Wycliffe Big Head 2023Wycliffe Big Head 2023

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op J15 8+Div 1101Monkton Combe20:58.33
Op J15 8+Div 1102King's Chester'A'17:13.92
Op J15 8+Div 1103King's Chester'B'16:06.01
W J15 8+Div 1105King's Chester'A'18:05.91
W J15 8+Div 1106King's Chester'B'19:13.42
Op J15.8x+Div 1107King's Chester17:30.41
Op J15.8x+Div 1108Monmouth Comp30:20.72
Op J14 4x+Div 1109Gt Marlow Sch20:33.64
Op J14 4x+Div 1110Wallingford RC'A'18:34.61
Op J14 4x+Div 1111Monmouth Comp'A'22:13.15
Op J14 4x+Div 1112Monmouth Comp'B'23:48.07
Op J14 4x+Div 1114Hereford Cathl'B'19:34.72
Op J14 4x+Div 1115Wallingford RC'B'19:48.63
Op J14 4x+Div 1116Wallingford RC'C'22:36.86
W J14 4x+Div 1117Gt Marlow Sch19:00.41
W J14 4x+Div 1118Bristol City19:26.6 TO
W J14 4x+Div 1119Wallingford RC22:44.73
W J14 4x+Div 1120Monmouth Comp21:43.82
Op J18 8+Div 1121Shiplake Coll'B'13:56.81
Op J18 8+Div 1122Shrewsbury Sch'B'14:52.83
Op J18 8+Div 1123Shrewsbury Sch'A'14:58.64
Op J18 8+Div 1124Shiplake Coll'A'14:44.92
Op J18 8+Div 1126Gt Marlow Sch15:10.35
Op J18 8+Div 1127Shrewsbury Sch'C'16:24.38
Op J18 8+Div 1128Monmouth Sch15:11.66
Op J18 8+Div 1129Monkton Combe16:01.17
W J18 8+Div 1131King's Chester17:40.13
W J18 8+Div 1132W Perkin's Sch17:00.02
W J18 8+Div 1133Shrewsbury Sch'A'17:40.84
W J18 8+Div 1134King's Worcs18:06.66
W J18 8+Div 1135Shrewsbury Sch'B'17:57.85
W J18 8+Div 1137Wycliffe Junior RC15:50.01
Op Nov 8+Div 1138Monmouth Sch16:40.11
Op Nov 8+Div 1139Monkton Combe17:45.93
Op Nov 8+Div 1140Cheltenham Coll16:45.82
W Nov 8+Div 1141Monkton Combe18:31.41
W Nov 8+Div 1142Wallingford RC19:42.32
Op 4x- (A)Div 1143Hereford Cathl15:23.21
Op 4x- (A)Div 1144King's Worcs'B'16:42.42
Op 4x- (A)Div 1145King's Worcs'A'17:11.33
Op 4x- (A)Div 1146King's Worcs'C'18:13.75
Op 4x- (A)Div 1147W England Univ17:22.14
Op J16 4x-Div 1148Gt Marlow Sch17:20.24
Op J16 4x-Div 1149Hereford Cathl16:33.33
Op J16 4x-Div 1150King's Worcs16:27.11
Op J16 4x-Div 1151Bristol City16:31.72
Op J16 4x-Div 1152Monmouth Comp'A'17:28.95
Op J16 4x-Div 1153Monmouth Comp'B'18:24.26
Op J16 4x-Div 1154Wallingford RC18:40.97
W 4x- (A)Div 1156W Perkin's Sch17:18.02
W 4x- (A)Div 1157Wycliffe Junior RC17:19.03
W 4x- (A)Div 1158Shiplake Coll'A'17:02.11
W 4x- (A)Div 1159Wallingford RC18:21.85
W 4x- (A)Div 1162Monkton Combe18:13.84
W 4x- (A)Div 1163W England Univ19:54.97
W 4x- (A)Div 1164Hereford Cathl18:55.16
W J16 4x-Div 1165Gt Marlow Sch18:01.52
W J16 4x-Div 1166Wallingford RC18:10.63
W J16 4x-Div 1167A B Severn RC/ RGS Worcester17:58.71
W J16 4x-Div 1168Stratford Avon18:21.44
Op J16 4+Div 1170Wallingford RC17:44.51
Op J16 4+Div 1171Gt Marlow Sch18:11.22
Op J16 4+Div 1172King's Worcs18:30.43
Op J14 8x+Div 2200Gt Marlow Sch18:12.31
Op J15 4x+Div 2201Wycliffe Junior RC16:38.91
Op J15 4x+Div 2202Bristol City'A'17:50.53
Op J15 4x+Div 2203Wallingford RC'A'17:57.84
Op J15 4x+Div 2204King's Worcs'A'20:10.011
Op J15 4x+Div 2205Hereford Cathl17:33.32
Op J15 4x+Div 2206Bristol City'B'18:46.36
Op J15 4x+Div 2207RGS Worcester18:22.85
Op J15 4x+Div 2208Wallingford RC'C'19:49.810
Op J15 4x+Div 2209King's Worcs'B'19:43.58
Op J15 4x+Div 2210Monmouth Comp19:07.07
Op J15 4x+Div 2211Wallingford RC'B'19:43.69
Op J15 4x+Div 2212Cheltenham Coll22:09.312
W J15 4x+Div 2213Bristol City19:22.43
W J15 4x+Div 2214A B Severn RC18:30.11
W J15 4x+Div 2215Hereford Cathl'A'19:11.32
W J15 4x+Div 2216Gt Marlow Sch'B'19:31.25
W J15 4x+Div 2217Hereford Cathl'B'19:39.96
W J15 4x+Div 2218Gt Marlow Sch'A'19:28.94
W J15 4x+Div 2219RGS Worcester20:00.77
W J15 4x+Div 2220Wallingford RC21:48.012
W J15 4x+Div 2221Upton RC/ Worcester RC21:19.310
W J15 4x+Div 2222King's Worcs'A'20:19.28
W J15 4x+Div 2223King's Chester21:32.811
W J15 4x+Div 2224Monmouth Comp20:28.59
W J15 4x+Div 2225King's Worcs'B'21:59.113
Op 8+ (B)Div 2229St Edward's Sch'B'14:08.22
Op 8+ (B)Div 2230Shiplake Coll'B'14:05.61
Op 8+ (B)Div 2231St Edward's Sch'A'14:50.13
Op 8+ (B)Div 2232Shiplake Coll'A'14:55.94
Op 8+ (B)Div 2233King's Chester'A'15:24.25
Op 8+ (B)Div 2235King's Chester'B'16:04.86
Op J16 8+Div 2236King's Chester16:28.72
Op J16 8+Div 2237Gt Marlow Sch16:18.41
Op J16 8+Div 2238Shrewsbury Sch16:34.33
W 8+ (B)Div 2239St Edward's Sch16:15.11
W 8+ (B)Div 2241W Perkin's Sch17:13.12
W 8+ (B)Div 2242King's Worcs18:28.13
W J16 8+Div 2244Wallingford RC17:16.01
W J16 8+Div 2246King's Chester17:57.82
W J16 8+Div 2247King's Worcs19:10.53
Op J18 4x-Div 2248Hereford Cathl15:18.41
Op J18 4x-Div 2249Gt Marlow Sch15:57.22
Op J18 4x-Div 2250Stratford Avon16:16.34
Op J18 4x-Div 2251Bristol City16:14.63
Op J18 4x-Div 2252King's Worcs'A'16:42.16
Op J18 4x-Div 2254King's Worcs'D'17:48.611
Op J18 4x-Div 2255Monmouth Comp16:56.87
Op J18 4x-Div 2256King's Worcs'C'17:02.28
Op J18 4x-Div 2257Worcester RC17:49.812
Op J18 4x-Div 2258RGS Worcester'B'16:38.35
Op J18 4x-Div 2259King's Worcs'B'17:35.79
Op J18 4x-Div 2260RGS Worcester'A'17:43.310
Op J18 4x-Div 2261Cheltenham Coll17:50.013
W J18 4x-Div 2262Wycliffe Junior RC'A'16:21.11
W J18 4x-Div 2263W Perkin's Sch17:21.23
W J18 4x-Div 2264Wycliffe Junior RC'B'16:45.22
W J18 4x-Div 2265Gt Marlow Sch17:46.95
W J18 4x-Div 2266Wycliffe Junior RC'C'17:34.54
W J18 4x-Div 2267Shiplake Coll17:03.7 TO
W J18 4x-Div 2268Monmouth Comp'A'18:44.66
W J18 4x-Div 2270Monmouth Comp'B'19:23.07
W J18 4x-Div 2271King's Chester19:39.48
W J18 4+Div 2275Stratford Avon19:02.11