York Autumn ScullsYork Autumn Sculls

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Inter 1Inter 2Inter 3 Posn
W 8+Div 1200York Univ'E'11:20.31
W 8+Div 1201UC Durham'A'13:14.63
W 8+Div 1202York City RC13:27.24
Op J16 4x-Div 1203York City RC'F'11:24.51
Op 4+Div 1204York City RC'A'11:18.61
Op 4+Div 1205York Univ'J'11:25.82
Op 4+Div 1206York Univ'O'12:03.73
Op MasC 4x-Div 1207York City RC12:59.31
Op MasD 4x-Div 1208Guy Fawkes'B'13:41.02
Op 2xDiv 1209York City RC'B'11:52.12
Op J17 1x B1Div 1210Bradford ARC'B'12:56.73
Op J15 4x+Div 1211York City RC'G'12:15.11
Op J15 2xDiv 1212York City RC'H'13:49.24
Op MasE 2-Div 1213York City RC12:45.5 TO
W 4+Div 1214York Univ'G'13:01.32
W 4+Div 1215York St John'A'15:51.64
Op MasC 1xDiv 1216Tyne United RC'B'14:29.92
Op MasC 1xDiv 1217York St John'C'12:56.81
W 2x B1Div 1218York St John'B'16:38.23
W 2x B2Div 1219York Univ'I'14:27.83
W 2x B2Div 1220York City RC14:13.21
W 2x B2Div 1221York Univ'H'14:25.22
W J18 2xDiv 1222York City RC'I'13:53.63
Op MasF 2xDiv 1223Guy Fawkes'C'13:32.82
Op MasE 2xDiv 1224Guy Fawkes'D'13:38.03
Op MasG 2xDiv 1225York City RC13:41.94
Mx MasE 2xDiv 3226Lakeland RC'B'12:06.91
Mx 2xDiv 1227Cambridge City/ York City RC'D'13:26.01
W J16 2xDiv 1228York City RC'M'13:51.71
W 1xDiv 1229York Univ'B'15:18.23
W J15 2xDiv 1231York City RC'O'16:06.62
W J17 1xDiv 1232York City RC'J'14:16.72
W J17 1xDiv 1233York City RC'L'14:14.11
W MasB 1xDiv 1235York City RC15:17.12
W MasB 1xDiv 1236Guy Fawkes'A'14:20.01
W MasD 1xDiv 1237York City RC16:08.01
W MasE 1xDiv 1238York City RC14:10.91
W MasG 1xDiv 1239York City RC14:18.12
W J14 1xDiv 1240Lambton'E'16:14.42
W J14 1xDiv 1241Lambton'D'16:10.21
Op 8+Div 3242York Univ'N'10:39.2 TO
W 8+Div 3243York Univ'P'12:57.22
Op 4+Div 3245UC Durham'B'12:34.24
Op 2xDiv 3246Newark RC'A'11:46.91
Op 2xDiv 3247St Peters Sch'H'13:40.04
Op 2xDiv 3248St Peters Sch'I'13:04.23
Op 2xDiv 3249York Univ'K'14:01.55
Op J17 2xDiv 3250York City RC'P'11:35.21
Op J17 2xDiv 3252Bradford ARC'A'12:46.72
Op J17 2xDiv 3253St Peters Sch'G'13:41.53
Op J15 4x+Div 3254St Peters Sch'B'13:24.92
Op 1x B1Div 3255Newark RC'B'12:28.01
Op 1x B1Div 3256York Univ'A'12:50.12
Op 1x B1Div 3257York Univ'Q'
Op J18 1xDiv 3258St Peters Sch'Q'13:10.01
Op J18 1xDiv 3259St Peters Sch'R'13:15.02
Op J17 1x B1Div 3260St Peters Sch'U'12:42.82
Op J17 1x B1Div 3261St Peters Sch'T'12:22.41
Op 1x B2Div 3262York Univ'C'14:08.11
Op 1x B2Div 3263St Peters Sch'S'14:32.72
Op 1x B2Div 3264York City RC15:04.73
Op J17 1x B2Div 3265St Peters Sch'X'13:55.04
Op J17 1x B2Div 3266St Peters Sch'Y'13:53.43
Op J17 1x B2Div 3267St Peters Sch'V'12:53.31
Op J17 1x B2Div 3268St Peters Sch'W'13:09.32
Op J15 2xDiv 3269York City RC'S'12:38.32
Op J15 2xDiv 3270St Peters Sch'C'13:38.23
Op J15 2xDiv 3271York City RC'T'12:35.91
W 4+Div 3272York City RC12:42.51
W 4+Div 3273St Peters Sch'A'14:30.13
W J15 4x+Div 3274St Peters Sch14:43.21
W J15 4x+Div 3275St Peters Sch15:04.52
Op J16 1xDiv 3276St Peters Sch'Z'13:04.41
Op J16 1xDiv 3277St Peters Sch13:45.24
Op J16 1xDiv 3278St Peters Sch13:25.52
Op J16 1xDiv 3279St Peters Sch'D'13:35.03
W 2x B1Div 3280York City RC13:09.01
W 2x B1Div 3281St Peters Sch'F'14:01.42
W 2x B2Div 3282York Univ'D'15:11.04
W J18 2xDiv 3283York City RC'W'13:39.61
W J18 2xDiv 3284York City RC'X'13:40.22
Op MasE 2xDiv 1285Lakeland RC'A'12:35.21
Mx MasC 2xDiv 3286Tyne United RC'A'13:21.22
W J16 2xDiv 3287York City RC'Z'
W 1xDiv 3288York City RC13:47.21
W 1xDiv 3289York City RC14:54.62
W 1xDiv 3290Cambridge City'C'15:44.44
W J18 1xDiv 3291York City RC'V'17:09.62
W J18 1xDiv 3292St Peters Sch'P'15:00.21
W J15 2xDiv 3293St Peters Sch15:46.81
W J17 1xDiv 3294St Peters Sch'O'
W J17 1xDiv 3295St Peters Sch'M'14:26.94
W J17 1xDiv 3296St Peters Sch'N'14:21.73
W J17 1xDiv 3297St Peters Sch15:03.75
W J16 1xDiv 3298York City RC'Y'14:25.91
W J16 1xDiv 3299St Peters Sch'J'15:21.53
W J16 1xDiv 3300St Peters Sch'K'15:30.04
W J16 1xDiv 3301St Peters Sch'L'14:43.22
W MasE 1xDiv 3303Tees RC14:48.33
Op J14 1xDiv 3304Lambton'A'15:47.42
Op J14 1xDiv 3305York City RC'U'15:36.71
W J14 1xDiv 3306York City RC16:35.93