Liverpool Victoria Head of the FloatLiverpool Victoria Head of the Float

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
Op 8+Division 11Mersey RC'A'
Mx Mas B/C 8+Division 12Grosvenor RC'A'
Mx 4x-Division 13Runcorn RC
W 4x-Division 14Keele U'B'
W MasA 4x-Division 15Durham ARC
W 4+Division 16Chester Univ'C'
W MasB/D/E 8+Division 17Warrington RC'A'
W MasB/D/E 8+Division 18Liverpool Vic'A'
Op MasE 4+Division 19Warrington RC'A'
Mx J15 4x+Division 110Royal Chester'A'
W J15 4x+Division 111Warrington RC'A'
W MasC/D 4+Division 112Ironbridge'A'
Op J18 4x-Division 213Royal Chester
Op J16 4x-Division 214King's Chester
Op J18 4+Division 215Trentham BC'A'
Op J17 8+Division 216King's Chester'A'
Op J17 8+Division 217King's Chester'A'
W J18 8+Division 218Northwich RC
W J16 4x-Division 219Northwich RC
Op MasB/E 4x-Division 220Warrington RC'B'
Op MasE 4+Division 221Ironbridge'A'
Op J15 4x+ Band 1Division 222Royal Chester'A'
W J18 4+Division 223Trentham BC
ExploreDivision 224Liverpool Vic'A'
Op 8+Division 325Grosvenor RC
Op 4x-Division 326Royal Chester
W 8+ Band 1Division 327Royal Chester'B'
W 8+ Band 2Division 328Warrington RC'A'
W MasB/D/E 8+Division 329Grosvenor RC'A'
W 4+Division 330Royal Chester'B'
Op J15 4x+ Band 2Division 331Royal Chester'A'
Op J15 4x+ Band 2Division 332King's Chester'B'
Op J15 4x+ Band 2Division 333King's Chester'C'
W J15 4x+Division 334King's Chester'B'
W J15 4x+Division 335King's Chester'C'
Op 8+Division 436King's Chester
Op 8+Division 437King's Chester'A'
Op J17 4x-Division 438King's Chester
Op J18 4+Division 439Royal Chester
Mx Mas B/C 8+Division 440Ironbridge'A'
W 4x-Division 441Northwich RC'A'
W J18 4x-Division 442Northwich RC'B'
W J18 4x-Division 443King's Chester'B'
W J17 4x-Division 444Northwich RC'A'
W J17 4x-Division 445King's Chester'B'
W J16 4x-Division 446King's Chester'B'
W J14 4x+Division 447Royal Chester'A'
Op J18 4x-Division 548Trentham BC
W J18 8+Division 549Trentham BC
W 8+ Band 2Division 550Chester Univ'A'
W J16 4x-Division 551Trentham BC
Op MasB/E 4x-Division 552Mersey RC'A'
Op 4+Division 553Chester Univ'B'
Op J15 4x+ Band 2Division 554King's Chester'A'
Op J15 4x+ Band 2Division 555Liverpool Vic'A'
Op J15 4x+ Band 1Division 556Trentham BC'A'
W 4+Division 557Mersey RC'B'
W J14 4x+Division 558Royal Chester'B'
W MasA 4x-Division 559Liverpool Vic'A'
W 8+ Band 2Division 660Bangor Univ'A'
W 4x-Division 661Royal Chester'D'
W 4x-Division 662Mersey RC'B'
W 4x-Division 663Keele U'A'
Op J17 4x-Division 664Liverpool Vic
W J16 4x-Division 665King's Chester'A'
W 4+Division 666Ironbridge'A'
W 4+Division 667Royal Chester'A'
Mx J15 4x+Division 668Royal Chester'A'
Op 4x-Division 769Bangor Univ'A'
Op J16 4x-Division 770Trentham BC
W 8+ Band 1Division 771King's Chester'A'
W 8+ Band 2Division 772Grosvenor RC'A'
Mx 4x-Division 773Trentham BC'A'
Op 4+Division 774Grosvenor RC
W J18 4x-Division 775Trentham BC
W J14 4x+Division 776Trentham BC'A'
ExploreDivision 777Warrington RC'A'
Op J17 4x-Division 878Trentham BC
W 8+ Band 1Division 879Royal Chester'A'
W J18 4x-Division 880King's Chester'A'
W 4x-Division 881Bangor Univ'A'
W J17 4x-Division 882King's Chester'A'
W 4x-Division 883Royal Chester'A'
Mx 4x-Division 884Ironbridge'A'
W J18 4+Division 885Liverpool Vic'A'
W J15 4x+Division 886Royal Chester'A'