Sch'A'18:43.74
Sch 1st J16 8+140Leys Sch'A'20:44.013
Sch 1st J16 8+141St Joseph Coll (IRL)18:57.27
Sch 1st J16 8+142Shrewsbury Sch'A'19:38.510
Sch 1st J16 8+143Oratory Sch'A'20:54.714
Sch 1st J16 8+144W Borlase Sch'D'19:17.29
Sch 1st J16 8+145Team Keane'A'19:12.18
Ch J15 8+146St Paul's Sch'A'18:31.51
Ch J15 8+147Radley Coll'F'18:49.02
Ch J15 8+148King's Coll Sch'A'18:59.93
Ch J15 8+149Abingdon Sch'A'19:21.36
Ch J15 8+150St Edward's Sch19:58.011
Ch J15 8+151Hampton Sch'A'19:08.55
Ch J15 8+152Dulwich Coll'E'19:37.48
Ch J15 8+153Latymer Upper'A'19:34.57
Ch J15 8+154Eton Coll'A'20:28.513
Ch J15 8+155Wallingford RC20:12.912
Ch J15 8+156Westminster Sch'Z'19:06.94
Ch J15 8+157Kew House Sch'A'19:47.59
Ch J15 8+158Shiplake Coll'A'19:50.010
G Ch 8s159Henley RC18:50.52
G Ch 8s160Headington Sch'A'19:03.43
G Ch 8s161Surbiton HS'A'19:14.35
G Ch 8s162St Edward's Sch19:29.97
G Ch 8s163King's Chester20:34.015
G Ch 8s164Hinksey Sc Sch19:10.24
G Ch 8s165Aberdeen SRA19:17.86
G Ch 8s166Wimbledon HS'A'19:50.213
G Ch 8s167Tideway Sc Sch19:38.09
G Ch 8s168Lady E Holles19:44.211
G Ch 8s169Latymer Upper'A'19:47.012
G Ch 8s170Marlow RC'A'19:35.78
G Ch 8s171Shrewsbury Sch'A'20:03.914
G Ch 8s172King's Worcs21:07.017
G Ch 8s173Molesey BC'A'19:43.110
G Ch 8s174Northwich RC'A'20:36.016
G Ch 8s175Wycliffe Junior RC'A'18:45.81
Sch/Jun 2nd J16 8+176Radley Coll'E'18:39.02
Sch/Jun 2nd J16 8+177Eton Coll'A'18:20.71
Sch/Jun 2nd J16 8+178St Paul's Sch'A'19:32.36
Sch/Jun 2nd J16 8+179King's Coll Sch21:50.38
Sch/Jun 2nd J16 8+180Abingdon Sch'A'19:29.95
Sch/Jun 2nd J16 8+181Latymer Upper'A'19:17.64
Sch/Jun 2nd J16 8+182Bedford Sch'A'19:42.37
Ch J16 8+183Dulwich Coll'D'20:01.911
Sch/Jun 2nd J16 8+184Hampton Sch19:14.23
G Sch 1st 8+185Yarm Sch'A'20:38.17
G Sch 1st 8+186Emanuel Sch'A'20:33.95
G Sch 1st 8+187Godolphin Lat'A'19:55.92
G Sch 1st 8+188Canford Sch'A'21:08.911
G Sch 1st 8+189Putney High Sch'A'21:21.612
G Sch 1st 8+190Bedford Girls S'A'20:38.68
G Sch 1st 8+191Cantabrigian RC'A'21:40.314
G Sch 1st 8+192Monmouth GS'A'20:42.19
G Sch 1st 8+193King's Cant20:36.06
G Sch 1st 8+194St Paul's Girls19:46.81
G Sch 1st 8+195W Perkin's Sch'A'19:59.93
G Sch 1st 8+196Kew House Sch21:36.513
G Sch 1st 8+197Cantabrigian RC'B'21:03.010
G Sch 1st 8+198Monkton Combe20:25.94
G Sch 1st 8+199Mossbourne22:41.617
G Sch 1st 8+200St Mary's Sch Camb'A'22:38.016
G Sch 1st 8+201Gravesend RC'A'22:33.115
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+202Henley RC'A'19:38.01
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+203King's Chester21:04.48
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+204Tideway Sc Sch20:36.35
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+205Emanuel Sch'A'21:02.27
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+206Cantabrigian RC'A'22:39.813
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+207Monmouth GS22:30.812
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+208Surbiton HS'A'20:12.84
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+209Headington Sch'A'19:57.83
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+210Latymer Upper'A'21:31.79
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+211Marlow RC'A'19:52.42
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+212Godolphin Lat'B'20:57.46
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+213Northwich RC'A'21:40.610
G Sch/Jun 2nd 8+214Shrewsbury Sch'A'21:43.511
Sch 1st J15 8+215Mossbourne20:00.47
Sch 1st J15 8+216Norwich Sch'A'19:32.54
Sch 1st J15 8+217Bedford Sch'A'19:16.11
Sch 1st J15 8+218St George's Col'A'19:18.12
Sch 1st J15 8+219Rdg Blue Coat'A'19:46.06
Sch 1st J15 8+220Bedford Mod Sch'A'20:40.68
Sch 1st J15 8+221Winchester Coll'A'19:21.13
Sch 1st J15 8+222Monmouth Sch20:41.29
Sch 1st J15 8+223King's Chester'A'19:38.45
Sch 1st J15 8+225Emanuel Sch20:49.310
Sch 1st J15 8+226Monkton Combe23:54.213
Sch 1st J15 8+227King's Cant22:05.612
Sch 1st J15 8+2281863'B'22:00.311
G Ch J16 8+229Surbiton HS'A'19:54.61
G Ch J16 8+230Aberdeen SRA21:27.96
G Ch J16 8+231Latymer Upper'A'20:13.33
G Ch J16 8+232Lady E Holles'A'20:13.54
G Ch J16 8+233Wallingford RC20:00.92
G Ch J16 8+234Barn Elms RC21:29.27
G Ch J16 8+235Walbrook RC'A'21:10.95
G Ch 4x-236Shiplake Coll'A'19:34.52
G Ch 4x-237Marlow RC'A'19:33.71
G Ch 4x-238Tideway Sc Sch'A'19:38.33
G Ch 4x-239George Heriot's'A'20:16.98
G Ch 4x-240Kingston GS'A'19:46.14
G Ch 4x-241Hartpury Coll'A'19:49.35
G Ch 4x-242W Perkin's Sch'A'19:57.66
G Ch 4x-243Shiplake Coll'B'20:40.312
G Ch 4x-244York City RC'C'21:20.619
G Ch 4x-245St Paul's Girls22:14.129
G Ch 4x-246Maidenhead RC'B'20:58.816
G Ch 4x-247W Perkin's Sch'B'24:51.734
G Ch 4x-248Gt Marlow Sch20:53.415
G Ch 4x-249Kingston RC'A'20:32.210
G Ch 4x-251Kingston GS'B'20:33.511
G Ch 4x-252Kingston RC'B'20:28.99
G Ch 4x-253W Borlase Sch'B'20:16.87
G Ch 4x-254Bedford Mod Sch'A'20:45.513
G Ch 4x-255Mossbourne'A'22:13.628
G Ch 4x-256Newark RC'A'21:22.321
G Ch 4x-257Kew House Sch'A'
G Ch 4x-258Barn Elms RC21:20.619
G Ch 4x-259American Sch'A'21:53.426
G Ch 4x-260Staines BC'C'21:52.725
G Ch 4x-261Pangbourne Coll'A'20:50.714
G Ch 4x-262Tideway Sc Sch'B'21:41.723
G Ch 4x-263Walbrook RC'A'21:25.322
G Ch 4x-264York City RC'D'22:30.632
G Ch 4x-265Pangbourne Coll'B'22:22.730
G Ch 4x-267St Peter's Sch22:28.931
G Ch 4x-268King's Chester'A'23:07.533
G Ch 4x-269George Heriot's'B'21:49.124
G Ch 4x-270St Andrew BC'A'21:01.617
G Ch 4x-271Kew House Sch'B'
G Ch 4x-272Methodist Coll Belfast RC21:13.518
G Ch 4x-273St Andrew BC'B'22:02.327
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+274St Paul's Sch'A'19:00.31
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+275Radley Coll'G'19:19.32
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+276Abingdon Sch'A'19:51.44
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+277Latymer Upper'A'20:58.912
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+278Hampton Sch'A'20:54.911
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+279Eton Coll'A'20:25.59
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+280St George's Col'A'21:30.718
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+281St Paul's Sch'B'20:06.45
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+282Radley Coll'H'20:37.510
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+283Dulwich Coll'F'22:52.522
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+284Bedford Sch'A'20:18.28
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+285Abingdon Sch'B'21:22.416
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+286Bedford Sch'B'22:33.120
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+287King's Coll Sch'A'19:48.93
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+288Westminster Sch'Y'20:09.06
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+289King's Coll Sch'B'22:48.421
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+290King's Chester'A'20:15.17
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+291Eton Coll'B'21:17.915
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+292Mossbourne21:08.913
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+293Kew House Sch24:28.523
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+294King's Chester'B'21:50.919
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+295St Edward's Sch21:27.017
Sch/Jun 2nd J15 8+296Shiplake Coll21:15.714
G Ch J15 8+297Surbiton HS'A'20:25.82
G Ch J15 8+298Lady E Holles20:56.56
G Ch J15 8+299Wimbledon HS'A'20:37.15
G Ch J15 8+300Henley RC20:22.41
G Ch J15 8+301Latymer Upper'A'20:34.64
G Ch J15 8+302Headington Sch'A'20:28.53
G Ch J15 8+303Nottm & Union'A'21:48.48
G Ch J15 8+304W Perkin's Sch'A'21:06.57
G Ch J15 8+305Tideway Sc Sch'A'21:57.59
G Sch J16 8+306Bedford Girls S'A'20:38.31
G Sch J16 8+307Sydenham HS22:32.22
Mx Sch 8+309Westminster Sch'X'20:47.24
Mx Sch 8+310King Edward Sch19:30.41
Mx Sch 8+311Canford Sch'A'20:33.73
Mx Sch 8+312King's Worcs'A'21:14.55
Mx Sch 8+313Fulham Reach'A'20:07.22
G Sch/Jun 3rd 8+314Henley RC20:06.91
G Sch/Jun 3rd 8+315Surbiton HS'A'21:19.32
G J16 2nd 8s317Surbiton HS'A'21:12.61
G J16 2nd 8s318Lady E Holles'A'21:16.12
G J16 2nd 8s320Lady E Holles'B'21:52.43
G J16 2nd 8s321Wallingford RC'A'23:00.55
G J16 2nd 8s322Bedford Girls S'A'22:56.84
G Sch J15 8+323Monmouth GS21:47.45
G Sch J15 8+324Mossbourne23:03.97
G Sch J15 8+325Emanuel Sch22:16.86
G Sch J15 8+326St Paul's Girls'A'21:05.42
G Sch J15 8+327Putney High Sch'A'20:59.31
G Sch J15 8+328Team Keane'A'21:35.53
G Sch J15 8+329King's Chester'A'21:40.04
G Sch J15 8+330Kew House Sch24:19.38
G J15 2nd 8+331Surbiton HS'A'21:43.52
G J15 2nd 8+332Putney High Sch'A'21:49.73
G J15 2nd 8+333Surbiton HS'B'23:22.07
G J15 2nd 8+334Latymer Upper'A'22:08.34
G J15 2nd 8+335Headington Sch'A'21:17.41
G J15 2nd 8+336St Paul's Girls'A'DNF
G J15 2nd 8+338King's Chester'B'22:40.05
G J15 2nd 8+339Sydenham HS23:10.76